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  1. On Friday 31st July!
  2. Yeah I think I can do that one - just had a mini company meeting there today as it happens, nice pub!
  3. Can't make it myself after all today, I have two poorly children today!
  4. Fingers crossed 🙂 and like you say - all in a good cause anyway!
  5. Having had the pleasure of owning an Evora and now currently an Elise, I have to say for me, the Evora is the better driving car on the road, it has a handling finesse and stability that the Elise does not have - but both are absolutely at the top of their game, even if that sounds contradictory. The Elise is exhilarating to drive and really comes alive on the track. On the road its fun at any speed but it is exhausting; the Exiges I've driven even more so - scalpel is spot on though, they are incredible drivers cars. Where the Evora succeeds it though, is on the road, the chassis is far more accomplished, its more malleable and far less exhausting. I think the Emira is going to be sensational. It succeeds the Evora yes, but does not replace the Elise.
  6. RE 2. Are Lotus going to be offering lease contracts?
  7. I too am still waiting on a back order part for my Elise, so yes, a question around the parts supply chain - what they are doing to ensure the new product(s) will be fully supported for many many years without the associated cost creep that can also occur as a result of availability. Given the longevity of their cars in the hands of enthusiasts, the usual lifespan of parts for cars would seem to be inadequate....
  8. I can't make it I'm afraid, but I'm all ready for the 25th so see you there instead 🙂
  9. Absolutely it's a status symbol, and its product range has, frankly, evolved to square up nicely with big city bonuses. As @BoostedTrav * says, part of the status is playing the numbers game. Lotus have to play the numbers game just in order to get noticed AND then go on to beat them at the drivers car game; the latter of which I don't think anyone is in any doubt about. *welcome to the forum ! ! I also enjoy your YouTube content ! 🙂
  10. Techyd

    Who said that?

    My old Evora S IPS had Gordon Murray down as the first owner in the log book. AU 61 CCY, though currently running DY 61 LOT. It really was fabulous!
  11. This was the business card I had, ??? I can’t find anything there, really not sure what I’m doing wrong!
  12. Can I ask where the photos are from, I had the orange sticker and a business card but can’t seem to find any photos?!
  13. @Simon Gooding Probs able to swing by Hendy’s tomorrow for around 11:00, so likely I’ll miss you, in the meantime looking forward to 25th June though and our Xmas meal 😂
  14. Yes see you at 07:15! I've started making the suggestions for a trip over to Hendy, but not sure it will fly! Over at Lee-on-Solent for lunch so if I did it would later in the afternoon.
  15. Yep - I'm at Castle Coombe saturday as well!
  16. Yes, finance is key here - something the german marques do well is essentially subsidise the cars when purchased through their own finance schemes. Every new VAG group car for instance, always launches with some incredible lease deals too; these get the cars on the road for people to see and those owners in turn help promote the value for money.
  17. Might be able to make it along - I'm not on Facebook, do you need to pre-register or are walk-ins okay?
  18. I would go media dark if it were me -you can always stream that stuff later and fill any details you might not already have.
  19. Yes I ended up waiting twice as long as I was originally told, at the time I believe Jim had just started outsourcing to Germany for some of the work. I was very pleased with the end result (had the non-valved back box on my S) - the 100mm carbon tips suited the car perfectly, much better than the trapezoid shape. It was also boomy at low speed, so would suggest a valved one.
  20. Brilliant @KennyN ! 😅 Should be able to get there for that time, nothing like an early start! See you then.
  21. Sorry chaps, just catching up - I can't make it this evening, but will be at the Castle Coombe track event on 29th May - look forward to seeing you there 🙂 Fingers crossed for good weather 🤞
  22. Blue one does look like reasonable value and condition from the pics though it’s being advertised with premium pack but the side sills are in cloth, not leather
  23. I would assume at this stage double wishbones all round as per the Evora. I think the Elise and Exige are the same??
  24. Works for me - BUT the Elise will be in garage getting serviced and MOT’d !
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