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  1. Amazing - thanks for the info πŸ˜ƒ
  2. It also goes to show that a lot of the time, the journalists are talking in subtle nuances but equally using strong or emotive adjectives when describing those differences; I know I forget that sometimes when reading / watching a review. That the tyres make or break the car review goes to show basically both cars are great - choose the one YOU like πŸ™‚
  3. I'm hoping they are there as its my first time at Goodwood, so would love to look round an Emira! I'll get plenty of pics if it is πŸ™‚
  4. I do only run Ron 95 /E10 in my daily (Lexus) and I've absolutely lost both some performance and some mpg however the price difference offsets the mpg loss and since its better for the environment long term, I'm not going to use E5 unless I need to. Personally I think if the car runs on E10, you should use it - you can also use some fuel additives like RedEx to clean the injectors every now and then and ultimately its working to reduce climate impact. For track days, I suspect I would use the full fat stuff. Meanwhile, in the Elise (K-Series) its super unleaded.
  5. I'm sorry I missed it however I've got 12th July in my diary for the next meet πŸ™‚
  6. I'm not sure that's what he said, pretty sure he's referring to first editions really against signed up deposit holders.
  7. I think I saw in one of the reviews that the Emira TMPS works to 2dp so should show a much closer variation in tyre differences.
  8. It's nice to see one with (clean) silver wheels - looks really smart πŸ™‚
  9. Yes, I knew it wasn't his, just on his channel at the moment. Like you say, final 250 and final 240, with the latter being the final final! That's a nice thing for Lotus to have done, I hope she keeps it and drives for years to come πŸ™‚ Presumably Matt Windles was a late build as well, I think he said somewhere he'd bought one - be nice to know what spec his is at.
  10. That's pretty cool! Interesting that Schmee has another Elise on his channel at the moment which he says was the very final Elise every made - its in the brightest orange known to man and does look pretty amazing I have to say!
  11. Can't make this one I'm afraid, but hoping to be at FOS for the Thursday (23rd) if anyone else is around?
  12. It's a fair point, and a tricky line to walk I think, we looking for their insights in to the vehicle and how it makes them feel (when driving it) but you're right, we aren't looking for their design criticisms - such as Carwows 5 things I like / 5 things I don't like; they add naff all. I've not seen an Emira in the flesh yet, so I am reserving final thoughts and opinions until then, especially on the interior.
  13. Yes just read that - they are excited it by it it would seem and make a good point that the i4 engine will deliver an Emira with a personality of its own.
  14. Overall seems really really positive, waiting for carfections and, dare I say it, Schmee150! It would be the touring setup for me.
  15. Bought a cheeky ticket for that β€˜72 Elan as well!! I now have everything crossed!
  16. If there are no children involved and amicable like you say it should be reasonably straight forward - you do have choices as to what you 'go for' when it comes to seeking income from the others pension pot. Unfortunately when I divorced, I couldn't afford a solicitor myself, and there were children involved, so suffice to say the split went 70 / 30 and my child maintenance is a monthly astronomical amount on top of that. We were reasonably amicable but it was clear she went for what she was 'entitled' to from the advice she received, however did stop short on the pension. I'm glad the laws have changed around the accountability, as I got stitched up there as well! @Barrykearley - I hope everything gets sorted as soon as possible for you. It's a stressful and unsettling thing to go through especially with how difficult your ex is being. Echoing above comments - stay calm and strong and follow the legal advice.
  17. Good point, but of the red and yellow press cars, I hope it is one of each.
  18. Really?? Did a lot of Carfection stuff before Henry Catchole came to the channel. He's a bug Lotus fan too!
  19. 100% loving the silver wheels @Greyvora, much prefer them to the gloss blacks so many have.
  20. I'm not surprised - it looks like quite a big stutter! Assuming you bought the car from B&C as well, I would expect them to be looking at this properly and not deferring to 'computer says no' however it is good that they acknowledge the problem. That simply means the error is transient enough to not register a fault code which would suggest a failing component - perhaps the MAF sensor or the Lambda sensors.
  21. That doesn't sound right, I would persist with B&C - presumably they can reproduce the issue themselves and/or you have demoed it to them? Its definitely not right from that video you have uploaded. Like suggestions above I would be looking at air feed, spark, fuel and perhaps the cat. Maybe get someone else to drive by and you stand behind and see if you get some rotten egg... A cheap idea maybe to use a fuel system cleaner like Red Ex - they do a '3000 mile clean' one as well as the regular one. Do you get the stutter at all when revving in neutral?
  22. I need to re-attach my door pull trim and was wondering if anyone can recommend an adhesive to use?
  23. I had the same on mine just over a year ago, turns out both sensors had essentially failed! I would recommend changing them both πŸ™‚
  24. That blue one is very nice, it does make me want another Evora again that’s for sure! Unfort I can’t get the man maths anywhere near making it work! Plus it would mean loosing the Elise and I don’t want to!
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