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  1. It was a good catch up and great to meet Chris as well šŸ™‚ I am just sorry I was the only one not arriving in a Lotus that evening šŸ˜¬ - next time! It's nearly November, the mince pies are in the supermarkets and I've started my Christmas shopping so I vote yes!
  2. Happy to do next Tuesday instead šŸ˜ƒ same place?
  3. I never tracked my S IPS while I had it, however I found the gearbox to be absolutely fine for me when driving very spiritedly. Its about learning the box, and gelling with its timing. The slow response times often talked about I found were applicable to normal / full auto mode rather than sport mode. Under braking, downshifts were almost immediate - notably faster than because it knows you're about to request change. In Sport mode the changes are nice and quick - but there is a timing element to get used to, and once you do it just becomes second nature. On full revs, you request the gear on or just after the first red light (the second if you really want to rev it out!) What it won't do, as you'd expect, is to change down when it can't - i.e. REVs are to high for the change. and also, you can't make multiple requests at once (i.e. two pulls on the paddle for two gears), you have to go through the gears.
  4. Yes. That's the look I aspire to as well.
  5. Is the yellow metallic at all? If I were lucky enough to be in the market for one of these, it'd probably be the Yellow, black pack, red calipers and red leather interior or the nimbus grey with black pack, red interior and calipers again. The Red leather looks similar to my IS which is 'Dark Rose'
  6. Exciting times @KennyN...well brief excitement before settling down for a long winter!
  7. Welcome to the forum - the V6's sound epic! Need some pictures!
  8. I've had carpet for the Elise on back order since February, new site or not, availability isn't always great šŸ˜ž
  9. That was in my diary but unfortunately Iā€™m self isolating ready for next week; hope you have a good time šŸ˜ƒ
  10. I can't meet next week as I'm in hospital for an Op but otherwise I'm also good for the 12th or 19th October.
  11. Exactly - the best interviewers get stuck right in there. Perhaps Nico Rosberg should have done that one; I've noted a few times he's not afraid to be direct and the point!!
  12. Hopefully that's just the lamda sensor failing!
  13. Great to see Albon being signed up to Williams for next year šŸ™‚ Yes, in his first stint in F1, Ocon didn't win many fans, including me, but I have to say I've been impressed with his return. He's calmer, more mature and has a focus and determination to improve his speed / performance. Still think Alonso has the edge though, his race craft and ability to get everything out of the car is second to none I would say. With the expected closer racing of cars next year, I think he'll be one of the drivers that excels, as would Riccardo I think; if he can learn how to drive that McLaren in time!
  14. I'd go the opposite direction on these choices, since the Emira would be the fast / really fun / sports car, I'd be looking at something with a different brief altogether. The german marques don't hold any interest for me whatsoever, so I'd probably be looking at a Lexus RX450h or perhaps a Jaguar i-Pace - seen a few around and they look quite smart, though I know very little about them!
  15. Techyd


    What a wonderful thing for her to ask, she must value you very highly indeed! I hope you can work this out as smoothly as possible. If you've not come across it already, this site outlines some key steps and questions.
  16. I did a 160 mile round trip (2 hours each way) to Castle Coombe this year in May - thoroughly enjoyed it, however over long distances it is a tiring car to drive that's for sure. I would recommend ear plugs!
  17. Wow sounds like a sensational car - bet that really does go like the clappers too!
  18. Note you say it has Ohlins dampers as well - is this an upgrade for this car as well or do all the 400s have Ohlins??
  19. So would include service centres with B&C and Lotus Silverstone??
  20. On the original question - I do think yes, there's a chance it may become boring as a result of being a common site on the roads. I don't know what sort of volume it takes for that to occur - 5000 units per year doesn't seem high enough to me? It's extremely unlikely that I'll be able to afford an Emira so on that note, I don't think I'll get bored of seeing them on the road - only envious as I won't have one on my own driveway!
  21. Yes I know this car, definitely well looked after. Like you say clutch is probably the only thing to consider here.
  22. I can see cobwebs in that footwell photo! Amazing how so little effort is sometimes put in to car adverts!
  23. Wow so almost the cost of a set of tyres then! I had Ā£80-Ā£100 in my head given the branding, but personally spending that sort of money on a tyre saver versus a generic one seems madness to me, you've got to a) have money to burn and b) not know about cheaper sets!
  24. Oh for sure. I remember hearing a tale from British Airways who surveyed its Concord passengers asking how much they thought the ticket price was, and, as many of them didn't book / pay it directly, BA simply put the price up to meet expectation. That's how the story goes anyway... So let's not set any cost expectations please šŸ˜†, we don't know whose reading!
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