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  1. I'm afraid I can't make it this evening
  2. Haha yeah I saw that, Lewis certainly has a fashion sense all to himself
  3. I used an outdoor cover, purchased from this forums online shop. It was a great car cover, though it did start to give me lots of unwinding cotton threads. I kept my car under a carport and then with the cover, no issues with microblisters at all but then the car port kept rain off it so I never had an issue with standard water sitting on the cover itself, only a few drops of condensation dropping down. Another option might be a portable garage on your driveway, something like one of these:
  4. Its narrow like a street circuit at points as well so it would certainly be exciting! I'm pretty sure Button drove an F1 car round it a few years back....I'll see if I can find a link
  5. There are some great elevation changes at Bathurst from what I can recall too!
  6. Well there is that yes! Perez would be good for Haas I reckon, definitely worth changing out Grosjean IMO
  7. Yeah there's a good chance at that, I've been pleasantly surprised that he's stepped up this year (and some good drives last year too). I thought he did some great overtakes at Monza - seems good on the brakes (but then they are a copy of Mercedes ) At the same time, he's not worried about his place in the team so he can properly get his head down, enjoy the racing and do his best. Unlike Seb at Ferrari
  8. I do agree, Seb is below his own standard at the moment, but I do think Ferrari are responsible for it. I don't think they are a nice team to work for in the slightest, and I've no doubt from my own experience in the past of how toxic work environments can be that he's been affected by whatever conversations, arguments, vibes and insinuations have happened there. On the plus side they are producing fabulous road cars at the moment! Perez in my opinion has failed to shine over the many years he's been in F1, so I can see why Stroll is thinking to mix it up a bit. Sebs a great character
  9. Certainly, the electricity to charge the cars has to be 100% from renewables, but really, for me its sheer scale of manufacturing ALL that we consume which is the real problem, the end products like cars, boats and aeroplanes sure they emit pollution and produce it with global coverage but the energy consumption and waste from the manufacturing far outweighs them. Anyway, personally, I quite like the idea of converting existing cars; there's a guy in America who has converted the Evora to a full EV and it's quite impressive! So, if I was feeling a real stickler, I'd say we actually need
  10. I had a non valved 2bular and it droned below 2300rpm so I'd say that's exactly why it does it!
  11. "....but as this is the BBC...Frankly, I think we should take them all outside and shoot them..."
  12. Definitely! And a maybe a quick drive! I'm hoping to have my reverse lights fixed before the next week
  13. Your last comment makes me think you should look at it yourself if you haven't already; just to make sure you're not being led on or its being exaggerated. It does sound odd for it to happen, given its relative protection from the elements.
  14. That's a real treat being able to get in the Evija, looks the absolute nuts and it's great see Sam being way more enthusiastic about the brand than he was a few years back; he may, just may, be catching the Lotus bug!
  15. Whose you're dealer? I see you're in Paignton Is it Hendy Lotus in Poole? If so, there's a really good specialist a little bit closer - Purbeck Sports cars, maybe worth giving Jon a call there and see what he thinks. He's Lotus trained too, hes looked after my Evora and my Elise (in fact, I bought the Elise from him!) As to the problem, it doesn't sound right to me at all; it really bugs me when dealers give you 'its normal', especially if they haven't experienced the issue first hand, I've had that line from Mercedes, VW and Mazda in the past!
  16. Welcome - incredible colour! Will look even better once that roof is off Happy motoring
  17. Just what I was thinking! What exactly is it you're after from marketing material? Has the dealer themselves looked after you with good service and communications for maintaining your car(s)? That's the important thing I would think. I don't think I've ever had any correspondence from any manufacturer for cars I've bought new. I get things from the dealers sure, be it invites to launch events or servicing offers etc You could look at The Lotus Drivers Club or Club Lotus too if you like, I get monthly emails and magazines too which are always an interesting read!
  18. There's a valve below the air intake to the supercharger which triggers too it might be that you're hearing...
  19. I didn't say he aced all of 'em!
  20. The first two are pre-cats and all you 'actually' need to pass MOT etc etc, the 3rd was dropped in MY12 so you don't need to replace it. That link you've got above from 2bular is spot on, I'd say its the cheapest and easiest first step. After that then you can consider backbox and / or manifold like Andy suggests; if you do that then you'll lose the pre-cats so will need a sports cat - which 2bular provide. One of my friends has an Exige with the full system and it's really good - his is the valved exhaust which is distinctly quieter at low speed than mine was! The 100mm carbon tips ar
  21. My 2bular (non valved) did drone below ~2200rpm and that was annoying when cruising. I don't think the valved option would have done that so while I saved weight and cost on the purchase and it was truly epic when revving it out I did ruin is cruising ability (even at 60-70 on the motorway). I've got long term 50mph m/way roadworks where I live at the moment so it really was a pain in the backside! As you're MY11, then you could also decat it which will free up noise for sure! Congrats on the new car though, you are going to love it!
  22. I think this is all a touch unfair to Rosbergs driving skill - he really aced a good number of qualifiers and races that season. Part of the sport is about getting the upper hand on your teammate and he capitalised on Hamiltons weaknesses: how he deals with failure (not winning) and how he deals with anything that may make him feel he is being treated unfairly (which can be really small things or anything not aligned with him winning) I've no doubt as well that their friendship and history affected Lewis too; as it did Rosberg. In 2011, again Jenson well and truly had the upper hand
  23. Off topic, I know but my friend has one of these and I have to say it’s a cracking car, really well made, great spec level and very comfy. We drive in it from Southampton to Durham and we saw 48mpg and this was from delivery miles! Since then he’s had nothing but praise for it; plus it tows really well which is unusual for hybrids
  24. There's an Ice Blue one of the market at the moment which would be a great buy! Shame I can't afford it myself!
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