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  1. Thank you.. And also to @Escape I now have the correct part of the manual. Thank you all who has helped one way or another Cheers
  2. I checked Deroure and indeed it is for the later models.. appreciate your kind gesture. at least I now know that I should not be looking at the original manual but one for the newer model.. I have managed to print out the page you posted, it will help in getting the alignment sorted. At least now I can buy the correct shims and plates. I think I bought the wrong ones previously! Thank you!
  3. I see.. I will need to send the car to the shop again once it is out from the paint shop. Thanks Yes, I did pass them different sizes of shims that I bought from SJ. I think I have all the various sizes.. probably time to find another alignment shop.. And, my manaual does not have Section CF! in my manual there is only CD and then after that is DC ..... Can I know where to get part CF? Or is it for newer cars? Thanks
  4. yes, I do agree it will most probably fit, but i always had the idea that air bag suspension was for stanced cars.. hahah..maybe time to reconsider that kind of thinking I see... thanks ian and gary I will speak to them again and hear what they say, and why they did not use the shims I provided. the problem is they are the only shop who was willing to do the alignment, a few others i approached simply were not keen to have a go.. I am not sure but when I looked at the manual, the shims looks like they were supposed to be inside where the top ball joint is?
  5. Sorry for the late reply.. have been very busy lately yep, should be it I am not sure why 'missing' bits were not used, but I passed the alignment shop some shims when i send it for alignment.. If the alignment specs are correct it wouldn't matter, or will it?? Good idea, but probably not very practical as many of the car parks in my country are basement carparks.. hahaah And I have taken a look at this thread... it seems that the car in that thread is using an airbag suspension. I am not sure if there is one that will f
  6. Knowing the building's management committee, it will be a total waste of time. hahha I am not sure, but I am using an aftermarket adjustable upper wishbone, so it might be different from yours thanks, I will take a look at the thread yes, I have used the angle approach trick... I used it for most of my cars previously, but at spec height of 170mm the Esprit is much lower than my other previous cars.. and as I am considering fitting the rubber lip, the issue will be worse
  7. this was the effect the last time i used the basement carpark
  8. hi, you mean shaped ramps to the basement parking? I don't think my building management will allow that. I do not understand which camber plate you are referring to. I am using an adjustable wishbone to adjust the camber and last checked it was within spec at -0°41' and -0°39'
  9. I have a X180 with the V8's bodykit. As my apartment's basement car park is quite steep, the front bumper spoiler always scrapes the ground even without the rubber lip. Hence it is either I make do without the spoiler, or raise my car's height, or just park my car under the hot humid sun and rain, none of which i like to do.. I was thinking to fit an aftermarket lifter, and have looked at the ILift ( which has had great reviews, but it was not suitable as their actuator cannot fit the Esprit's front shock mounting point. Anyone has considered doi
  10. I see... I will check with other shops and see what they say. Thank you.
  11. So, i went down to the paint shop and told them that I would like to change my car to the 350's new aluminium. I provided them with the Dupont code B35 New Aluminium BS97 F7235 4 A111B6077V but the shop says it is useless unless they have the formulation code... however, they did asked me which car was it originally from, and they might be able to find out the colour.. but it seems they may just be googling it online and see what the colour looks like, and I doubt that will be accurate. Any suggestions? I am considering getting the touchup paint so they will
  12. Thanks guys.. so it is aluminium and not silver! Will inform my paint shop when i send my car in. Cheers!
  13. HI, does anyone knows what is the colour code for the Sport 350 silver? There are a few silver for the Esprit in LEW, and I am not sure which is the correct silver. Appreciate if someone can let me know... I don't have a 350, but I like the silver and would like to paint my X180 to the same silver colour. These silver colour codes are listed in LEW A03 Silver Diamond P4229167 A075B6249F A076B6067 A35 Silver P4217379 A076B6162F B076B6067V A40 Silver P032-918 A41 Silver A45 Silver Frost P4217805 C082B6091J A082B6087V B09 Silver Frost AB L9056 D082B6091F B15 Pearl
  14. Thank you Bibs, not faulting anyone, but was just upset that Parcel2Go was not very helpful. Greatly appreciate what you are doing. Looking forward to getting this resolved.
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