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  1. hspeck

    URGENT! X180 NA distributor needed

    So I checked a few places and I was again told the distributor is NLA. However, one of the supplier offered a substitute... "What they can offer instead is a distributor that they have had manufactured as a direct replacement that does away with the Constant Energy unit under the wing as the distributor connects directly to the coil." their exact words in quotes .... the remanufactured part is from Fibreglass services ... my concern is. will the replacement be plug and play? what is the effect with them doing away with the constant energy module?? Thanks
  2. I contacted them recently, they have the repair kit to replace the mosfets they informed me they have stock but when I tried to place an order they did not reply me.. maybe you want to try contacting them?
  3. That's what we were thinking too... Fortunately the car was running well before i started the refurbish We will have to fill up the hole or re-route it as what i was considering in the earlier post
  4. I relooked at my service notes, and apparently it was for a vacuum proportioning valve, or ATC sensor. It was not there when the airbox was removed, or at least that was what the mechanic told me. It was just a big gaping hole. According to the service notes, the ATC only works when the temperature in the airbox is below 15°C, which never happens in Singapore. Our average temperature is about 30°C .... hhahaha but, we are thinking of a way to make use of this opening, to vent the back pressure that may occur during a misfire. We will try to use a hose to route from this opening back to ATC flap valve unit, via the bottom hole that was supposed to be connected to a hose which leads to the exhaust shroud... not sure if it will work or not though
  5. hspeck

    URGENT! X180 NA distributor needed

    Thanks everyone.. I have managed to find the part number too, it is the B912E6788F, for my 912 engine. It is a Lucas part, although I am not sure if it is Lucas 45DM4 or Lucas 25D4 I did managed to find the vacuum capsule itself in sj sportscar, but it is listed for the Excel only, p/n SJ912E0001 I will need to check if the vacuum capsule on my car can be separated .. will keep posted
  6. hspeck

    URGENT! X180 NA distributor needed

    I did find this in sj sportscars too.. But it is listed for the Excel... Will have to check my distributor Thanks!
  7. Thanks, i spoke to them it is no longer available. Although they do provide a repair service. But this means flying the distributor from Singapore to UK... Might just do that if there are no other solutions
  8. The distributor capsule on my car is not working, apparently the diaphragm might have torn. The distributor is NLA and no one in my country can repair the distributor capsule. Does anyone knows the part number , and where I can get a new/reconditioned one asap? Need to be mailed to Singapore. Thanks. Distributor.pdf
  9. Thanks RS blu. As this is NLA we will try without it first ... but in the mean time I have a more urgent part needed ... anyone has spare distributor for a X180 NA lying around?? hahaha
  10. I see ... meaning I probably can just leave it, cos the car was running well before i pulled the engine and noticed the part. Tks
  11. Thanks.. I just googled and it is indeed the throttle jack solenoid. LOTUS B910E9030J I found some information on it's purpose for the turbo cars, but didn't really find it's use for my NA. And this item seems to be no longer available for purchase. I wonder how it is wired ....
  12. What's a throttle jet solenoid?
  13. My air filter air box has an opening which was open when we removed it. Can I know what was supposed to be attached/connected to the hole? Photos attached. Thanks.
  14. I am not sure what the part is, and what it is used for. My mechanic says that it seems to be a cold start solenoid of some sorts. It might be connected to the cold start switch in the alloy water pipe, but we are not sure as it looks as the wires (if there was any) has been removed. Photo attached. Please advise what it is and if possible how to repair or maybe get a ne replacement. I checked the Dellorto's website but can't seem to find any information. Thanks.