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  1. Just an update ... So I send my car to an alignment shop about 2.5 weeks back. Still in progress, as the workshop will only do it as and when they have spare time.. However, we found out that there was more than the misalignment. The previous shop used the original spring for the AVOs I bought for the front, resulting in high ride height(I have a set of lower springs). And because they compressed the springs too much, there was no rebound, and caused very bad bump steer. Some of the bushes also went out of shape. At the rear, for some reason, the stud for the lower link to hub carrier was slightly bend, and the locknut has lose its thread. We are not sure why... They also place some sort of rubber hat on the top of the damper, which went out of shape and resulting in the springs not sitting properly.. So, more work to do before I can fully enjoy the car ...
  2. Thanks for posting on this thread! My intention was also to make sure I do not mis-shift, as I plan to bring the car to the track. (if and when my car comes out from the alignment shop .... which has been 3 weeks!!) If you don't mind, can you send me the dimensions if you still have them .... in case I change my mind, as it seems to be easily fabricated.. Thanks.
  3. I see... I had the wrong impression that a negative sign indicates a toe in and positive indicates a toe out... I understood the readings wrongly... Looking at the entire printout my toes and front castor are really screwed up (ignore the specified range as they did not have the specs for a Stevens)... Need to find someone willing to undertake the alignment job.. Sadly most of the shops i went to deemed it too much work and are unwillingly to take on the job... Thanks
  4. I send my car to check the alignment, and this was the readings i got. The front castor is way out, and so is the rear camber and toe. What are the effects of the current readings? Is it safe to drive at speed? I was told i needed to be careful when raining. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the advise guys! Have junked the idea!
  6. I saw a youtube video and saw the gated shifter in the guy's Esprit. I thought it looked good and complements the Esprit's interior well ... Anyone has the same thoughts? I believe it has to be custom made as the shift positions for the Esprit probably varies from car to car. Any obvious reason why it is a bad idea? Thanks. thought I will should the vid too ...
  7. Thanks guys. Was never good in maths and still is ... hahha
  8. sorry, I relooked at the formula but I can't get 2.7mm. Can you clarify? thanks.
  9. Just to put a close to this thread. The car goes through the gears well now. I can now down shift from 3rd to 2nd easily even during heel toe. Although it feels as if i need to pull with a little more strength downwards to disengage 5th gear when downshifting to 4th, the gear selection has greatly improved thoughout. It has definitely improved the driving experience. Next will be to sort out the alignment. Thanks for all the advices.
  10. Yes, that's what i read. Maybe that's why the newer alignment machines uses degrees instead of mm Thanks!
  11. That was very clear explanation. Will keep your formula in mind. As with regard to the toe in for up size wheels, i read that the toe in in degrees will be the same, but the toe in measurement in mm will be greater for bigger wheels. So by knowing the original toe in measurements in degrees, if we adjust it to that, it should be correct although the toe in measurement in mm will be greater. I hope you understand what i mean..
  12. That makes sense.. Thank you very much
  13. I was looking at my car's alignment and realized they were off. I looked at the service manual and I am a little confused. There are 2 sets of parameters for the front alignment in the service notes. "Prior VIN 82 D 3582, 85 D 3887, 82/F-2728" and "From VIN 82 D 3582, 85 D 3587, 82/F-2728, 82/F-5000". My VIN is SCC085912LHD13680. So I assume it should be read as "85 D 3680", which is "Prior 85 D 3887" but also "From 85 D 3587" ..... so, which parameter should I be following? Also, what does it means when they indicate " -.02°; +0, -0.5°" for the camber, and "+1.0°; 0.5°, -0" for the castor? My local machines for the toe is measured in degrees and minutes, but the specs in the service manual is in millimeters. Can I know if there is a formula to convert the degrees to mm? I have not send the car to do the alignment again, but I would like to find out more information so I will not be "smoked" by the alignment shop as it does take time to set the car's alignment and they are charging me quite a sum for it. Another point to note, my car is on the Sports 350 Mag wheels, so they are plus 2 sizes to the original, running on 225/45/17 and 285/35/18 tyres. Thank you.
  14. I see,, so I should get the replacement from SJ. I didn't know about the effect of replacing the rubber bushes with Teflon type. I will monitor and see how things go. Tks. You are referring to the one I circled? I will check. Tks