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  1. I didn't realise that, will need to compare them again. Have not really got the chance to drive the car properly yet, as it was raining when I picked it up. But with a more proper set up I am sure there wil be much difference. Thanks!
  2. On closer look, we realised how to identify the difference... These were bought from SJ In the first diagram, the 2 circled are different. One is raised and the other is flat. Another telltale in the office second photo one has a raised part and the other is flat.
  3. I used rubber grease to make the job easier .. the seal just slides along the groove and is easier to adjust the slack
  4. Just an update on the castor... As advised by the folks here, we swopped the top wishbone arms on the passenger side and voila.. we can now adjust the castor to 3° each side.. however, after some discussion with the shop, we decided to follow the original specs for the X180 and has set both sides to about 1°15' instead. Thank you all for the kind advises. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, i have bought many pieces from SJ as I was not sure how many i needed. I reckon i can use what i have to do 2.5 cars... Hahha
  6. I have informed the workshop what I have learned here and he is willing to try again. Will be going to the shop next Tuesday. Hopefully it can be finally settled! Thank you!
  7. So I just checked on SJ's, the top wishbones for 1993 onwards are different for the front part and rear part. Both have different part numbers But for the X180 they seemed to be similar as it comes in a set.
  8. Hi, unfortunately the only top wishbone available is those from the newer models, and i thought one should be able to achieve similar parameters using the newer wishbones. I believe many has done that. However, i did not know about the difference for SEs and S4s. Will keep that in mind. And, 5mm, is the total? Thanks I can't seem to see the difference.. How can i tell? Thanks to the folks here who send me the CF section. I think the wishbone i bought from SJ is also for the S4s.. But i may be wrong
  9. Hmmm.. I didn't realise that the wishbones are different. I will need to check the manual and see if i can find the difference. As for the shim washers, i have 2 3mm and 1 1.5mm at position 2, and 1 1.5mm at position 1. So i should set both to 4.5mm as a start and move the shim plates at the ball joint to adjust. Don't have the manual with me now, will take a look tomorrow when i get back to the office. Thanks.
  10. This is the 4th shop that i have been to that is willing to try. Most just told me they can't do it. I really envy you guys. We are lacking old school shops that can handle our cars. Most of the shopa nowadays just want to plug in an obd reader and follow instructions on the diagnosis machine. If looking at the photo i uploaded, what should i do if i want to increase the castor? 1st photo is for the drivers side. 1 is 1.5mm, 2 is 7.5mm, 3 is 4.5mm and 4 is 7.5mm. 2nd photo for the passenger's side we could only get 0°53' when all the shim plates are at 1 side. I am thinking maybe it is because we misunderstood the instructions as we are not native English speakers. Please kindly advise what we have done wrongly as this has been going on for more than a year. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have recently send my car to the alignment shop, but they were not able to get the correct castor. My castor is now about 1° each side only. We used 9mm washers at the wishbone to chassis, and 12mm shim plates at the wishbone to top ball joint. However, no matter how we shift them, the maximum that we can get is still a little shy of 1°. We maintained a minimum of 1.5mm between the wishbone and chassis as required in the manual for 1988-1992 Esprit. My car is the X180, but using SJ's adjustable wishbone, which I presume we will have to follow the manual's settings for the S4. Any idea what might be the issue? Thanks.
  12. I am thinking to replace the door to window seal and trim assembly on my car, however, SJ is selling at ­£125 per side. Is there a similar and cheaper alternative? Thanks.
  13. An update to this I have replaced my top wishbone with a new set from SJ sportscars as someone has grinded the protrusion away as I have posted in this thread - I forgot to take photos, but I now have the correct offsets instead of washers. Whilst replacing the top wishbone, I realised that I am unable to follow the instructions as per the original manual for the X180. In the manual, the instruction was to have 6mm of washers between the front and rear of the chassis at the top wishbone pivot stud. I added another 3mm washer to the rear to set the castor, and so added a 3mm shim plate to the cross end at the top ball joint. However, when I tried to tighten the nuts, somehow the wishbone arm was slanted, resulting in the big washers pressing on to the bush. So what I did instead was to follow the instructions for the S4's. That is, 9mm of shim washers at the top wishbone and chassis, and 12mm shim plates between the top wishbone and top ball joint. I was then able to properly tighten the studs and bolts on the top wishbone. So I think, despite my Esprit being a X180, since I am using the top wishbone that is similar to the S4's, we have to follow the instructions for the S4 instead of for the X180. I hope I am able to express myself clearly.
  14. I had this problem previously on my left light. I thought it was the motors so i replaced the internal parts. But after the replacement, it happened again few months down the road. I then disconnected the motor and found that the motor turns when the linkage arms were disconnected. But when I reconnected the arms, after a few times the light on my left refused to rise up again. It seemed that the motor is too weak to raise the arm when connected. I then bought a second hand replacement motor and the lights worked again. It was a few months after that and my car had an accident at the front. After the repair, the left lights had trouble raising again. This I found out was becasue the repair shop did not install the lights properly and it was rubbing on the front of the hood. I readjusted the lights and was able to raise them again. I am not sure what is your problem but hopr this information will help you.
  15. Yes, they were using washers. I was told that I should be using offset plates instead. I have bought them from SJ and then i realised someone has sort of grinded away the protrusion. I was thinking that too.. A new set cost more than £300 before shipping from SJ. Maybe I will check with the machine shops. Thanks
  16. I just had mine corner weighted today. Waiting for the person to send me the readings. He also said that the geometry depends very much on the setup of the car, and he has to drive it before he can advise me. I have 17" in front and 18" wheels at the rear, with much wider tyres than original, so he said the geometry may not be per specifications now. He needed some information from me, like the spring rates, which I did not know and I have to ask the supplier of my shocks. I have been having issues with the Esprit's suspension settings since I have gotten the car, and have not been able to find a workshop who follows the manual's instructions even after i repeatedly told them about it. Today, I saw that they used shim plates on both sides of the top wishbone to ball joint when they had only added 1 shim washer at the rear of the top wishbone to chassis. Which was not in accordance with the manual. I will probably have to find a shop where i can look at and check what they are doing. I have found 1 shop that does alignment for classic minis, hopefully he will be better.
  17. So today i send the car to check some stuffs, and i discovered that the wish bone to the ball joint area, the protruding part to hold the offset washer plates seemed to have been grinded away. It does seems that i will have to replace the wishbone? Or there are other alternatives? Any ideas? Thanks
  18. Yes, i agree the difference is very little. However the castor is quite different. Having said that, most parts that ee order from the private parts specialists are actually upgraded parts from the original, eg my front wishbones are thee same as those from S4, and my wheels are bigger with much bigger tyres. I wonder how all these will affect the handling of the car.
  19. On my service notes for 1988-1992 Esprit, the camber settings for my front is -0.2°. However, the alignment machine in the shop is in degrees minutes. I googled and found a table that says the 0.2° is equivalent to 0°12', so 1.0° will be 1°00'. Is that correct? And there have been some questions on my mind... I realised that the alignment settings for the Stevens and the S4 are very different. I know that originally the cambers in the Stevens were not adjustable. What was the difference between the 2 models that the alignment settings can be so different. An example would be the front toes. In the Stevens, the front and rear toes are in toe in positions, but in the S4's the front is toe out whereas the rear is toe in. Also, I now have the adjustable top wishbone, which I think is the same as that for the S4, and adjustable link at the rear. Thus I can adjust the camber. Can I do the alignment settings the same as for the S4? Do I use 6mm shim washers for the caster adjustment? Or 9mm as per the S4's? What happens if I use the settings for the S4's? I have attached the pages for both models. Thanks. StevensSuspension.pdf S4Suspension.pdf
  20. HI, which year model is yours? SJ seems to still have them in stock? Or they did not update their website? this is the part diagram from deroure part no. 60
  21. Thank you.. And also to @Escape I now have the correct part of the manual. Thank you all who has helped one way or another Cheers
  22. I checked Deroure and indeed it is for the later models.. appreciate your kind gesture. at least I now know that I should not be looking at the original manual but one for the newer model.. I have managed to print out the page you posted, it will help in getting the alignment sorted. At least now I can buy the correct shims and plates. I think I bought the wrong ones previously! Thank you!
  23. I see.. I will need to send the car to the shop again once it is out from the paint shop. Thanks Yes, I did pass them different sizes of shims that I bought from SJ. I think I have all the various sizes.. probably time to find another alignment shop.. And, my manaual does not have Section CF! in my manual there is only CD and then after that is DC ..... Can I know where to get part CF? Or is it for newer cars? Thanks
  24. yes, I do agree it will most probably fit, but i always had the idea that air bag suspension was for stanced cars.. hahah..maybe time to reconsider that kind of thinking I see... thanks ian and gary I will speak to them again and hear what they say, and why they did not use the shims I provided. the problem is they are the only shop who was willing to do the alignment, a few others i approached simply were not keen to have a go.. I am not sure but when I looked at the manual, the shims looks like they were supposed to be inside where the top ball joint is? i saw this too .. but it is really expensive... hahah besides I just bought new shocks from Changes, not much money left to replace them again at the moment
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