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  1. I did find this in sj sportscars too.. But it is listed for the Excel... Will have to check my distributor Thanks!
  2. Thanks, i spoke to them it is no longer available. Although they do provide a repair service. But this means flying the distributor from Singapore to UK... Might just do that if there are no other solutions
  3. The distributor capsule on my car is not working, apparently the diaphragm might have torn. The distributor is NLA and no one in my country can repair the distributor capsule. Does anyone knows the part number , and where I can get a new/reconditioned one asap? Need to be mailed to Singapore. Thanks. Distributor.pdf
  4. Thanks RS blu. As this is NLA we will try without it first ... but in the mean time I have a more urgent part needed ... anyone has spare distributor for a X180 NA lying around?? hahaha
  5. I see ... meaning I probably can just leave it, cos the car was running well before i pulled the engine and noticed the part. Tks
  6. Thanks.. I just googled and it is indeed the throttle jack solenoid. LOTUS B910E9030J I found some information on it's purpose for the turbo cars, but didn't really find it's use for my NA. And this item seems to be no longer available for purchase. I wonder how it is wired ....
  7. My air filter air box has an opening which was open when we removed it. Can I know what was supposed to be attached/connected to the hole? Photos attached. Thanks.
  8. I am not sure what the part is, and what it is used for. My mechanic says that it seems to be a cold start solenoid of some sorts. It might be connected to the cold start switch in the alloy water pipe, but we are not sure as it looks as the wires (if there was any) has been removed. Photo attached. Please advise what it is and if possible how to repair or maybe get a ne replacement. I checked the Dellorto's website but can't seem to find any information. Thanks.
  9. That's a good interim measure. Will need to find a similar shade of yellow though. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the heads up regarding Protechs. I went to the workshop today and lo and behold... I found that the originals were Protechs! Hahahah But they are from 2009, and they don't look to be in great shape ... I ordered dampers from SJ Sportscars sometime in April(gosh.. didn't realize the car has been in the shop that long...), and he actually send me adjustable rear dampers, but the front were non-adjustable. They seems to have adjustable front dampers in their listing, so I have emailed and enquired with Steve. Also, the previous owner has already fitted adjustable top link, so I can save some money on that. However, the front seems to be the original part .... which doesn't seem to be adjustable, so I may get the set from SJ ... I am guessing the previous owner did not have issues with ride height because he has the Protechs .... so I will probably just buy the items that I need since the car is already up on the hoist and get everything done all at once ...
  11. Yes, I have been doing some reading, and am planning to keep the setup as close to original as before. As I have posted in another thread, I have the mags from a 350 on the X180 now. As they are 2 sizes up from the original with wider tyres, I was searching for tyres that will result in a similar diameter and circumference with the original etc. However, it was not meant to be so now I expect the car to sit higher than the recommended 170mm height. Hence the consideration on getting adjustable shocks. With the wider tyres, I am also expecting the camber, toes may be out. Although I won't know till I send it to the alignment shop. I would like the car to be as close to original spec as possible with the bigger wheels. I was looking at the Konis available in the TLF shop, , but am not sure which to get if I am to buy a set ... both doesn't seem to be able to adjust height? I am not too concerned about comfort, as the Esprit wil not be my daily drive. Although I may bring it to the track once every 2-3 months. My previous ride was a Nissan R32 GTR, which has tons of aftermarket suspension upgrade parts to choose from, so the limited choices for the Esprit is a little frustrating for me .. hahhah .. but as it is, I know howgood the original sprit was, so I would like to replicate that with mine ... Nope, searching for suitable parts, although I found out that they are all available from SH Sportscars .... and since the engine and gearbox is out I was thinking to get the parts and install them before the engine and gearbox goes back in ... but now maybe I will try out the car first before I buy the items ..
  12. I have managed to find most of the items from SJ Sportscars. They have the rear top link, front wishbone kit and even the adjustable shocks (Protech) , and of course the various shims... as drdoom has indicated, I will probably send the car to check the alignment and such after it is back on the road and decide from there... at least now I know where and what stuffs i may need if necessary Thanks
  13. Thank you for all the advise Glyn! Really appreciate them. WIll find some clear lacquer to cover the paint chips on the wheels tomorrow. Will have to speak with Steve regarding the adjustable shocks too. Cheers!
  14. I only drove it for less than an hour in traffic when I was sending the car to the workshop immediately after I picked up the car from the dealership .... so I can't really tell . I have bought all the bushes and new suspension etc, am doing some reading and looking at options at this point in time ... Truth is, I do not have another similar Esprit for comparison ... as they are very rare in my country
  15. I came from owning japs and this is my first Esprit, and 2nd Lotus, so I am still a noob with them. Please try to bear with me... Did some reading regarding the suspension setups for my X180, and I know that the camber cannot be adjusted and shims are required to adjust the toes and castors. And I will probably need adjustable shocks if I want to adjust the height. Few questions ... The car has the Mags from the 350, so the ride height will most probably be off. (Although I am trying to find tyres to match the original diameter and circumference, which no success unfortunately. What would be a good set of adjustable shocks for the Esprit? I have read that the AVOs were quite reliable. There are also 3 different kind of shocks from TLF shop, the LOTAC, which I presume is not adjustable, and 2 types of NItrons. Are the Nitrons height adjustable ? (Although I am rally concerned about the cost). As for camber adjustments, I read that we can fit adjustable top links from newer cars, but I could not find exactly which top links from which model will fit. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, have anyone tried this :- As for the shims, I reckon I will have to send the car to an alignment shop before I know what size s I need. Any recommended place to get them? I am in Singapore, so all the stuffs have to be imported. Thanks for reading.
  16. My tyre shop was thinking that too regarding the 275 too .. The original wheels and tyres on the Steven were :- Front 215/50/15 on 7J +23 wheels, diameter is about 596mm and circumference is 1872.4mm, Rear 245/50/16 on 8.5J +30 wheels, so the diameter is about 654.1mm and circumference is 2046.4mm So, if I was to use what was on the car now, Front 225/45/17, with diameter of 634.3mm and 1992.7mm, translating to an increase of about 19.5mm in ride height, Rear 285/35/18, with diameter of 656.7mm and circumference of 2063.1mm, resulting in an increase of about 2.65mm in rear ride height ... Owing to the fact that I do not have height adjustable shocks, what might be the effect on the handling? Also, can I know what shocks are you using know? Thanks.
  17. Yes, i managed to find the tire size and wheel size for the mags.. Unfortunately, I could not find the correct size locally. I am considering using Front - 235/40/17 and Rear - 275/35/18 The reason why i am considering using these sizes is because after some calculations, these are the closest in diameter and circumference with the original wheels and tyre size when the car rolled out from.the factory. I have read somewhere that it is important to maintain the correct vehicle height for the esprit (170mm??? please correct me if i am wrong). And since I am using the stock springs and shocks, i felt it best to maintain close to the original specs.
  18. Hi, I am looking to buy the water pump for my X180 NA. I am planning to send it to lotus marque for rebuild. If anyone has one for sale please PM me. The pump will need to be send to lotus marque. Thank you.
  19. Thank you. Will check with the body shop specializing in after market body kits... they should have a better idea..
  20. Thank you. The tyres are Michelin pilot sport 3s, not exactly cheap. I guess you are right about keeping the tyres. My tyre shop does not have the 295 for my rear, needs to be on indent, so yeah.. 285 seems a sensible choice. Thanks.
  21. So my X180 came with the magnesion wheels. I am looking to replace the tyres as the original ones were from 2015 and the previous owner seldom used the car and the tyres may not in the best condition now. The current tyres on the wheels are front 225/45/17 and rear 285/35/18. However, according to lotus esprit world, the 350 with the mag wheels were originally with tyres size front at 235/40/17 and rear 295/35/18. As I am very new to the car, I was thinking if I should replace the tyres as per the original size on the 350, ie. front 235/40/17 and rear 295/35/18. My X180 is an NA and I am not sure if the tyre size will fit without rubbing and other issues. Appreciate any advise. Thank you.
  22. My X180 came with a S4 power steering. I will try to take some photos when I next go to the workshop .
  23. I see... If that is the case they do tend to crack. I will need to find a way to fill the crack to prevent it from cracking further. Thank you.
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