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  1. I am very excited 🤘 Roll on 7:30pm.
  2. Use mine as a daily too - not much commuting these days mind you :) So comfortable on long journeys.
  3. I like the overall propotions of the three cars looking sat the enhanced photos here are a few things I noticed.... - really strong crease line along the sides of all cars, including sharp edge on rear haunches (Evija like) - triagnular air intakes and bonnet scoops also seem to be carried over - angry/mean looking - no cuteness - substantial size difference between the car on the right and the other two - which look similar - left one looks like it tapers less at the back so might be a 2+2? - no wing mirrors so presume cameras will be used instead? - very hard edge across the front of the car - reminiscent of the original Elite design (creases and curves) - rear 3/4 area looks to me a bit like a Audi R8? - laser lights?
  4. You can see some details coming through here. All cars seem to have a similar front end aero package to the Evija and power/battery looks to be mid mounted looking at the side air intakes. All cars have Becker points and the trademarke low slung cockpit feel. The one on the far left looks like it might have a longer wheel base - and is a bit higher up so wondering if that will be a four seater?? Here's hoping!
  5. I can't believe a dealer is opening a few miles away from my hoose! Happy days. I reckon Dougie Park saw my Evora driving round Strathaven and that's wot dun it
  6. I thought I'd update y''all on my recurring limp mode issue. Replacing the throttle pedal didn't resolve the issue - everything seemed ok for a week and then it came back with a vengance. When I took the car backinto Craig, he got a different error code coming up which indicated an error with the brake control unit (!?). He checked that, cleared the code, and again, the issue went away for a week until in inevitably re-occurred. At this point I'm thinking harness....and about to chuck the towel in. Anyway - the good news is the issue is finally sorted. It turned out the throttle body connector pins were responsible! Must have been a manufacturing defect - one of the pins was a tad too long, causing it to splay out when pushed into the TB socket resulting in occassional, momentary increase in resistance. He crimped the pins and since then (over two months ago) I've had 100% proproblem free motoring Thought I share this in case anyone else is cursed by this issue. CMC serviced and MOTd the car yesterday and I have to say I'm very - very happy. Hopefully I've finally debugged the car
  7. Fantastic mate - the Evora is some car. Welcome aboard!
  8. Had a good chat with Craig yesterday – the Scottish Lotus community are really lucky to have him I think. Will be taking my car in in Thursday for some work. Regardless of what happens with a Lotus dealership in Scotland in the future - Craig Moncrieff will by my first port of call.
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