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  1. I can't believe a dealer is opening a few miles away from my hoose! Happy days. I reckon Dougie Park saw my Evora driving round Strathaven and that's wot dun it
  2. I thought I'd update y''all on my recurring limp mode issue. Replacing the throttle pedal didn't resolve the issue - everything seemed ok for a week and then it came back with a vengance. When I took the car backinto Craig, he got a different error code coming up which indicated an error with the brake control unit (!?). He checked that, cleared the code, and again, the issue went away for a week until in inevitably re-occurred. At this point I'm thinking harness....and about to chuck the towel in. Anyway - the good news is the issue is finally sorted. It turned out the throttle body
  3. Fantastic mate - the Evora is some car. Welcome aboard!
  4. Had a good chat with Craig yesterday – the Scottish Lotus community are really lucky to have him I think. Will be taking my car in in Thursday for some work. Regardless of what happens with a Lotus dealership in Scotland in the future - Craig Moncrieff will by my first port of call.
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