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  1. Awesome! Same here, I have been talking to a lot of people about this conversion. Great job!
  2. very nice Imran as always! Any details to be done for the installation? Trimming the bolt holes?
  3. Tasteful upgrades as always, I would sincerely wanted to know more about the exposed shifter conversion. I have been looking everywhere (even consulting factory about it), and it is awesome to see that you have done it here! Truely awesome job! Frank
  4. Happy to report in. For almost 70 miles now, no problems so far. And I switched the hose re-configuration per discussed above. The exhaust valve is back to normal (although a bit sad for no more all time open valve). The car is doing great, the sharper throttle response and charger whistle, splendid! Thanks Imran, what an awesome job! Frank
  5. Forget about the wait, I just went and took the pictures. 😜 With this configuration, I can hear the exhaust is louder (even in Tour mode), it sounds like the exhaust is open at all time. Would this causes anything terribly bad? Frank
  6. Hi Imran, I doubt it I have anything different than what you shown above. I have exactly the same electric socket like you shown in your picture; however, I reconnected the hoses like how the configuration routed, shown in the "figure 15". Would that be a trouble? It's late in here. I will take a picture early tomorrow to confirm. In additional, I found two plugs that are unused in the process. I have labeled them in the attached picture. Anyone would know what these are? Frank
  7. Installed! Thanks Imran for the prompt replies and shipment. This one even installed in China. Gotta say, nothing feel short from what listed, but pure awesomeness. I can honesty say it's my first time hearing the charger noise and from my butt dyno, the hp increase is quite obvious! Big thumbs up! Thank you Imran. I got a few recommendations and questions, see below: 1) I recommend keeping the plastic bag in for the ITG installation, it is better protection for not touching the filter during the process. And I also did it without taking the wheel off, it is very possible. 2) The guide is helpful except to the point for reconnecting the hoses. I wasn't able to confirm using "figure 13", is correct for blocking off the two hoses; However, for my standard V6S , I used what described in "figure 15". Is this correct? I have running for the past 40 miles, and so far so good. Frank
  8. Fellow Lotus members from China Chengdu race circuit 🤗
  9. After reading GFWilliam's latest modification plans, I'd like to bringing this topic up again, and see if any news from fellow members here. This would be something really nice for V6s model exige (definitely not for the lap time, but for the good bits of driving experiences). Frank
  10. Hi Bibs, I had took off the other side as well. And it appears to be the same thing. The red rubber in the picture moves along with the metal "cup" too. Thanks guys, I am not sure that I suppose to compare with other Exige coupe owners here, because I know that Roadster has a different suspension setup. I've called the dealer here in China Beijing, and they would be interested to know the answer too if I manage to find out. They said that it shouldn't affect safety for now as well. But definitely like to know if this is normal. Frank
  11. Just double checked with the local dealer in here. They have never taken apart the shock and spring, even cross reference with the catalog, they are not sure what this part is and why it is dangling. 😓 Anyone know about Roadster suspension, and is this safe to drive? Thanks, Frank
  12. thank you all~~~ There is no visual misalignment anywhere, as well as the drive afterward. I can sleep with peace in mind Frank
  13. Hi all, The Roadster only has 1800km. When I gone over bumps, I heard the rear end has an unusual clunk sound, so today my mechanic took off both the rear wheels, and found everything solid but this metal piece (collar) can be moved up and down freely by hand. Is this normal? Thanks, Frank
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