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  1. Hi Colin, this is good to know. I wonder, when the slip setting is there, would there still be traction control if the dpm is turned off at the same time? Frank
  2. In my case, the car is very very nervous when on damp roads, as a simple lift off the throttle (including rushing the gears un-smoothly) can cause devastating reaction to the car behavior, and eventually lead to a spin...badly. Be very careful driving on damp roads with ESP off. (don't ask me how i knew it lol.) I would humbly advise only drive the car on dry without ESP for a more safer control experiencing the car's limit. Frank
  3. Hey JC, I found it the same. I am pretty sure it is due the control of the dpm system, especially in touring, the ecu controls the throttle input quite a lot, and it is simple logic to say that our feet doesn't give much direct control on the pedal. Frank
  4. Looking awesome. I wonder if the vents on the front clam is factory, or is it an aftermarket piece? Frank
  5. I also own an early model Exige and saw it happening from another owner at a Facebook exige owner group. I attached the photo of the early upright (the upper one) which the crack had happened, and the updated version of the upright (the lower one). I believe we can all take reference and check at our Exiges. Frank
  6. The mirrors are off, and ready to shed more weights. The oem chunky mirror is 626.1g The GRP GFWilliam carbon mirrors with glass is 182g Calculating in a pair would come down to around 888g (almost 1kg) saved. πŸ˜† The installation was a bit tricky due to the three bolts were deep in the pocket holes. I watched this installation video many times, and my mechanic dropped them in the first try. We found out it is much easier using the magnet stick through the door wiring loom. After taking out the wiring loom cover, the opening is very accessible. It is much much easier to retrieve the lost bolts than how they did it in the video. Looking through the deep pocket holes. These are the bolts when they are in placed. We used the tapes provided by GRP and stuck them between the bolt and the tool, so the bolts won't felt into the door. I did some hand crafting to cut the black vinyl. And the finished product is amazing! Here are some finished pics: I'm loving them a lot, especially comparing to the oem ones which we all knew that they are from some other car. Unfortunately, I cracked one of the glass when installing one of them mirrors at the final step. Thus, if anyone buying the same mirrors, be ware of fitting the glass in the last step as they do crack fairly easy.😭 Frank
  7. More carbon bits! After six months of waiting, they are finally arrived! Thanks Greg from GRP for all the email updates and keeping me posted every other weeks. Some complimentary from GRP that came along with the oversea package. πŸ˜† Looking splendid! Can't wait to have them fitted. With future plan to complete the project with full carbon, a license plate light carbon fiber cover is made. 😝 This part is from another Exige owner, who runs an installation art workshop, and his team played around and made this test sample for me. His dustless workshop.πŸ˜‚ Taking his badass Exige S240 for a spin. Some daily shots in town. Further making the project even lighter, some sneak peeks for special orders of full titanium system from Aerie. Hope the rest of the packages will be arriving later this week. Fingers crossed.🀞 Frank
  8. From what was read from the previous articles, the high color temperature from LEDs (5500k+) isn't well reflecting the water in raining condition. And the throw from most modified LED in oem reflectors or projectors isn't strong enough to penetrate the obstacles. Thus, LEDs, especially modified ones, aren't ideal under raining condition. The warmer color temperature and stronger throw HIDs are better under bad weather conditions. Frank
  9. I have just installed mine with the Philips pro9005 LED and extended rubber cups. No problem so far with 50% improved lights (no huge improvement but better than halogen for sure). Again, under raining condition, it is the LED weak spot. The heating is not an issue as I did some research, the oem halogen gets up to 150c degree, and LED tends to be around 120c degree. Frank
  10. Applied the dry-teflon lube on both the rubbers on the car and on the hardtop where they meet in contact (basically the rubber on top of the windshield, the one on top of the roll bar and the one on the hardtop). My mechanic also applied some on the mounting inserts where there are rubbers. The good thing about the dry-teflon lube is that they don't damage the rubber nor do they drip down everywhere like other lubes do. The dry-teflon lube will dry very fast as soon as you applied on the rubber, so you don't have to give a wait time. Hope it helps, and enjoy the squeak-free ride.🀞 Frank
  11. My halogen headlights went out, and after some researches, I decided to to go with LED headlights for its convenient installation, mature technology and light weight (compare to HID with a heavy ballast). The LED brands were being chosen in between: Philips pro9005 IPF PIAA After some comparisons, I decided to go with Philips for its color temperature which it was the only one at 5800K, where the rest were all over 6500K (which were too blu-ish for me). Being too blu-ish, in many articles say it wasn't ideal in raining situation. In the researches that I'd concluded, I also looked into the heating problem. The Philips LED was safely below 112F, which was safe to use with the enclosed rubber cup. An aftermarket rubber cup was also purchased before the installation, which the new LED bulb was around 15mm taller than the oem halogen, and the oem cup couldn't be used. To those who are interested, the aftermarket rubber cup size that I picked were 85mm diameter and 67mm tall, where they fitted perfectly, and the low wattage Philips LED 22w should have no heating problem. The end result was pleasant, although it wasn't Audi-like strong, I got to finally say that the stone age use of candle light was over. And the white LED light definitely makes the Exige look so much more like a modern car, which the old yellowish headlight makes the car look like something from last decade (although she is🀣). PS: I re-applied some dry-teflon lube on the rubbers in between the hardtop, and I'm happy to say that the squeaking noise all went away. I was my second time after two years since last time doing, it worked like a charm. Frank
  12. Hi all, after reading all other posts and comparing to all the lighting options, the LED option is looking promising. I also look into the condensation problem, and I did a little research on the extended rubber cap. Many of us here chose the 85dia. x 68tall option. After reviewing to the Philips and IPF LED options, I noticed that there are built in fan in the bulb. I wonder if the enclosed cap would cause heating problems? And would anyone choose a rubber cap that has a hole opened at the back like the one above? I also looked into the size of the stock halogen lamp and the LED alternatives. Most of them are between 75-85mm tall, which I believe a hole opened in the back would help the heat generated by the LED light. Any thoughts for those who are using the LED now? Frank
  13. I moved from a supercharged s3 Elise to a standard V6 Exige; it is not exactly to the situation as OP is asking, but it is similar enough to the question since the Elise had a supercharge and shares the same weight as a s2 Exige. The supercharged Elise 1) The 4 cylinder 2zz Yamaha tuned engine has its charisma in both sound and high rev character. I missed it a lot since the 2GR now is a bit lazy compare to other modern v6 engines. 2) The lighter Elise is definitely at a level sticking to Lotus philosophy in lightness and nimbleness between the two; the Elise's front and rear are acting more aligned in the same momentum during all the turns, and the driver can obviously feel more merged in with the car. 3) I enjoyed the Elise in almost all driving roads: low speed, mid-high speed and on tracks. However, it wasn't a very fast car. It was difficult to run a very fast lap (for my skills). Many gutted 86s with better tires can do much much faster lap time and give the Elise embarrassing moments. The V6 Exige 1) It is still a darn light animal compares to many 911s and even 4Cs that I've tried. The steering is still a far more aggressive than those sports cars; but it is still not the 900kg Elise/ S2 Exige level. 2) It is faster and has higher limit than the Elise on track. Way more torque in all areas and the tires can carry more speed in faster turns. However, it is a give and take decision between nimbleness and fast laps. I say the Exige does a pretty good balance between the two. 3) With proper modifications, the V6s can get to around or even near 1000kg weight standard, and the nimbleness can be regained a bit. Overall, the V6s have a wider range of joy on tracks and fast roads. The Elise/s2 Exige are better for smaller tracks, auto-cross and mountain roads. However, both did put the same big smiles on my face for time driving them both. Frank
  14. I know another ex-Exige owner who has an automobile design workshop in Canton, and he can probably do the custom design and build it at a price. Let me know if you are interested. The car is temporarily wrapped in white vinyl, and awaiting for more carbon exterior parts in the future. We have a small but growing Lotus community in the city, and hopefully it gets bigger with the newer Emira and Eletre coming up.
  15. The clams are removed again at the body shop for a proper re-fitment. The shop owner immediately taken out his camera for some shoots at the spot where she is parked. 😝 Some shots taken by the shop owner before the clams are removed. some shots taken by me. 😜 A friend's Exige 260 which is half finished. A lot of the modifications are done by himself (Sincerely admiring his shifter assembly which is also done by himself). Fingers crossed for my Exige would be done soon, and more updates to be shared. Frank Thanks, I checked, which the headlights have their own harnesses and the day time running lights are functional correctly. So far, I still haven't found what those two behind the grills are for. I consulted with the shop. With proper clear coat and care, the oxidation should be ok. Frank
  16. She is on the ground finally! The panda combination now looks interesting, yet I'm debating if I should keep the exposed carbon clam or cover it with the good old white. Any color or exposed carbon thought and suggestion would be welcome. There are still a lot of miscs here and there waiting to more tweaks, and should take awhile. But she's on the ground and runs now, hooray~ The SV104s are on. I'm very happy for how it turns out. Thank you @Gordon Sfor the help and Jimmy from Signaturewheels for still checking in for the updates. Nevertheless, I took the time and weighted the rear wheels. With 275.35.18 tires, the SV104 comes out to be 20.1kg (as opposed to 21.9kg for factory alloy wheel with 265.35.18 tires.) It's almost 2kg saved for each wheel. I'm pretty happy about the new weight. More questions: Anyone would know there are two wires at the lower left and right front grills are for? I looked everywhere for from the repair manual, and I am not able to find anything except for the headlights, the honk and the alarm siren. Anyone might know? Cheers, Frank
  17. Very nice driving! Are you still running cup2 tyres? Frank
  18. More updates: The new carbon fiber clams are being test fitted. The outcome is actually pretty stunning, and quite a show to see it in person. After the subframe is dried with the new black paint, the engine is put back together (the Alias intake is just pure awesomeness) and all fluids are drained and refreshed: Engine: Motul 300V Power 5W40 Transmission: Motul Gear300 75W90 Brake and clutch: Dixcel DUR racing brake fluid The front was put first a while back. The test fitted was sponsored by two blocks of wood below, the fitment looks good so far. 😝 My commute bike while the Exige is still under surgery in the shop. It's great to have the two wheeler getting around town at the meantime. Questions: From the last update, I figured out the question for the top mount bracket. It is actually the front provided with a new bracket from Nitron which replaced the factory mounting bracket (to accommodate the larger shock), and the rear used the factory bracket. New questions came out. Both the rear Nitron has to used a spacer for this to fit, while the factory doesn't need any spacer. Anyone happened to run into similar situation? The weight: I'm not sure the why the weight difference, but I used the same scale to weight both the rear carbon and the factory rear clam. With all the heat shields, lights and misc removed, it is similar to the condition when I weighted the carbon clam, the factory clam comes to around 33.7 kg. However, this new carbon clam is not especially lightweight, as I learned that it is not a dry carbon product, which a dry carbon would be significantly lighter. For now, I will just stick with it and maybe look further into it when time is permitted. Can't wait to put her back on the ground soon! Frank
  19. Slow progress but updates! 1) Rear subframe: Probably the toughest decision of this project was whether to stick with the original plan for building a new and lighter subframe, or to keep the existing one. To put it short, the decision came down to using the stock one (for now). It was coming down the cost and time. For the money invested in designing a lighter subframe, it is possible, but it would be involving a much longer project time and cost. Thus, I put that thought to a latter plan. A tubular subframe was hypothesized to save up about 20-30% weight off the factory one, so it is around 15kg. For that weight, it is better to use the development money for a titanium exhaust for now. Having that thought, I decided to 3D scanned the entire subframe and redesign a tubular frame later (if time is allowed). And it's awesome to have a friend who has a 3D scanner. It was fun to work on the 3D scan for the first time. It took us a long time to put the reflective dots on the subframe. Due to many corners and our hands couldn't reach the bottom of the linkage areas, we spent almost an entire afternoon to have the data logged. And yes, while having the subframe off, I sent it for a repaint to be black. πŸ™ƒ 2) The Nitron 3ways are installed The quality of Nitron is sublime, especially in contrast to how dirty the car is right now.πŸ˜‚ Anyone who installed the rear Nitron before and used the existing top-mount bracket? I remember reading somewhere which a new bracket is needed for the Nitron. 3) Carbon Clams I remembered to weight the rear clam, and it is approx. 19.5kg. To compare with the factory rear clam, I will be sure to weight it next time.
  20. These mirrors are things of beauty! Very nice looking at the progress going
  21. Weird, I contacted Martin from JABU, they offer their Zero line upgrade as a full rebuilt car at JUBU Performance, which it includes widen front and rear wishbones, uprights, steel tubular subframe, driveshafts, new carbon fiber body, etc. And labor time to build the complete car.
  22. Thanks guys, to most interests shown for the CF clams, I will reply on this thread instead, the other thread (with the same name) was a mistake, sorry for the wrong submit for the same post. Thanks, I was surprised to see the quality in person. I was fortunate to find a shop in another province, and the shop owner happened to be an Exige owner too, who made the CF clam out of his interest for his own car. Luckily, I sent a few inquiries about the clams, and I became the first buyer for these clams. It isn't Eltech (They look very nice, I will see the weight for this one and compare). @mayak Thanks @GFWilliamsGeorge, I still haven't weighted the stock and new CF clams. I will try to do the comparison when I get to the shop next week. (PS, it would be nice if I can still get the front louvre from you.) 😜 @DangerousDave I have contacted them way back.😝 You can look up my first post above. They were very supportive and replied my emails that they have a Zero-line style series which wasn't a full package but with all the look and wheels mod; the price was so a huge bargain off the actual Zero car. However, to do that the car will have to be sent to Austria. It was the only way for them the mod the car with their staff. Sadly, it wasn't feasible for me.
  23. @Gordon Sthanks Gordon, that wheels are splendid. Awesome for to see them in person, will keep up the updates. @DangerousDaveI asked the same question before I bought them. So far it looks ok, and maybe it is a good idea to mount the spoiler to the new rear subframe, but not at the clam. I will look in to that.
  24. Greetings fellow TLF members, Since 2018 when I first purchased my second Lotus (the first one was an Elise first intro to TLF), it has been pure joy and pride taking her to the tracks and winding roads. Sadly, two years ago she had a "fender bender" accident, which she had been sitting in the garage. Until now this "recreation project" is finally started, hopefully to bringing her back to a new life, and some. To begin The Exige starts off is a Roadster S, which she had a very very soft stock Bilstein suspension. On tracks, every brake, it was a pretty bad nose dive, and the front couldn't hold any grip, which always ended up very bad understeer. Other than that, I am pretty happy with how the car performed, so a set of new suspension would be first on the mod list. The goal for the project is to make the Lotus even ligther (I'm sure most of us here wouldn't mind that), since she still utterly heavier than my old Elise, so the goal of hitting more or less 1000kg would be very ideal. Yet, remaining few luxury comfort tweaks for the road would awesome for occasion drives on the winding roads. After long considerations and reading many thoughtful reviews on the forums, I chose to go with the Nitron 3 ways with SL spec 550/850 springs. Thanks @SeriouslylotusDave from Seriouslylotus. It was super nice for all those phone calls of inquiries and helpful with the oversea shipping. For the weight and look, I couldn't stopped looking at @Gordon SGordon's Exige with his forged Signature SV104. Thanks to Gordonβ€˜s referral, Jimmy from Signature was super cool. I nailed the wheels with Jimmy and finalized the bespoke brushed black triple finish. front 17x18 ET25 (7.9kg) rear 18x10 ET32 (not yet weighted) With the history of owning a previous Elise, I was frightened with the plastic radiator end cap; thus, I took the chance and upgrade to the alloy enlarged radiator. Hope it is a wise chose. The basic upgrade parts (so far): Nitron SL Spec 3 ways Signature forged SV104 wheels Alias intake Alloy enlarged radiator The Custom jobs: Carbon Fiber Front Clam Carbon Fiber Rear Clam Tubular rear subframe Sending off the subframe to the local race shop, the stock subframe was on the measurement table and ready for the making of rear tubular subframe. Hopefully, I can start saving some weights starting from here. Before making the decision, I contacted Caged Laser and Jabu, which were all not a feasible solution. Caged Laser were known for making a titanium subframe back in 2014. They were not allowed to sell due to the agreement with Lotus, which it was merely a R&D project and was never made it to production. JABU, on the other hand, had to send my car to Austria, and the price was an astronomical number for me. *To anyone who may be interested, the stock subframe is weighted 51.6kg For a long time hunting the carbon fiber parts, I was able to find a shop selling the carbon fiber clams for the Exige. I can't wait to have them installed soon! I received great helps from TLF community. It was a great greeting from @Bibs Bibs for referring Simon from Lotus, who also had visited the country from UK, way back before the Covid happened. I was great meeting with Lotus team members. Thank list: Thanks to the local Lotus dealership, as they have been very helpful with finding the parts and establishing their new regional tech manager and staff. Thanks @alias23Imran for selling his awesome intake oversea. Wish good luck to your new project. And thanks @GFWilliamsGeorge and @KIMUTAKUAlex for the help of the open shifter components. The GFW project has been always a great read on this forum. And I have been very much consistently asking George for the carbon fiber front clam louvre. Hope you would change your mind at some point reading the project here. πŸ˜› For the following months, I will keep up the updates on the process. I'm sure some hiccups on the way would be happening here an there, which could be seeking helps here. 🀠 Cheers, Frank
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