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  1. I worked in engine development at the time πŸ‘ so fixed it up no probs. Did the additional usual stuff - headlights, clutch cable, engine / gearbox out. Got wheels machined & polished Like a Lotus Carlton ? Yes please !
  2. Was some sort of pearl white. Not original. Story goes like this: my mate (always looking to be different) buys a blue Eclat. Hates the colour, so spends heaps getting it painted. Takes it for an M.O.T. (You can guess whats coming, eh ?!) fails on chassis issues (amongst others). Spends lots more dosh getting if fixed. THEN it drops a valve seat ! Now, he not being a mechanic, throws a tarp over it and leaves it. Took me a couple of years to persuade him to let go. πŸ˜€
  3. Just found some photos of the old girl. I sold before moving to Oz. Wonder what she’s doing now....
  4. Talbot did a heap in different, plain colours (no stripes) for the Yorkshire Police, but they didn't last long before they were all smashed !!
  5. My old Eclat was rego SWS6S. Not sure if its still about. Would love an esprit, but in reality, an Excel would be the most practical. Building a house at the mo, so little chance of either. 😒
  6. Did my apprenticeship at Talbot. I was the apprentice in the Rally Dept when we won the WRC in 82. Worked on the SL intensively. I wouldn't say we won because of me, but...!! Worked with Des O'Dell and Bernard Unit. Had some great times. I remember the support vehicle being a Lotus Avenger ! Not many of them about !!
  7. 'What ? No, no, no - it's not mine', 'it's Bruces, he's just leaving it here for a while, whilst he moves house'. 'Yes, I might do a few jobs on it for him, whilst it's here - he's a mate'.
  8. Thanks for allowing me in. I'm a Pommie Aussie. Been over here for a few years now, Lotus-less. Had a pearl white Eclat when I lived in the U.K. Have some pics somewhere. Bought it cheap off a mate. Had a few 'issues' which I ironed out. Loved it. Always working on it, but that was the attraction right ?!
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