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  1. I agree maybe more in the states I figured around 2-3k for trans and a few more K’s for everything else and I’d have a nice driver.
  2. Ok thanks I will have more info soon. What I know now is they drained transaxle and found some metal shavings. Not sure how bad, they didn’t take it apart. I will definitely contact you about other places to fix it. They are a specialty lotus restorer just outside Philadelphia not a new car place. They are really nice I thought I was over my head when I got the quote so that’s why I’m reaching out. If you need any other info let me know. . Thanks again
  3. I bought a 1984 lotus esprit turbo cheap. I posted other questions on this forum and you guys have been great I appreciate it. I knew the car had a transmission issue. I took it to a lotus shop in Pa to have a full evaluation done bumper to bumper. Of course they found a problem with the transmission and some other items they can address or I can fix. The quote was 12-17k for the trans fix. I know the parts are scarce and dealing with overseas is new to me. I’m willing to invest 8-10k to enjoy the car, I don’t want a show car. Being that the parts are so rare for the trans and probably the other thingsi need to do, should I just sell it and look for something else that I can get parts for. I also saw some motor swaps that would be great but I’m sure they over my budget. Any advice is appreciated. I’m sure since they are specialty shop they are expensive and I can maybe get it done cheaper but I don’t want to run into a problem 10 years from now if something needs to be done and parts are gone.
  4. Thanks so much clutch was upgraded to braided line but definitely going to do other stuff hopefully gearbox isn’t too bad.
  5. I’m working on the 84 turbo esprit. It sat for a few years but does start and runs but has gearbox issue. I have it at a lotus specialist for a full evaluation. (Waiting for results)I was wondering if I should do any basic upgrades to the car since its been sitting and to make it perform better without breaking the bank. I know the cars are expensive to fix and don’t mind spending the money. I didn’t know if there were better parts or upgrades I should do to the car if any are failing. In the end I would like a reliable(as reliable as can be) car to enjoy. I don’t want to spend more than 7-8k. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. Thanks to all again you guys are great. I got it unseized drove it for a little very gingerly but I hear something grinding. Not sure what that could be. I can now shift the car even went into reverse but something doesn’t sound right.
  7. I haven’t done anything yet just got the car home. I will take all you advice and start working on it as soon as I can.
  8. Thanks for the info again I’m a novice and learning. Yes 2000 us. If I figure how to post pictures I will.
  9. Update I bought that 1984 esprit turbo for 2gs. Turn the key starts right up. My issue is with the car off I can cycle through the gears no problem. With the car running can’t shift into any gear. If I turn the car off and put it in gear with foot on clutch and turn over key the car jumps forward. Again I’m a novice so any help would be great. Thanks
  10. Thanks again guys you been great I will keep you posted on specific issue when I pick up the car.
  11. Thanks I will get more info and I’ll post again in a few days. $2000 seems cheap.
  12. Found a 1984 esprit turbo very cheap. Owner says it runs and drives but a gearbox issue is occurring. I know parts are hard to find and costly. As a novice should I consider this or pass it up. Please help.
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