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  1. I may consider it and the Komo Tec 390 upgrade if I ever get enough cash together. Can't justify the cost of upgrading to a 400 auto, which is probably mine + £30k.
  2. That would be me … ! Part of my commute in the morning is sat in a long line of traffic on the southbound A500 (D Road) … I have only seen one other Lotus recently and that was an Elise.
  3. Came across this on the BOE site: Not heard of BOE personally. Shame it is US based as import duties and fitting costs may make it uneconomical. Out of interest, are there any other aftermarket kits to improve the IPS so that it gets closer to 400 territory - not that I find the IPS that bad now that I am more used to it?
  4. I spent months trying to decide what to replace my Alfa GTV V6 with. I looked at, and dismissed an F-Type, XKR, BMW 4 Series, BMW 6 Series and an Audi TT. I did flirt with the idea of an Aston V8 Vantage, but I could only buy an early model with my budget. Did not fancy a Porsche. I then decided to look at the Evora. Best decision I could have made - it truly is a brilliant car - fantastic handling, quick, comfortable, it never fails to make me grin even when commuting, not ludicrously expensive to run (even in S form - I am getting 25+ MPG) and people seem to love it. What is not to like
  5. Cheers all. Seems to attract quite a bit of interest according to any passenger that has been in the car. God knows what Yellow or Orange would be like! I was checking Autotrader, Pistonheads, this site and eBay on a daily basis to get a feel for price/spec before buying. @Techyd Mine came from Evans Halshaw of all places. I originally rang about an N/A in Ardent Red having seen it on Autotrader. I went to Coventry to view the N/A only to find it was already sold. The one I now own came on the market the following week on the Friday on Autotrader and was gone by the Saturday. The pot
  6. Have pm'd you Perfect for those who fancy a roofless Evora ...
  7. Ha ha ... my mate was the photographer rather than myself. The guy that came on the test drive got stuck with the back seat - he's about 5 ft 6 and claimed he needed a hip replacement afterwards - some people have no sense of fun!
  8. Thanks all. Thanks to everyone who has offered advice and contributed. Maybe I should have test drove more cars, but somehow after the second drive of the one I bought - it just seemed to be the right one. Will try and post a couple of photos later. @Giveitfish - Was the one that you were looking at the one at Bell & Colvill? If so, mine is a different one. So, the B&C one is still there - drive it and maybe buy it. @Colin P - Will have to give the manual a proper try - too easy this morning to just leave it in "D" as traffic was heavy. The drive home will be longer
  9. I did indeed - 2013 Evora S IPS in Carbon Grey with Venom Red leather with 27k on the clock. Given I’ll be using it as my daily driver for commuting the IPS made more sense than a manual. Auto for the daily commute, sport mode and paddles for the weekend country road blast.
  10. Very happy with my purchase so far. Best car i have driven.
  11. @Bravo73 - I think it is the one that was owned by Yschean. Carbon grey with red interior. I had a second test drive in it this afternoon with a mix of roads. It really is superb and I surprised myself that I actually liked the IPS much more than I thought I would. I don’t think I am fussed about a manual given the type of driving I will be doing and it will be my only car.
  12. Quick update - Took the car for an initial test drive yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a drive through town and then a quick drive up an A road dual carriageway. Couldn’t really get much of an impression on the steering feel. Suspension though - dear God - superb. IPS box - a little sluggish in normal auto (but I am not used to it) but driving in town not a problem. Sport mode makes the car feel different. Going back to take it out for a second test drive - hopefully on some better A and B roads. Car has full service history and some bills. Has had some warranty work done by
  13. @Techyd, mine were an Audi Coupe MY83 and my dads old Merc estate. I recently test drove a 6 series with a fairly decent auto. Not sure about the Rev limiter. I am sure that I read somewhere that it was 7200 on the S IPS.
  14. Thanks @DarrylV8. I have always preferred manual boxes when it comes to sportier cars. Having said that, my experience of autos is relatively limited and based on old technology autos, so maybe the IPS will change my mind! Will definitely report back @Techyd what I think of the IPS. Hopefully it’s a good one
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