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  1. Can't agree regarding all the Porsche's. Had a 924 a while ago, don't forget was something of a parts bin special when new so when I needed parts Porsche prices unreal, however usually a VAG group alternative a lot cheaper. If I recall for example shocks were off a VW Beetle so massive difference between "Porsche 924" price and "VW Beetle" price, yet same part. Remind you of anything similiar?!!!!! Would def recommend 924, just make sure clutch propshaft and driveline OK as this is the major expense with them. Regards Mat 79 S2
  2. Just catching up on this thread, talking of the Avengers anyone remember Steed's XJ Jag with big arch body kit? Think it was green with Wolf Race wheels, be great to see pics if anyone has? Regards Mat 79 S2
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I spent ages hunting it out but there's not a lot about the esprit and certainly nothing new. There are a few pics but nothing special. I felt it was a bit of a wasted opportunity. They were using Pete Gentilli's S2 which is a lovely car. I'd be interested in hearing from Pete about his experiences on the photoshoot/test drive. Pete you out there? Regards Mat 79 S2
  4. Mike Had this on my S2 also. Same symptoms as Teigan, locked myself out with engine running. Cacked myself as the radiator fans weren't working at the time and I'd just had a
  5. Earlier Federal G Cars had 3 radiator fans but UK spec only had 2. If you have a UK car it's easy to stick a 3rd fan in and this helps too. Regards Mat 79 S2
  6. Mark I had exactly the same problem with the fuel light and it was the sensor under the choke. Choke on and low fuel are on the same warning light so if the choke lever moves slightly or the wires are loose underneath these can make the light flash. Have a look under the choke switch you should see a plastic plunger connected to a switch. I simply disconnected the wire as I don't use the choke. Regards Mat 79 S2
  7. Troy Been following your progress in anticipation but what's happened to the photos? It was really good to get a visual idea of how things were going. Where are you up to at present and how long do you think before you get moving? Regards Mat 79 S2
  8. Mike I got mine off ebay but it wasn't cheap! Had to pay
  9. Doesn't Renu have E5PRT on a silver Sport 350? Regards Mat 79 S2
  10. Hi Marc Just to confirm other posts, had the same on my S2. Was low clutch fluid reservoir. Topped up, bled system and now perfect. Regards Mat 79 S2
  11. I've read a lot of press about this confirming the need for 1 tyre supplier, however what if this had been in place and the supplier was Michelin.................... Don't think this adds to the case for 1 supplier, Michelin screwed up and didn't bring the correct standby tyres as they had been instructed to (and reminded in writing by F1A a month ago). If they had raced what happens in the future if a team tries a new modified rear wing for example and then finds it breaks at the track? Do they expect to have a chicane built to slow everyone else down? I really feel that unpleasant as it was, the way it happened was the correct response. Michelin should refund all the race goers who attended. Regards Mat 79 S2
  12. December 25th! May as well try to arrange my own Xmas pressie! Regards Mat 79 S2
  13. Alternative method............. Why not tap into the existing wires on the otter switch? Bring each wire back under the car (follow clutch hose) up through bonnet and back into dash. Then put on a switch. Bypasses the otter switch at will, uses existing wiring/relay. This is what I've done with my S2. Used the rear window demister switch so that I'm not drilling new switches into the dash (never used/needed rear window demister). Regards Mat 79 S2
  14. I had this last winter. The wiper arm slots onto a post that extends up from the bodywork. The post has a serrated circumfirence which engages into the arm. When it is then tightened up the 2 "grab" together. On mine though the metal serrations had worn away. Apparently this is very common due to the length of the wiper arm creating a great deal of friction hence pressure on the join. Once it starts to wear it deteriorates rapidly and starts slipping. Solution. Previous posts are useful but it doesn't provide a permanent fix. The post is actually part of the "wheel gear box" which translates the drive from the windscreen wiper motor into the to and fro motion of the wiper post. I changed the wheel gear box for one from a later Exel which is identical apart from the fact that the post now engages into the arm using "spanner type" flats. Very strong and unlikely to wear again. You will need a new wiper arm also that has the equivalent fitting. I got this tip and parts from PNM Engineering, approx
  15. From 1st to last........... 1979 Ford Capri 1.6 Auto! (Great for revving in neutral then dropping into drive!) 1983 Fiat 131 Supermirafiori (Wolf in Sheeps........) 1986 Nissan Bluebird Estate (30,000 miles
  16. Trapped myself upside down in a Fiat X1/9 in Northumberland. Took an S bend I used to do at 65MPH in a Nissan Bluebird Estate in my new X1/9 at same speed and it broke sideways, hit the verge and took off! The wonders of mid engine cars eh! Hopefully older and wiser now........................... Regards Mat 79 S2
  17. Funnily enough I spent Saturday working out why my radiator fans weren't working. The wiring loom in my car is non standard and it has been rebuilt in the past so it was taking ages to identify which wires/relays were related. After a lot of time without result I decided to start from scratch and completely install a brand new relay and completely rewire the fans using a spare fuse socket in the fusebox. Having blown the head gasket once due to an overheat I thought this was the best option rather than relying on 26 yr old wiring and bits. Took about
  18. Marc Good luck mate! Are you going North or South? Anywhere near Manchester give me a shout and we could meet for a beer? Regards Mat 79 S2
  19. Marc Glad you're keeping a smile on your face! Have you seen the various posts, comments regarding the red clutch hose? Common opinion is to change the hose for a braided metal one. May be the right time to consider? Mat 79 S2
  20. matk

    Jet wash?

    Hi there I use a jet wash to wet the car, hand wash and then jet wash after to rinse on my S2. Never had any problems at all but I am very careful how I use the jet, ie not at 90 degrees to the surface, seals seem to hold and I don't get any water in the car. Mat 79 S2
  21. Paul Not exactly sure how standard mine is as it's been rebuilt in the past. Also I've got an S2 not sure if same as S3? Engine cover has elastic rubber catches either side to hold it to the boot floor. Their is also a hinged access panel which locks with 2 adjustable metal hook type catches into the engine cover. The boot floor has 2 removable panels either side of the engine that bolt into the chassis. The bolts were missing on mine originally causing the floor to "bang" as I hit undulations in the road - easy fix, new bolts! Not sure if this helps........... Regards Mat 79 S2
  22. Paul Just a short note re the "petrol tank" noise. I tracked a similiar noise in mine down to a loose engine cover and boot flooring. You might want to check yours? Regards Mat 79 S2
  23. Marc Have you just bought the car? Seem to recall it advertised on LEW as an S3 initiallyand also on ebay as an S1 with added S2 ears! Regarding the clocks can you bell me on 07930 694800. I may have a solution or you. Regards Mat 79 S2
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