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  1. Paul Not exactly sure how standard mine is as it's been rebuilt in the past. Also I've got an S2 not sure if same as S3? Engine cover has elastic rubber catches either side to hold it to the boot floor. Their is also a hinged access panel which locks with 2 adjustable metal hook type catches into the engine cover. The boot floor has 2 removable panels either side of the engine that bolt into the chassis. The bolts were missing on mine originally causing the floor to "bang" as I hit undulations in the road - easy fix, new bolts! Not sure if this helps........... Regards Mat 79 S2
  2. Paul Just a short note re the "petrol tank" noise. I tracked a similiar noise in mine down to a loose engine cover and boot flooring. You might want to check yours? Regards Mat 79 S2
  3. Marc Have you just bought the car? Seem to recall it advertised on LEW as an S3 initiallyand also on ebay as an S1 with added S2 ears! Regarding the clocks can you bell me on 07930 694800. I may have a solution or you. Regards Mat 79 S2
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