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  1. Happy Birthday guys, hope you both have great days.
  2. It's not just the exchange rate that makes the cars favourable in France. Price of second hand cars over here (all marques) are ridiculously expensive, and you must pay a tax to register a car. You pay the same tax if you import from the UK. So you get the car a lot cheaper in UK, pay the same tax, put LHD headlights on or just re aim, through the CT (French MOT about €70) and you're laughing. I'm looking for a daily driver at present, want a diesel estate, typical high mileage Peugeot 406 in Uk approx £1500, buy same car in France, €4000!!! I'll be buying in the UK when I find the right car, and importing over here too!
  3. Don't want to step on any toes, but just seen this and I'd really like to get my hands on the whole engine as a spare for mine. I am however in France, so I'd either have to get you to courier over here (I'd obviously pay you ), or alternatively have to arrange for someone to pick up and store, till I can drive over for it. Would that be possible? Appreciate if it's too much hassle for you, then no probs.
  4. matk

    1. Australia

    It's only the first race, plenty of time for people to catch the Red Bull up. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thought the Button Massa fight was very watchable, nice to see Jensen getting aggressive, and be wonderful to see if the Saubers really do have an advantage in keeping their tyres alive. Fantastic drive by Petrov, and also Perez, and yes the Scot in the Force India too (sorry can't remember his name). Worst I've seen Barrichello drive for a while, balls up with Rosberg. All in all I'm very positive about it.
  5. matk

    Season opener

    Well said Sue. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  6. Neil thats something I'm really looking forward to!
  7. Happy Birthday Laura! hope you have a great day. X
  8. To run Windows on a Mac you have to partition the Hard Drive, so I'd imagine the Windows partition would be vulnerable?
  9. A bit late but this made me REALLY happy!!! Just another day at the office!
  10. Oh NOOO I didn't think we liked "Boxsters" on here!!! Sorry couldn't resist that........
  11. Well I'm a single batchelor and it's seat and lid down all the time for me. I was well trained in a past life!!!!
  12. I there are two systems in use on the S2? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Neil has the earlier pre vacuum system that moves the flaps by cables pulling on them.
  13. Read the small print on the bags. The vast majority are scamming or making profits off it. As Dave said, just take them to charity shops.
  14. Hi Neil Yes in your car there is a permanent hot water flow through the heater matrix, and all adjustments are done through changing airflow via moveable flaps. When I had the car, the matrix heated up nicely so there was def water flow. I can't be definitive but i'd be looking at bowden cables, bit like the ones used on bicycle gear shifts and brake lines. Sadly I think you will find the attachment points to the various flaps are snapped off, so a bit of welding maybe necessary. Talking to others in the past, when the flaps move they open and seal various apertures in the heater box, and originally the seal was helped by a fabric type material round the flaps and apertures (sorry can't find a better way of describing it). This has almost certainly rotted away, so you'll need to look into replacing that. I would have thought some sort of rubber would be good now, but might be too thick? As far as living with it goes, the car was bloody freezing during winter, but the main prob for me was always, windscreen demisting. PS be a shame to not sort this after all the other stuff you've done/are doing!
  15. Earth connection bad? Had something similiar on my old S2 Esprit. If you turn them on in the dark, do any other lights come on faintly glowing? If so I'd bet it's an earthing fault.
  16. With regard to the Ambrose details I remember the thread. He was warned against doing what he did, and then carried on and did it!
  17. With all those "7777777"s we need Paul C to pop up and give us an independent expert valuation of the car. Whatever you do stop driving it, if you lose some 7s it'll devalue!!!!!
  18. Looking at the prices some of the RS3100 cars have been going for that looks like a bit of a bargain. Buy buy buy!!!!
  19. Unfortunately I wouldn't. I used to, but the last time I tried to help in a similiar situation (not a bank robbery), in Salford, i got surrounded by a gang waving baseball bats who beat my car to bits while I legged it away as fast as I could.
  20. Well I don't know where there data is from, but I can tell you round here it's rocketed. Currently €1.45 unleaded which isn't really different from you.
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