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  1. See this thread Esprit S2 (paul) is restoring an Elite in Roman Bronze and may be able to help? Drop him a PM?
  2. I got a very cheap second hand one a while ago from Pete at PNM Engineering. Try him or the usual suspects at Lotus Bits?
  3. Hi Graham! Yep exactly that! I'm 3rd party insurance only, so couldn't claim.................... but................... I had the foresight to take out extra optional windscreen cover, which in France just happens to cover headlights too. Got a new windscreen and new headlight and the car is driving just fine, although it looks very battered, and for some reason the French drivers seem to be giving me a wide berth. On a more serious note I count myself extremely lucky. I was doing 60mph at the time, on the main cross France A route to Spain and Portugal, i.e. lots of HGVs around me. I had absolutely no warning. First thing I knew was seeing the deers head 6 inches in front of me as it bounced over the bonnet, and then lost all forward vision as the windscreen caved in exactly where my field of view is. I was extremely lucky to get the car stopped safely. It's actually the second I've hit over here, I saw the first one in time and got my speed down so no damage done when the impact occurred, and I've had about 3 misses, not counting the wild boar I found standing in the road in front of me one day! You'd all be very surprised at how slow I drive right now!
  4. Well unfortunately I joined this club too about a month ago! The French being what they are, a passing local, put the deer out of its misery and got on his mobile. 5 mins later his Dad turned up in a van and the carcass was gone!! Two days later I had an invite to go pick up some venison!!!
  5. They didn't bring up past things. The occasion was historical, but only became public now, and therefore they acted on it as soon as they were made aware of it. Noone has mentioned so far the Murdoch angle and that Rupert is trying to take the company private again and is likely to be drawn into a Monopolies mergers situation. Another reason perhaps why they are taking such quick action.
  6. Same issue as Graham with the Black and Green skin (although I already use the solution GKP suggested).
  7. Yep Ian, been there done that! And it's much the same in France with their telecoms companies too!
  8. Add one to the boyhood dream! Loved Lotus originally after seeing the JPS Type 72 Formula 1 car, and as a lad loved the fact that it was always Chapman who seemed to be ahead of the game in using technology. Then I saw the S1 Esprit in Spy Who Loved Me. I've never been so wowed by a car in my life before or since. Spent many occasions on motorways chasing after, following and looking at any Esprit I came across. Took me till I was 38 to get one, and I'm currently in an Eclat, but i have no doubt I'll get another Esprit again in the future.
  9. Bit like a non complete S1 then, prob only worth £200 in that condition!!!!
  10. Nice car and congratulations.
  11. He's still about on Facebook, so he still breathes!!
  12. That is truly impressive work, and I can't quite believe how quickly you've done it. Outstanding and I'm very envious of your work and skills, well done.
  13. Well done Mike. I'll have to pop over and have a look see!
  14. IIRC from Cliff, Lakeside don't actually own it, but have an arrangement with the owners that they can go down and use it themselves when required for Lakeside customer cars, which is great cause the Lakeside guys have many years Lotus experience. I know Cliff was impressed with their service and having been a passenger while he powered the excel round roundabouts I can only say I was very impressed with the results!!
  15. Didn't Sparky recommend some guy close to him, and I think Cliff had his Excel done on a Hunter through Lakeside Engineering.
  16. repair estimate 31000 dollars!
  17. Thats going to take you a while but well done!
  18. Graham I knew you'd come through!! For those of you still wondering..... 1. Spy Who Loves Me. When the S1 Esprit comes out of the sea and Bond drops a fish out the window, there's a man doing a double take look with a bottle of wine. 2. Moonraker. After the hovercraft/gondola exits the water, the same man is doing the same thing sat at a table in Venice. 3. For Your Eyes Only. Same thing when the motorbike crashes through a chalet during the ski chase.
  19. Still waiting..... Have I got you all? Come on Graham, you seem to know more than most!
  20. In Diamonds Are Forever, the Mustang Mach 1 goes up on one sides wheels in the narrow alley way but comes out on the other side wheels! Goldfinger's voice is dubbed as Gert Frobe couldn't speak English very well. He was cast after they saw him in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but didn't realise he had been dubbed on that one too, so had to do some fast thinking after he turned up on set for Goldfinger! Here's one for you all... The same actor plays the same person doing exactly the same thing in the backgrounds of "Spy Who Loved Me", "Moonraker", and "For Your Eyes Only". It's not a main cast actor...... What is he doing.................?
  21. Don't forget the Toyota in You Only Live Twice! As Graham rightly said though, in the books he usually preferred a Bentley with a bespoke supercharger conversion.
  22. Best way to test run a yellow GT3 is to run it down to France............. Ask GKP......
  23. Agreed. Bought a brand new one from Lotus a while back and it was stickered "mini"!
  24. Amen to that! It's bigger than any of the Lotus Specialists I've seen!
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