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  1. How old were the original bushes? I'm only asking because if they were old then I'd be interested to discover how much of the improvement is due to the difference in design, and how much to the fact that they are new as compared to the originals, if you see what I mean?
  2. The Excel only has more power courtesy of a different straighter flowing exhaust, compared to the twisty system fitted on the back of the Esprit. Unless of course you mean the Excel SE, but then that is a different beast and the Esprit with the HC engine is also less for the same reason. There is no "miracle" addition to an Excel with the same engine that upgrades more power. In fact the Excel had it's top speed aerodynamically reduced by the addition of permanent mudflaps on the rear wings as the Toyota gearbox wasn't considered reliable at theoretical max speed.
  3. I'd also check the ring gear as I had a similiar issue on a Nissan many years ago that turned out to be stripped teeth on the ring gear. Having said that a new starter isn't too bad a job and not too expensive so I'd go down that route anyway.
  4. Well I've never had an accident through it, but I have suffered the scenario of pressing the accelerator in an auto when going for the brake on more than one occasion so I can see exactly what he is on about. In my case I think it's being caused by when I drive an auto I tend to relax the left leg more and keep it more at 90 degrees in a normal sitting position, rather than extended covering a clutch pedal as you would in a manual. That affects the reference points and muscle memory in the right leg. At speed it tends not to be an issue as you focus more. At low speed when perhaps you area little switched off, it's very easy to panic when you jab the wrong pedal, and I've def experienced the panic reaction of just jab the pedal harder, even though its the wrong one. As to the validity of his campaign? Much as I agree with what he says, there's a whole load of other worse and more significant issues ahead of this one IMHO that require eradicating.
  5. You hinted in another post you have some non standard instruments. Is the oil pressure gauge original? I'm wondering if it's actually the oil pressure take off pipe that goes to the original Smiths pressure guage. If someone has replaced with an electrical guage then that pipe would be surplus. Just a wild guess......
  6. Lovely car and welcome to you.
  7. Well it just so happens I might be able to help......... Try this...........Let me know if it works?
  8. I'd really like Paul C to get involved on this thread. Right up his street.........
  9. You're a man who believes less is more when it comes to words!!
  10. Tony likey very much. love lotus but I do have a thing for Porsche too and I've driven one of those. Nice!
  11. In amongst all the more humorous responses, I'd just write back politely explaining that you are confused by a tax demand for zero, and ask them to reply, informing you how to respond. Common sense will prevail and they should formally write back closing the issue. I'm in the middle of an ongoing 3 year battle with them over an amount I don't owe. To be fair it's been caused by my last employer, not the HMRC. What I have discovered though is that they are ordinary people who react in normal ways. The trouble with just sending in for example a zero amount cheque, is if it crosses the wrong persons desk they may not appreciate the humour, and then its like sticking your foot into a wasps nest. They can be very vindictive if they have the mindset to do so. Better to be polite, and business like, while formally knocking the ball back into their court.
  12. matk


    And I've just had my flight to UK cancx, so no Xmas joy with Paul C and Vicki!! Gutted!!
  13. Gutted for you. Hope it turns up safe and sound.
  14. I used to wear mine a lot, but the screws holding the caliper have fallen out, and I haven't sourced a replacement yet, so it currently lives in a drawer.
  15. Silver one. Owned by Robert Crooks last March and the last UK S1 Esprit, the one mentioned above as sold by Scott Walker
  16. That's brill Purza, and great to see you here again! Congrats and well done!!
  17. matk

    London Riots

    I just can't see how encouraging young people to take on debts of that size can be good. We've just had a massive economic shock/crisis, from what I can see, appears to be loads of people living on the never never. How can it be good to encourage our youth to get comfortable with the idea of running round with thousands of pound of debt? Isn't that attitude then going to spill over into other areas? Increase in indebtedness etc? Bit of a moot point cause I live abroad now, but the UK economy can't compete on labour costs. The UK needs to be a market leader in quality, forward thinking and innovative ideas. That comes from tomorrows graduates. So what do we do? Charge more and more for them to get educated. Madness! I know further education is expensive, but it should be free and we should pay higher atxes if necessary to support it. Bibs, totally agree. There are too many universities and courses, so the value of a degree is being eroded. What's wrong with elitism? We're a human race with varied abilities and qualities. We should celebrate and nurture our higher acheivers instead of trying to lump everyone into the same place.
  18. matk

    Lotus Renault GP

    I thought this BBC blog was quite perceptive and informative. Makes the point that no matter how much ill feeling, there will be 4 Lotus branded cars on the grid. Ain't that great publicity? The ongoing war will only generate more publicity and get the Lotus name in the news. I think that's rather good.. Eventually there'll be an out of court settlement and it will resolve down to one team again (only my 2p). In the meantime I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy supporting both teams!
  19. Reminds me of the attempts to warn nut allergy sufferers through legislation that food products may contain nuts. End result, everyone just blanket places a general "may contain nuts" warning on their packaging. Legislation complied with, but now no benefit cause they've all got it on! Total crap!! Apart from the H & S debate about planes I can't ever see the airline industry allowing it, as they can make money from forcing people to pay for mobile phones through their own networks, and dressing it up as a H & S issue.
  20. I'd be tempted to make them very slightly smaller in case removal ( admittedly small chance if ali) is ever req in future. Might save a load of future hassle.
  21. matk

    Monster V8 - Kent

    Did you manage to get in the seats? I know I couldn't!!
  22. That's one clean looking car. The reality of a low mileage car is that no matter how well stored some of the perishable bits will perish!! If you haven't done so I'd recommend replacing the fuel lines, esp round the carbs. We don't want to lose another one to an engine fire!! PS That's assuming it's a carbed car. is it FI?
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