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  1. The MK1 Elise that is on a future episode is being currently sold by the organisers with a chance for the buyer to appear on the programme to film handover.
  2. It's cut at the rear, the complete section that was empty for an interior light (in the boat application it was originally designed for) must be cut off. In the first pic it's the bottom section, the second/third pics are from the inside of Essex No 18 back in 2007
  3. Lol I have the very last one out of the factory (thank you Bibs, was from that job lot you organised), still with original box and docs, with a note from Lotus Parts confirming it's the very last one sold, out of 2000 that were made. I wonder what that is worth now!
  4. Lol here's what happened when I bought my Eclat in Manchester and tried to drive it down to France... Wouldn't put me off trying again though. It was the water pump on mine that let go. I wouldn't have coped without the help of Cliff Ledger, so your plan to identify people on route is good. The Temperature gauge is your best friend, watch it always!
  5. I've not been around here for a LONG time, but checked in and saw this thread. Just wanted to add my thanks to Brian for all his help here over the years. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and remember his talks and passion for the Esprit at countless meets and in particular talking about the gestation of the Esprit V8 engine at the original LEF Factory day. Brian, I hope you have a great retirement.
  6. No I'll never be finished with Lotus cars! I do have other things to focus on right now though............ I had a lot of overseas interest in the car, without getting carried away it was to me the perfect Eclat if that's what you wanted, so I'm not surprised it sold.
  7. Well I've taken a deposit, and it's now off to Italy!!
  8. £40 return Stansted to Limoges come and have a look. You'd spend more driving to look at a car in Scotland. Tried uploading to adds section twice, but it kept failing at the photo upload stage so I gave up. Had GKP sat next to me so I know it wasn't me! Trying again now......... It's on the ebay bot thing here... Mark, yeah normal sad story, not using it, and other things in life are more important at present. Still no joy putting in classifieds. Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting if anyone wants to have a look see
  9. And it's now for sale!! See the classified section.......
  10. I've been off the forum for a while, but I'm currently selling a set of Compomotive CX500 wheels. They were originally off a track prepped Esprit, and fitted with slicks, so the dimensions are all wrong for a dry sump. 16" diameter Rears 10" wide Fronts 8" wide 4 stud centres, However you could get new barrels for them?
  11. As one of the people who test drove one at the Factory Day, my opinion was it was more expensive than an Elise with no significant advantages. It wasn't that much roomier inside (and I've driven S1 and S2 Elises so can compare). It was really nice to drive though, and I'm sure when the second hand value drops low enough they'll become something of a cult classic.
  12. I'm struggling to get hold of a European Certificate of Conformity from Vauxhall for an old Frontera I've just bought as a runaround. It's on UK plates and I need this to get it into the French system with a French number plate. Anybody help?
  13. Another vote for buy a better name brand guitar second hand off eBay. Those starter pack guitars are really horrible to play. Also the way a guitar is set up makes a huge difference to how it plays. I'd go to a local music shop and see if they have any second hand, ex demo gear. It'll be cheaper, normally have some warranty, and be set up correctly.
  14. matk

    Old Friends

    I saw that car and knew I had seen it before, but couldn't work out where, till now! I'm lucky enough to be in contact with Neil who has my old S2. It's nice to follow a previous cars progress.
  15. I can concur with that, having done it!
  16. Ewan McGregor's brother either was, or is, a Tornado pilot in the RAF so he has bagged many freebies over the years through family connections.
  17. I thought with the last run G HC cars, they were grey, red and also blue? I've only ever seen the grey one.
  18. After my S2 was set up correctly it ran like on rails, no shimmy's etc. I also found once set up, it was extremely sensitive to tyre pressures and anything more than 2 psi off factory was immediately obvious to me at the wheel while driving. Start off with everything stock factory as per the manual, and then start playing around with the settings. If it was good enough for Lotus, it was good enough for me. Only my own 2p..................
  19. From everything I've read it's very easy to get a UJ that fits........ However.......... The suspension loading through the UJs is quite large (no upper links), so low quality parts usually don't last that long before they need replacing. Personally I'd stick with Tim's recommendations, the price saving is not worth it if you end up having to replace again very quickly.
  20. Info from the Yahoo S1S2S3 group courtesy of Tim Engel. Any use? U-Joints -- Esprit, Elite, Eclat Lotus.................................. A075D6004WH TRW.................................. 20021 Hardy Spicer (aka GKN).... 94/548450 (OEM grade) GKN (aka Hardy Spicer).... HS163 (replacement grade) Dana Spicer......................... 5-153X Hardy Spicer has two grades of u-joints: 1) The OEM grade u-joints are approx $60. 2) The GKN HS163 replacement grade is much less expensive, but you get what you pay for. Neither has a grease fitting, but that's not a bad thing. Just by observation (no supporting data), the available U-jounts that provide the longest service life don't have grease fittings, while those with fittings tend not to last as long. Dana Spicer has a HD grade that is similar to the Hardy-Spicer OEM grade, except it has a grease fitting. An exception to the note above, it's service life is similar to that of the Hardy-Spicer units'. Part No = 5-153X. Cost = $15 at NAPA in the USA. Neapco (made in USA, try cross-ref.) available at Pep Boys. Neapco's have a zerk grease fitting in the center of one end cap. The folks at Dave Bean said they've *never* seen Neapco fail. Do not even look at UMB joints, no matter how cheap! Note: any price data given above is old and parts are probably more expensive by now, but the relative price relationships still hold. Use as a guide only... YMMV. Grease every 5,000 miles. Esprit--------4 zerks on half shafts. Elite/ Eclat--4 zerks on half shafts & 2 zerks on the drive shaft. Front drive shaft fitting is accessible thru a small hole about 1 foot behind the point where the transmission disappears into the chassis. Inspect the opposing yokes, and you will find that the sides facing the grease fitting have a slight hollow to them that just clears the fitting. Be certain you have those hollows properly facing the fitting during re-assembly, or the fitting will get snapped off the first time the joint flexes to the limits of the suspension's range.
  21. Had mine measured at the Factory a few years back, and then set up by Paul Matty, who independently came up with the same figures the factory obtained, so I felt confident they did a good job. The car was certainly tons better after.
  22. Totally agree with Bibs. I've done a lot of road cycling in the past, and the only way to survive is be very positive in your road positioning and give lots of positive hand signals, of the directional kind!
  23. And best wishes from France, hope you are feeling better Mike.
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