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  1. This is an update with the car with the dealer who doesn't know whats the problem with the car after changing the maf sensor which the car as they said became with the normal idle amd suddenly the car stopped while the they was relearning the tcu and programming in the high way and these codes came. so any thoughts?
  2. When i bought my car which had an engine failure after the first 5k km which the dealer here said that was an abuse of my use which was 3 days ago the car was serviced from them that they didn't give any notes just toke from me 260 kd which is around 800$ Only for oil change. the main question here is it possible that i install an toyota throttle body and the maf sensor for the car or i just stick with the lotus part? Its really easy here in kuwait to find toyota parts cause in my country to buy lotus parts it takes around 2 months minimum for the parts to arrive We tried to make it fast and furious but it didn't happend 😂 nobody could help me for the tuning and mapping the car so we switched back to stuck internals and it didn't run then the dealer told me to change my ecu and tcu and i changed it again!!
  3. I'll be thankful to you if could give me some thoughts about the fixing which could be simpler to me cause im not trusting the dealer here in kuwait
  4. They are the official lotus garage here in kuwait and the total cost for the fixing as they said around 13800$ without labor only parts thats why im hating the car its costing alot and the main question is it possible that i can install toyota throttle body and maf sensor?
  5. The lotus dealer here who's trying to fix my car since last year on march and still not fixed
  6. It wasn't from me they said to upgrade the engine with there recommendation when we installed they couldn't tune it so i car couldn't run but now i need to fix the issue so what do you think?
  7. This video I uploaded from the technician from the dealer here in kuwait he recorded the video he was saying that my engine is working probably and having a rough idle when the car is on idle after the engine gets to the normal heat so after the cold start he says it might be from the throttle body on the maf sensor he says that he cleaned them both and still having rough idle and to change the throttle body it costs here in kuwait 1460 kd around 5k$!! For the throttle body only thats why im hating the car and the company as well so im looking for alternative parts so i can fix the car and sell it cleaned and installed
  8. I was having a bad engine builds and I tried to built my engine with sleeved engine with mwr parts the 98mm wisco pistons with con rods and a balanced crank so it had to tuned and no one knows how to tune the car so i replaced the engine with a new one and im having alot of issues
  9. Im having problems with my car since 2017 and im fixing my car which only ran 20k km i replaced 3 engines and im having an issue with my new engine which has rough idle so my local dealer who does know how to fix the car says i need to change my throttle body and the maf sensor with the engine harness so any thoughts guy i really need help with the car its evora s ips 2014 IMG_9153.MP4
  10. I’ve changed the oil before 250 km only and i had this problem.
  11. My car ran 20k km exactly its a lotus evora s 2014 ips and it suddenly becomes heavy and the rpm closed on 4500 and i got codes that the cams are over advanced p0014 p0024 i dont know why did they cam anybody could help me?
  12. Hello im a lotus evora s ips owner and i need to tune my car i have done alot of modifications on my car I couldn't find anyone to help me tune it.  Thats my modifcations 2GR-FE built engine 3.68 Lotus Evora s 2014 IPS Wisco piston 97mm 10.8.1 MWR CONRODS BALANCED CRANKSHAFT COMETIC HEAD GASKET 0.027mm SUPERCHARGE TVS 1320 SUPERCHARGE NOSE SUPERCHARGE PULLEY 58.5mm FUEL INJECTOR OEM AIR INTAKE ITG ARB BOLTS ARB HEAD STUDS MWR VALVE SET MORROSO OIL PAN A/F gauge OIL PRESSURE GAUGE BOOST GAUGE MTI SLEEVES NGK ONE STEP COLDER OEM EXHUAST SYSTEM Methanol system Fully modified gearbox can anybody help me?
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