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  1. I put in a pioneer SPH-da130DAB. Excellent and has Carply. It was a PITA to take out old wiring though
  2. My passenger wing mirror seems to be a light loose so that if you brush past it can move. Is this a common issue and is there anyway to tighten it up? Tia Chris
  3. how do you electronically connect a replacement tpms to the car? 2nd question. If I remove them all how do I tell the car to stop monitoring?
  4. this is just for anyone in the future if they have trouble with their TPMS and need to know what is inside the wheel. search ebay for "schrader 13227143 tpms"
  5. Okay put on new TPMS rubber and valve. they are schrader 13227143 for info for anyone else
  6. I wonder it it’s a torque issue. Anyone know what they should be torque up to?
  7. do you have to take off the tyre or does the rubber fit on the outside of the stem? If it does I happy to take a change if you have to remove the tyre each time I guess I'll have to get the lotus ones. Looks like 2 are leaking.
  8. So haven’t used the car much since getting it back. Went to drive it yesterday and the front tyre was really low 10psi. Discovered its leaking from around the valve seat. Also have done a 40 minute drive. One the the sensors is just show 00. I believe there maybe a rubber refresh kit does anyone have one they want to sell or a part number and alternative that works. Seen that they maybe the same a Saab/GM. Not sure what to do with the rear that shows 00
  9. I'm hoping to attend. ChrisJ Me and Schumacher Sparkles (dammit, they've got me saying it now) NigelM Senior internets Pete Stephen & Kim Dave Eds Chris Fella
  10. Here’s my other baby.
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