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  1. Hi all, are there any safe jacking points apart from the four close to each wheel? thx chris
  2. I have to say the Evora is with doubt the nicest place to be in any car I’ve driven. The feel is fantastic and that supercharged engine is sublime. So looking forward to going over the Alps next early summer. Anyone for a Stelvio run and then to Marinello, etc?
  3. Thx LEDLIGHTS. Added the resistors and no TC light now and flashing properly. Thx again and good shout.
  4. it just pisses me off. No need for it!
  5. WOW how could lotus design an engine that lets the intermediate shaft spin like that if the bolt comes loose!!!
  6. Hi all, I have just purchased an evora s with these lights, both TC light problem and fast indicator flash. Have put a resistor on blue and black, what is the flasher colour please? thx chris
  7. Has someone got these for sale? if so I need both rear front brackets. Part 8 in diagram Thanks
  8. Is this a difficult job or just time consuming? Professional only or competent DIYer?
  9. Thx Bibs, on a slightly different note. I’m planning on getting one your car covers. Will the 400 cover be okay from my S as I’m saving for a 400? thx
  10. Hi would the black pipe in the centre of my photo be item 3 in the parts list? Looks to be a cold air vent pipe. TIA Chris
  11. A note about the gear linkage. It was fine when I drove it but the engine was hot. When cold very difficult to get reverse. Much better when hot. I’m hopefully gear oil change will improve. Any know the type and SAE type? Thanks. They put on 2 Pirelli so will do the same. It’s going to be a summer weekend car so not so concerned about all weather tyres.
  12. Ok both front wheel liners rear metal fixings looked to be completely rotted through so will be ordering ones on Monday. Thx sorted now. I just needed to pair it from the phone first.
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