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  1. I have swapped in a pioneer SPH-DA130DAB and all works a part from. Loading new firmware and background. I think it maybe to do with hand brake. Although when in the firmware section. The firmware upgrade does not illuminate. The licence info does when I pull the handbrake on. light green is connected. the firmware image screen is a stock image. On my the firmware upgrade does not illuminate. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi all what are the options for a decat. I have 2010 S. I know 2ubular do one. Anyone else and how have the performed? Thx
  3. I thought that and the licence window only show when the handbrake is on. I guess that’s the most likely cause. Will check again. what page 25/26 which manual? As 25/26 of my dab manual talks about video source and ipod
  4. Just formatted 1gb, 8gb, 32gb memory sticks all no workie
  5. Yeah that’s what I selected. Tried 2 different usb sticks as well. Very annoying.
  6. Ok I’m admitting defeat. How do I get the images onto the unit. Also cannot get firmware upgrade done either. 8gb memory formate fat32 firmware only on the usb, hand brake on so licence screen showing but firmware greyed out. Also tried background on another usb and also nothing. there must be something that I am doing wrong! oh and I’m an IT director of an IT firm. So pioneer your gui is shit.
  7. and me. Looks to be a good event. either Evora s 2010 or Esprit V8 1998
  8. Had to drill and tap the hole, but fits nicely and feels much better than the old plastic/leather one.
  9. Concentrate, concentrate!! Back to the matter in hand please. Surely one of you is a knob expert.
  10. Hi bought this off eBay (S2 Exige gearknob) and read i could fit it to my Evora S but not sure how I can get it to fit? Any knob experts out there?
  11. I meant in Dunmow. I live up past Ely, Cambs so Dunmow is a good distance. The others are a bit too far for me.
  12. shame this is in Feb not March as loti is tucked up and would have like to come. Have a good meet.
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