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  1. just thought I share what a dealer has said re a car I was interested in April at 48k. He's put the price up by 6k! Brilliant use of catastrophic LOL Great to hear! Thank you for coming back to me. Good news reference your Evora. We had to realign the price of ours in accordance with what else there was in the market. I am afraid with the catastrophic lack of stock availability across the used car market and with Lotus in particular we can no longer offer a discount on any of our vehicles. If you would still like to come and see it do just let me know though and we'll see if we can sweeten the deal instead with a complimentary service or similar. ho hum I'll just wait for the winter when the prices realign!
  2. Nice reasonably priced 400 here. 15.5k miles £48773
  3. just put a deposit down with B&C. Delivery April 22 ish.
  4. the S sold today so on the look out for a 400 or 410. If anyone thinking of selling.
  5. they haven't published any excess deaths figures for a long time
  6. Recommendations for people who know the V8 engine. I have small leak/oil drip onto the right exhaust so suspect from camcover area. thx Chris
  7. How easy is it to remove the dash front (both sides) of a 400 and the centre console.
  8. thanks for the suggestion but I'll let a future owner decide if they prefer silver wheels and lights, you can please some of people some of the time 😉 I personally love the wheels I can put a black badge on it if you want 😂
  9. ok good point it came with the car but agree it's probably not helping with the lines/flow How do you do a pole to see what people think.
  10. are we talking early or late 30's or something else
  11. because it's a how much is my car worth post. I note no one has responded that 😄
  12. Swap it for your 410 😁
  13. I know this may attract some undesirable remarks, but I'm thinking of selling my 1998 V8 to get a 410 sport and was wondering what the market is like for V8's. Also what would be a fair price? In great condition and had cambelts done only 1500 miles ago. 43k Miles on the clock.
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