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  1. Where’s the number plate going to go?
  2. Cheers 6500 it is then. Fingers crossed!!!!
  3. Wonder if it’s still in Gibraltar?
  4. Hi I know this is a knobby question, but at what revs are you thrashing a V8. There’s no redline and was wondering. tia
  5. on a slightly different but related note. How does the leather surround come away giving access to the lights, etc TIA chris
  6. Yep. Not that they’ll take any notice.
  7. I paid 30k for mine last July. A 98 V8 although had to spend close to 4-5k on full servicing. No problems to after 10 months of ownership.
  8. Well that is partly true. I took the car in and they sent off the the fuel filler cover to get “colour matched”. Then left the arches and the roof with them. I’m not particularly upset with the painters. Just frustrated I couldn’t get the code from the previous owner @Royal are you anywhere near Cambridge? I would like to bring to car over sand compare? Thx.
  9. Not sure if the Stevens cars all have the same roof. But I would really like to get one. 2nd hand are like hens teeth and stupid money. Was wondering a. If it’s possible to find the original manufacturer. b. Do a possible group buy to get the cost somewhere sensible. does anyone know who made them for lotus?
  10. Original colour was nautilus blue so a greenie blue colour. I know it’s definitely been painted another colour. Sorry yes b20. I saw an elan at the Lotus 70th which looked very similar
  11. I think azure blue is b21 which is what I thought but there was a definite difference when I bought a cane to test.
  12. Hi all, I have a problem with trying to colour match my Esprit. It was repainted by the previous but one owner who can recall the paint code. The roof needed repainting because of scratches at the back where someone opened the boot with the roof up. I tried to get my local (good) paint shop to colour match it by sending off petrol flap. They came back with “a good match”. Maserati blue 496. So the roof a couple of the rear arches were painted. Initially it looked like a good match and indeed the arches are fine as there is a black rubber seal between the 2. However on the roof the difference is quite noticeable. argh! They want to paint more of the boot and side to blow it in, but I’m not keen on that. Apparently it’s the “flop” looks different from different angles. The problem is the main car colour has a slight purple tone to it which is only viewable in certain lights. So I’m at a loss as what to do? It is not the blue B21 lotus colour as I bought a can of that to test. If I can’t get a match I guess I may have to try and get a glass roof, but they studied money. Maybe try a group buy and get some made up? anyway any help much appreciated
  13. I’d be up for that. Maybe we could do a little run first?
  14. Thinking of doing this as a birthday treat. Are there any discounts codes around? Or alternatively I quite like the idea of a good days rallyingn If there are any recommendations. Thinking of booking 11th May anyone else from here going? thx
  15. What was that slug on Vettels top lip! Idiot!
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