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  1. Yes only 1000 miles but 2 previous owners.😞 Mind you i would worry and could use it to beat them down.
  2. Got to be the best Evora available. If only i had the cash
  3. I used to enjoy top gear and myth busters but myth gear ........ not my thing Yes
  4. What a load of crap! ...discuss
  5. Not a great photo but it has two single garage doors. Not much better but Lotus related lol
  6. I believe there are 2 lintels so will have to get them replaced with one. Then brick in the sides a bit. Who did you use for the door?
  7. HAs anyone done this. I have a double garage with 2 single doors and am thinking about changing to one large door. I realise I would have to build up the end pillar top support the door. Was wondering what width to put in. cheers
  8. At what point did the exhaust button get removed from the new 410s? Is it only the 2020 models?
  9. Why are they not publishing excess death figures?
  10. Not a very nice view for the church goers. 🙂
  11. I put in a pioneer SPH-da130DAB. Excellent and has Carply. It was a PITA to take out old wiring though 😂
  12. My passenger wing mirror seems to be a light loose so that if you brush past it can move. Is this a common issue and is there anyway to tighten it up? Tia Chris
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