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  1. Ok, it looks like it was the sh*t plastic connector onto the master cylinder was not seating correctly! There is a “top hat” on the end of the clutch pipe. What a shit design.
  2. I had a similar issue. As Bibs says clean MAF and air filter check connections. Only after cleaning my K&N air filter and not putting on oil again did the problem go away. Was temped to get a new standard air filter.
  3. Ok went to reverse bled today and noticed fluid on floor at front where MC is located. Removed front clam and it was wet around where those shit plastic fitting attach the the cable and MC. What a crap design. Anyway cleaned up and reseated again. Reverse bleed from the slave and now have clutch again, but I’m not convinced it’s fixed/bled properly so I’m going to take it to Stratton, get them to check and bleed again. At least the clam is off and I can trailer it to them.
  4. I don't believe so. I have discovered :- So I drove the car into the garage and could not remove from gear so turned engine off and but did not lift the clutch pedal back up. Then lifted the car to see the slave piston position and the it was all the way in. I think I still have an air lock somewhere in the system. That may account for it not coming out of gear because the clutch is not quite getting enough push. so I am going to try and bleed back from the slave bleed nipple forwards into the reservoir. A friend has a bleeder which should allow me to do that. will try that over the weekend. fingers crossed.
  5. so if I'm going to replace the clutch, etc do i go OEM or after market? Options of whats good. Engine is standard S variant.
  6. ok could it be the clutch release bearing or the fingers not moving enough to allow it to disengage?
  7. Okay worst fears realised. Changed the slave also and still will not allow disengagement of gear! When I started it went into reverse fine. Started to reverse engaged clutch and braked to a stop. Will not come out of gear! Finally stalled engine. Then clutch pedal only coming half way up. Foot under to bring back. Then can engage again to put in reverse or first. What could it be? New master cylinder faulty also? I don’t suspect clutch as I can get it into gear and hold clutch in so not moving. It’s just getting it out of gear?
  8. Assume this is not the upgraded heat wrap? Where can I get some from and what’s recommended. thx
  9. Thx line not connect but still difficult to get in enough to be able to get bolts in. Access is so awkward.
  10. Any tips on how to get the clutch fork depressed enough to get slave back on? Bloody PITA job. thx
  11. Thx. anyone have any words of wisdom on the best way to change it. As it looks very tight and awkward?
  12. Ordered. Hope they are reasonable quality? very inexpensive part
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