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  1. What was that slug on Vettels top lip! Idiot!
  2. Is that right it’s not even available of C4 after the event now?
  3. 80 I think that’s 10 years too much. Lol
  4. It’s ok. If we were able, we would probably also be hypocrites. Mind you the one costs me a fortune. Bloody horses
  5. Yes you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve been bleeding on for years saying that the modern capitalist model of constant growth is simply not sustainable in terms of money (that’s why there are recessions) but more importantly for the planet. Everything is now designed to work for 12 or 24 months then fail and be thrown away rather than repaired. I work in IT and they are the worst. A computer is out of date in a mater of months. It’s destroying our planet. Actually the real elephant in the room. Is population growth. But every politician dodges/talks about other ways of saving the planet. There are already too many humans on it now! I can sleep at night as both my wife and I have not contributed to the increase, but adopted our beautiful daughter (now 14)! We need an alien invasion. this will 1. Reduce the population dramtically 2.force all of humanity to hamonise against a new enemy instead of fiting between themselves. Job done! Just hope my family and I will be part of the survivors! ...... assuming there is a decent world left to live in..
  6. The people vote to leave the EU was not about money. I don’t understand when everyone boils it down to that!
  7. I told my local district councillor that i will be withholding my council tax now, His reply Chris, I suspect I will feel even more let down than you by Parliament as a whole if they fail to deliver the instructions of the British people. My Partner, Son and I worked without break in 2016 to secure a "Leave" result. We are members of the public too you know. Not paying Council Tax which looks after vulnerable people, (Young and Old), takes away your rubbish, mends potholes and in most cases runs Bus Services and even re-builds your private drains etc etc would I believe be a bit silly. Your mate Bill
  8. As everyone is saying the vote was leave or remain. Not be a vasel state of the EU! Also it was the largest turn out in modern history
  9. Sorry but getting annoyed now. The people of the UK are NOT a F**King laughing stock. The politicians are!!!!!!!!!
  10. prorogue I had to look this up! I must be one of the millions of ignorant idiots that voted to leave. oh and signed it by the way.
  11. Yes they’re acting like the Mafia!
  12. The problem with having a vote now is the bullying from the government and remainers painting such dogma gloom that they will wear down people who will give up and vote to remain. God I hope not! I waivered a few months ago but now feel so furious at our politicians on all side effectivitive making our negotiating position impossible. Just tell them to F**k off we will not be bullied or walked over, and no deal! I will be telling my local mp that I will be withholding my council tax in protest.
  13. Wouldn’t need to because we would be out.
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