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  1. Great thx. Thought they were pretty standard.
  2. If so which one works please? I have measured 24” for the length but need to the hook connector type, thx chris
  3. Sorry but as it remberance Sunday and the centenary we will be paying our respects at the local church.
  4. If the weather is good i’ll try and make it. But it will be a 7.20 start for me!
  5. LotusFella

    Euro question - 23rd June

    And to suggest that they need more time! WTF. They just want the additional money. The deal wont be done until the 11th hour. How ever long they can string it out by. If the end was next Friday they wouldn’t agree until Thursday night. 2 weeks on Friday would be the same. Night before. They have had long enough. To even suggest this really shows how little they think of the British public. TM time to go and let Jacob sort it. Just like Churchill did.
  6. LotusFella

    Aircon fix.

    So maybe just a proper re-gas should work?
  7. LotusFella

    Aircon fix.

    Ok, checked the aircon for pressure by pushing in the values and heard gas so I assume that means it must be holding some pressure? Does that sound right?
  8. LotusFella


    Ill try and ring him this week.
  9. sussed it. stopper in the end. then undo nut.
  10. ok got the surround out but having trouble removing the top most dial in the picture. I thought the black knob pulls off but it does not appear too or I'm not pulling it hard enough. I'm also getting the gears image (below) reproduced if anyone wants one. or if someone has done this already will they sell one? Cheers Chris
  11. I want to repaint it as it wrong. Car used to be nautilus blue but now Azure blue and I want to repaint it, can’t see how it comes apart, TIA Chris
  12. LotusFella

    Aircon fix.

    thanks. I'll start with the compressor o-rings as that's where the staining is. Front looks fine. Thanks again.
  13. LotusFella

    Aircon fix.

    Thx both. What’s the torque setting for those connections please?
  14. LotusFella

    Aircon fix.

    Ok after a fantastic day at Hethel yesterday I want to try and repair the aircon. I have no idea what the problem is although I suspect somewhere around the compressor as it is stained green. Any forum gurus able to point me in the right direction to fix? TIA Chris