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  1. has anyone fitted one of these. or probably this a better size
  2. thx I was looking at the ILX-702d
  3. Hi all and sorry if this has been done before but want to change my alpine to pioneer of kenwood. I did this in my S by replacing the whole camera run. Which was a real ball ache. was hoping to get an adapter to convert back to standard phono. TIA Chris
  4. Yes I don't recall Hamilton being quite so aggressive in his early days in F1. I do think Max is great but I feared if nothing was done to make him realise there are people driving these cars his aggression would end up hurting someone. After all I think Hamilton has been quite respectful towards Max. It's only in the last few races he has decided enough is enough and to give him a taste of his own medicine. Hamilton is a great if not the greatest all round driver of the modern age. Plays very hard but fair. not like Schumacher or even Senna to a degree. Max could learn a lot from him. I hope now Max will concede that he too needs to play hard but fair and not barge everyone out of the way.
  5. The problem is Max has never conceded ever. Does someone need to die before he sees sense! Reminds me of Schumacher and not in a good way
  6. One more game.WOW!!! Come on!
  7. So the volume is dreadful on the Alpine when in a call. I have tried everything. The volume is at it’s highest on the iPhone and on the alpine. Anyone else have one of these units? Is the volume on yours okay? any ideas
  8. thx that is partially helpful. I need the location for the other end please. There should be a hole through the bulkhead with a grommet installed. sorry
  9. Hi my 400 has a carbon boot lid the previous owner installed and as the photo shows it's been installed with a non standard stay. I have ordered a new one from Could someone please post up a photo of where the hole for the rubber grommet should be. I assume there is no factory hole? Thanks.
  10. Hi I have searched and couldn't find anything relating to the volume specifically. Mine in my 400 is set to 11 which is the max and it is still too quite. I have gone through the audio setup as directed in Bibs sticky post. Anyone have success in making it louder? As it's almost completely useless.
  11. Alas Bibs, that’s not for the 400. It one where the chap made an Ali bracket which screwed to the 2 left screws holding in the shite Alpine unit.
  12. I wonder if Volvo dealers will start to offers Lotus services? haha
  13. Hi I saw somewhere someone had made an ali mount for the brodit Iphone holder for the 400. Could someone put up the link. Can't bloody find it! Cheers
  14. got a carbon boot lid, ducktail with it, but having to ship that parcel force. God help me that it survives.😢
  15. Picked up this yesterday. Very pleased, 330mile journey home but was very comfortable.
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