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  1. Is that Corfu? I think I have been there.
  2. I passed a white 430 today in Stretham Cambs this afternoon in my Red 400. Anyone on here?
  3. Looks lovely
  4. You must be able to get some batteries in the frunk? Obviously removing the toolkit and .. oh yes the spare wheel😂
  5. Just had my 400 serviced and told the clutch is heavy and to be fair it is. only done 31k, what generally happens? Does the clutch actually fail? Thinking that I will use it through the season and do something over the winter. also had a P2602 coolant pump circuit fault. They said they couldn't clear it but after I started it the spanner went out and on arriving home no codes in my AutoPhix OM126p reader. Could it be the reader cannot see the errors?
  6. How many Evijas have actually been sold? all 130?
  7. Nice looking. Hope it’s not too expensive.
  8. You guys have it all wrong. It's Matt practicing with his rocket launcher. 🤣
  9. so looking forward to the post race interviews 😂
  10. Karma I’m happy for Ferrari though. Glad they’re back. Gonna be a great season
  11. I’m so happy for Horner. Hurrah!
  12. Sorry but can I just say “Oi HORNER! You’re such a COCK!” arh that’s better. Thank you I’m guessing the toes will be much more substantial this year.
  13. Just watched the news about the terrible going’s on in Ukraine and then switched over to channel 4 and they’re showing the Paralympic’s. Just so mad that sport is just continuing, especially when in China! Hong Kong’s gone quite and I guess Taiwan are shitting themselves. What is it with these Dictators!
  14. Maybe they should bomb the kremlin! Or better yet steal😉 a stealth bomber from Germany, and bomb the Kremlin. A bit like Clint Eastwood
  15. On a slightly different note, I’m planning on plaster boarding my garage. Does anyone know if 19x38mm batons would be okay on to bricks and breeze blocks? thx
  16. New Turbos and New Clutch back on. Soon be back in car
  17. So got a good reader and some MAF sensor cleaner. Error codes were bank1 too rich bank 2 too rich 0172 and 0175. Took the sensor out spray it with the cleaner a couple of times, cleared the MIL light and no seems to idle better. So hopefully all good. Thanks for all the info. Now off to get some beers for the local MOT garage as had to cancel the MOT
  18. Thanks yes I have Sprayed the MAF connector with contact cleaner. will order some mass flow cleaner.
  19. I did have an ELM 327 but can't find the F**er🤬🤬🤬
  20. Annoyingly the engine management light has come on this morning after being winterised. Was supposed to be taking it to the MOT station. Any ideas and which is a good odb2 reader and app for the lotus and my BMWs? TIA Chris
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