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  1. Do people remove the oil cooler sandwich plate in one or remove the 2 pipes and leave plate in situ?
  2. Thx DS now out. Thx. Next job remove AC pump then ready to come out. I think I’ll try @Barrykearley ‘s method. Call to local friend with a teleported me thinks. thanks for all the help.
  3. No to get the engine out as turbos need refurbing and possible new clutch. Also will check the fuel tanks at the same time.
  4. Thx just had to wiggle it out. On separate note I’ve removed the top bolt on the hub but the drive shaft doesn’t quite want to come out. Should that be enough or do I have to remove the spring and tie rod
  5. Suggestions on best way to remove the fuel line please. It may be the return. Fuel has been relieved.
  6. anyone in the UK have one I could borrow it from or even rent it?
  7. Thx. I think they do leak. Either them or the driveshaft pins. Another job to do! Are they difficult? do you by chance have an image of what they should look like? thx
  8. ok how do this driveshaft pins come out? Do I need the special punch set or will normal punch be okay? Are they the correct? thx driveshaft pins
  9. 🤔 I’m a bit limited on space so the tractor seems a good idea. odd looking V8 engine?
  10. My drivers side turbo is leaking oil so am going to get them both rebuilt at turbo dynamics. My question is, the nuts are seize on and can’t undo them in situ. Also 1st gear judders a little so my thoughts were to take engine and gearbox out. I have a 2 post lift but it’s a small garage and would be easier to remove gearbox first then engine. Any thoughts suggestions on my plan before I go too far? Is it okay to take out in 2? Also i have had a search but can’t find any v8 removal threads. If someone would be so kind as to post up a link I’d be grateful. Thanks. chris
  11. has anyone fitted one of these. or probably this a better size
  12. thx I was looking at the ILX-702d
  13. Hi all and sorry if this has been done before but want to change my alpine to pioneer of kenwood. I did this in my S by replacing the whole camera run. Which was a real ball ache. was hoping to get an adapter to convert back to standard phono. TIA Chris
  14. Yes I don't recall Hamilton being quite so aggressive in his early days in F1. I do think Max is great but I feared if nothing was done to make him realise there are people driving these cars his aggression would end up hurting someone. After all I think Hamilton has been quite respectful towards Max. It's only in the last few races he has decided enough is enough and to give him a taste of his own medicine. Hamilton is a great if not the greatest all round driver of the modern age. Plays very hard but fair. not like Schumacher or even Senna to a degree. Max could learn a lot from him. I hope now Max will concede that he too needs to play hard but fair and not barge everyone out of the way.
  15. The problem is Max has never conceded ever. Does someone need to die before he sees sense! Reminds me of Schumacher and not in a good way
  16. One more game.WOW!!! Come on!
  17. So the volume is dreadful on the Alpine when in a call. I have tried everything. The volume is at it’s highest on the iPhone and on the alpine. Anyone else have one of these units? Is the volume on yours okay? any ideas
  18. thx that is partially helpful. I need the location for the other end please. There should be a hole through the bulkhead with a grommet installed. sorry
  19. Hi my 400 has a carbon boot lid the previous owner installed and as the photo shows it's been installed with a non standard stay. I have ordered a new one from Could someone please post up a photo of where the hole for the rubber grommet should be. I assume there is no factory hole? Thanks.
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