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  1. How long does it take to do the belts. Local garage says it’s a 6 hour job?
  2. Yes I thought the impeller was from the turbo. I haven't managed to get a paper re a rebuild so is it possible that the engine could have survived that! I'm hoping the owner will have info. But I am having to speak to the seller who is acting on their behalf. Yes Cambelts and service will be first thing on the list. Is Castle Sports cars in Essex ok? They are the closest to me.
  3. would these seats fit and would they lot ok or completely out of place.
  4. Yeah nothing looked wrong from my point of view. I know what they mean from the photos re the bonnet but it looked fine to me and I did check as the grey one didn’t open very well. It rubbed in the middle on opening. Made me wonder if it had a knock and not repaired ver well. This one just looked good everywhere even underneath. Has had resent suspension and bushes. All the chassis arms still have the powder coating. The ac and coolant lines are not corroded. Steel braided brake lines. So feels right. I think I’ve made up my mind. 🙂
  5. Would these fit and would they look ok or odd.
  6. another odd think I found in the glove box was this? Anyone able to identify it?
  7. the key does not have buttons it's like the S1 Elise any good GT aftermarket seats anyone can recommend. ones in car are ok for short journeys but not grand touring. I want to do the Stelvio pass.
  8. Ok just got back from viewing this car and I really like it. Very close to closing a deal but I have a of couple questions of the knowledgeable forum. It has aftermarket seats which I'm not overly keen on and I know the wife wont like them. Does anyone have any V8 seats for sale? If not do they come up or are they like hens teeth. are replacement remotes/alarm fobs available? as 1 not working at all and the other not great. it's done 39K and timing belt replaced at 18k how expansive is cambelt change and is it engine out? I think I'm gonna be a lotus owner again!!!! whoa!!
  9. I meant without stripping the engine.
  10. That wouldn't be a problem..... timing wise that is 🙂 . 2nd sentence, is he being modest. How much can you tell with stripping the engine. Maybe we could have a chat. I'll pm my number over if thats ok?
  11. Does anyone know of a specialist/knowledgeable trusted person in north London Barnet area then? Happy to pay for inspection. Thx
  12. I know the grey one was nice to drive. Precise steering and plenty of torque. Just worried about big bills. Am I being a wus!
  13. My problem is i see what else is available for that money. Too much choice! V8 Vantage Evora F-type Bloody nightmare!
  14. Yeah went to see the grey one in barnet lovely car on surface but 60k and dig deeper and quite rusty underneath tatty/flaky paint in engine bay, seat split and for 34k I would expect a clean car or am I delusional? For that money you could get a 2006 v8 vantage. I would take a risk at 25k But as i said maybe delusional.
  15. Yes saw that Is the general trend for the v8 to increase or will the parts issue make it start depreciating? If you can’t get a clutch what do you do?
  16. That’s what I thought 🙂. I do have a 71 Giulia GTV. Though. Lovely car but needed a lot of welding!
  17. looks like servicing was done at an Alfa garage for a few years! Just like to get some history if anyone is aware. Thx Chris
  18. sorry I wasn't able to take a photo stupidly. Yes it's road going. Cars done 60k It drove very nicely. My heart is saying buy it but my head is saying it will be a money pit! Here are the bad bits. Engine bay is a little tatty. (I know the car is 17 years old) paint lifting AC not working although he said it will be fix along with door lock solenoid. From the limit view i had from the underneath there seems to be a lot of corrosion, nuts, coolant pipe ends and turbos although the invoices say the garretts were changed in 2009 . Difficult to tell conditions of the springs and dampers but at least surface pitting and no invoice of recent replacement. Whilst I suspect most of it is probably surface rust I couldn’t be sure. The nuts to the oil coolers were quite rusty and I couldn’t see that any of the coolers or Rad had been replace in any of the invoices. However I couldn’t see any leaks which is a positive. Front bonnet catches when opening. This could be a sign of bad fitting clam/bonnet after accident or something else. is this common Oil weeping from where the clutch cable connects the the housing at the rear. not dripping though Electrical connectors hanging down from passenger side. Windscreen wiper lifted at end . also when I tried to reverse on full lock I think it juddered a little. Is this normal. I have seen this on some other makes. There was no wandering on the road and steering felt very precise. thoughts please. They're asking mid £30's
  19. Hi All, I went to see a V8 today and there were a couple of electrical connectors unconnected in the passenger behind/underneath the glove box. Any one know what they maybe? The seller (trader) had no clue. Thanks Chris
  20. what a great idea I was there a few weeks ago with my old Alfa. Any link to more info please?
  21. Hi All, Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I used to own an Elise S1 Honda, but sadly had to sell. I'm now thinking about buying an Esprit and would welcome any info on the following V8. It appears to have been on the market for quite a while. I wonder if any previous owners may be on this site and be able to give me some history on it. Or indeed anyone else. Any info/help much appreciated Thanks Chris
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