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  1. How easy is it to remove the dash front (both sides) of a 400 and the centre console.
  2. thanks for the suggestion but I'll let a future owner decide if they prefer silver wheels and lights, you can please some of people some of the time 😉 I personally love the wheels I can put a black badge on it if you want 😂
  3. ok good point it came with the car but agree it's probably not helping with the lines/flow How do you do a pole to see what people think.
  4. are we talking early or late 30's or something else
  5. because it's a how much is my car worth post. I note no one has responded that 😄
  6. Swap it for your 410 😁
  7. I know this may attract some undesirable remarks, but I'm thinking of selling my 1998 V8 to get a 410 sport and was wondering what the market is like for V8's. Also what would be a fair price? In great condition and had cambelts done only 1500 miles ago. 43k Miles on the clock.
  8. I don't understand how a copper would let you off if you had the correct plate in the boot. Surely that shows a premediated act of deceit and so should be hung drawn and quartered me lord
  9. I did ask him that and I said I was staying overnight. He said because I had the offence sheet I wouldn’t get another one.
  10. yeah loads of people will put private plates on those 🤣🤣
  11. Anyone interested in a private plate for their Evora S EV60RA S
  12. is @kimbers a copper then? Maybe he knows the guy B Howlett
  13. I seem to recall that Norfolk police are particularly arsey and uncompromising. And they wonder why the police have such a bad rep with the public. Am I likely to get 2 fines? Any lawyers on the forum who may be able to help?
  14. So it was my 53rd Birthday yesterday, so the wife kindly booked us into Twenty9 for the night on Sunday evening. Decided to take the Evora as it hasn't been out much. Only to find about 10 minutes from the destination and kindly Norfolk copper pulling me over but my number plate reads EV60RA S instead of EV60 RAS He was a total cock, I tried to reason with him but wouldn't have it. Accusing me of fuelling criminality through cloned plates. I pointed out that the number plate is fully readable and the letters are of the correct size. So he proceed to get his measuring stick out and take photos. My question is he put down each plate as a separate offence is that allowed and is there anything I can do to try and mitigate the amount of the likely fine. Thx 🤬🤬 🤬🤬
  15. how are people who live in terraced houses (no driveways) expected to be able to charge their EV cars
  16. ► New 20221 Lotus to be called Emira ► Exclusive details of V6 and inline engines ► Priced close to the £45k Porsche Cayman looks like a long wait till 20221 ! very long wait if we have to wait 18200 years! LOL
  17. Geely are in Wuhan then! cough, cough
  18. How do we get the login credentials?
  19. Do we get a discount at opie oils? If so what is it please. Thx Chris
  20. There’ll be a quite few 410s coming down in price once the 131 comes out.
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