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  1. Yeah I look at it. But the were derisory for my S. wanted 26k plus my car! 2010 S 27K miles mint.!
  2. What a joke Hendy have just increased the price of the silver 400 by £2+k What is their logic? I can understand on mass market cars but everyone will see through them. Apparently sub 50k in February!
  3. have you got a picture of the underneath so we can see where the velcro is and thus where to pull and the hole in the dash. Thanks.
  4. Yeah I watch it. Quite good. Doing a off road hurracan at the mo
  5. Thinking of adding to your collection then?
  6. forgive me I wasn't having a rant at you at all and as you say Lotus sales are a specialist market. I think lotus sellers are in 2 camps those that need to sell and those that will sell at the right price. There is no glut of cars available so that will always increase prices.
  7. really want a red one, but you won't sell yours! Although you have baited us once or twice from memory LOL
  8. and nicer interior, arse, front, seats........ come to think of it why am I selling LOL powwwwwwwwwweeerrr I must have more power. more power more power mumble mumble. It's a fine line between being a genius and lunacy
  9. well they shouldn't be trying to keep the market artificially high. There is one at Hendy for 53k. Manual but is looking very expensive in comparison. Granted it has on 25k Miles as opposed to 39 but 9K more expensive come on! That's the problem with capitalism now. People sell things for what they can get away with rather than a fair price. Same happened when plastic was discovered. Normal product became "Premium" and the plastic alternative slotted in at the old "Better product price" really pisses me off!
  10. okay own up which bugger beat me to it! oakmere have just taken a deposit on it
  11. Anyone thinking of selling their 400 or gt410? Oh, can’t be black though 😂
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