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  1. I sold my 99 V8 last year for 32k. Although had just put in new clutch and 2 recon turbos.
  2. Fudging the figures no doubt. So it’s bad but not bad enough to penalise enough eg point deduction etc. 🧐
  3. make sure you are careful when removing the old VERY heavy tailgate so as to not brake the very flimsy tabs on the sail panel. If possible I would remove the sail panel first.
  4. I don’t understand what people say about the interior of the na/s being so much better. I had a 2010 S before my 2016 400 and think they are both fine. Equally find the seats in the 400 perfectly good. I drove the car from Edinburgh to Cambridge when I bought it with no issues and in great comfort and i do suffer from back ache from time to time.
  5. Black is superb for like 3 mins 😂 especially when you live the the country like me. Glad you’re getting some nice things back in your life. Heck you deserve it!
  6. Thx all. I was thinking of somewhere like La Manga, where although there’s quite a hefty annual communal charge 4k ish. The rental incoming is possiblly better as Sun and Golf. It appears you can get quite a nice villa for around 350-400k Trouble is the Misses is not keen, but I work in IT so have realised I can work from anywhere. So in the off peak times I could spend a few weeks at a time there.
  7. Thinking that most Loti owners are fairly affluent. Do any of you have any properties abroad. I may be coming into some money and was thinking about buying a place in the sun. What are peoples experience in having a place and perhaps renting it out. thx
  8. Hey all, are there any alternative clutches to the lotus oem one on a 400? AP or similar. There is no stock at lotus and not sure when there will be. I am only interested in same or better. thanks.
  9. Hi All, Is there a discount we get from B&C on Lotus parts (New Clutch) if you are a FFM?
  10. wow what's with the attack?
  11. I totally agree apart from said Good times. the world in my view has lurched from one crisis to another since 2001 world trade centre crash. So in summary we've been f**cked over by the "Global controlling party" for 21 years! Oh and I fortunately did save as I'm such a tight arse! 😂 and got some solar panels so currently my elecy bill is not too bad.
  12. haha. I'll be in the Red Evora 400. average height average build slight pot belly greying hair. big nose (Italian heritage😂). They said we could give them number on Friday. I think I'll email them to get them to ask when people check in.
  13. I have spoken to Oakhill hotel and if there is enough demand they can get the chef in early on Sunday for breakfast before we leave on the run. Is anyone staying there interested? It is included in the room. Need to know rough numbers. So I’ll start please add yourself and I’ll let them know. Fella x 2
  14. I'm doing the Matlock run, what time do we need to be at Matlock and what is the address for that pls.
  15. I was just wondering how many people on her are going to this. it's always difficult to work out who is who at these events. I remember at the Hethel 70th there must have been loads of people from here but as I have never seen their faces was not able to say 👋. I wonder if we should all wear name badges 😂 at the BBQ on Friday
  16. Hi does anyone know if you can get oil pressure and temp from the ecu via the odbd2 and Torque app? I can get other info coolant, fuel pressure, etc but no oil thx chris
  17. I have a 2016 400 and do not appear to have a pin. Where should it be recorded? If I don't have it how can I get it? Thx Chris
  18. My daughter passed a month ago. She is 18 in October and we bought her a mini one 2011 1.6. Insurance for her without a box and both myself and my wife as named drivers. £1200 no restrictions
  19. Is that Corfu? I think I have been there.
  20. I passed a white 430 today in Stretham Cambs this afternoon in my Red 400. Anyone on here?
  21. Looks lovely
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