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  1. what does gall mean? Sorry to be a numpty.
  2. Yes you’re right. I’ve also found them on SJSports cars site for a little less.
  3. What about these Aerotight nuts
  4. I’m not suggesting buying the cheapest but £48 for 8 nuts seems nuts!
  5. Excellent thx mike. I have a 2 post lift so should be fairly easy.
  6. I’ve had a look but can’t see any threads within pictures showing how to remove the tanks on V8. I have the engine out so thought I should check them. Any have any pictures or a thread which I’ve missed? Thx Chris
  7. Yes they’re the ones i was talking about. Very expensive for a nut. Was hoping might be available elsewhere cheaper. Do you know the size at all? thx
  8. Anyone know the nut size for the Turbos to manifold? Don’t really want to spend nearly £48 on 8 nuts! and where I can get some at a resonance cost? thx
  9. Just got the Turbos back from Turbo dynamics. Excellent job. Thx to @mike_sekinger for the recommendation
  10. Looks like it just pops out after removing the the knobs? Someone did a poor paint job on mine. Mine's a manual.
  11. Ok I need a little happy from a bright spark. The SPH-DA130 is in and all working apart from the rear camera. I have connected the phono and the reverse cable. However the radio does not open the camera screen when I select reverse. I have checked the reverse wire and it appears to be connected correctly. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. is there anywhere that sells new flywheels for the V8?
  13. Ok engine and gearbox now out. Clutch and fly wheel have heat spots. Fly wheel looks to have been machined at least once already. Can it be done again and should the bolt mounts have been machine down too to keep the pressure the same?
  14. Sadly in a divorce everyone looses
  15. It's a very complicated situation not least because of the covid factor. Which I suspect is having a greater impact than brexit
  16. I have a full set of new calipers and pads for sale.
  17. Sorry but does it detail/show the front and rear speakers for left and right please?
  18. excellent thx. it looks to be the same as mine. cheers. Very poor they didn't adhere to the ISO standards though
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