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  1. 13 hours ago, snowrx said:

    When it comes time to get the nuts back off, any cost of anti-corrosion measures will seem trivial!

    But there's lots of hardware out there, there should be many versions of the common M10 x 1.5 for the high heat application if you shop around. I used inexpensive copper coated flange nuts, but I'm guessing the pricy stuff should be better. Use some high temp anti-seize compound on reassembly.

    If you want cheap:

    I’m not suggesting buying the cheapest but £48 for 8 nuts seems nuts!

  2. 21 minutes ago, gregs24 said:

    British Chamber of Commerce and real business owners actually. But if it hasn't affected you then lucky you.

    Indeed but COVID doesn't stop people selling their product in Europe!

    Plenty of information on the subject there as well as directly from Chamber of Commerce. Of course there have been some people who have benefited but on balance it seems more have lost out. For some companies it has been catastrophic sadly

    Sadly in a divorce everyone looses


    12 hours ago, agentdr8 said:

    The wiring colors should be listed in the service notes wiring diagrams, on sheets G1-G7, next to each connection. Whatever colors the Alpine manual has will likely not apply, as that's for their generic harness that tends to follow the standard color codes. 

    From G2, which is for the Euro/ROW INE-W920R, it lists these colors at these pins on the headunit-side:

    Pin 1: Purple - 12V Batt Constant
    Pin 16: Pink/Green - 12V Key in
    Pin 6: Black/White - Handbrake
    Pin 14: Red/Black - Sidelights
    Pin 15: Pink/Black - Reverse input
    Pin 9: Black - Ground
    Pin 7: Blue/White - Amp turn-on
    Pin 11: White              \
    Pin 10: White/Black   /  LH speakers
    Pin 13: Slate (grey)   \
    Pin 12: Slate/Black    /  RH speakers

    Sorry but does it detail/show the front and rear speakers for left and right please?

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