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  1. Wow! What a difference that makes - like it!
  2. Thanks for that guys - really useful. I think understand the limitations of the IPS as it is and have looked at some kits now being offered to improve it. Will try Hanger 111 and see if they offer the Komotec in the Uk yet... On the positive side it does perhaps mean you have to 'drive' it more than say a PDK system which does make up for some of the loss of heal and toe etc in a manual??
  3. Yep the left knee is knackered so access seems easier. Fortunately 2+2 is fine as the sons are old and adolescent enough to not actually want to be seen with me anywhere!!
  4. At the moment access seems okay - certainly better than my Elise! Could be a factor more long term and I have looked at the 400 with possibly better performance, particularly from the auto box software/changes…. On the other hand, is a fair but more cash which also brings closer to a new Emira……. This had crossed my mind! I think they look ace too!
  5. Thanks for the reply - had not seen those… unfortunately silver, grey and white seem to be colours I have a thing against for some reason. I think ideally I would prefer something brighter? Of course with not many available I may not have a choice!!
  6. Thanks for the reply - I have been in contact with Silverstone Lotus about this one and reached out to the previous owner on here. Just seeing what else is available before I take the plunge!
  7. Afternoon all, Just wondered if anyone was thinking of selling one of the above? Not too worried about mileage or modifications but must be an IPS model with my dodgy knee… Alternatively if the previous owner of the red one for sale in Kent is on here I would appreciate some extra history if possible? Best regards!
  8. Hi there,

    Hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I saw a recent post you made about your old car for sale at Silverstone Lotus - I’m quite interested in this one and wondered if you would mind confirming some of its condition and history?



  9. Yes will miss the manual but the knee just can’t take it now….. The blip on the downshift on the ips system is nice though!
  10. Thanks again for the input - think I need to test a 400 as well to see if I feel it is worth the price difference….
  11. Thanks for the thoughts - really useful, particularly the notes on brake wear/tyres etc which has been echoed by other owners I have spoken to. Can the IPS software/mechanicals be improved/updated to the later 400 gubbings? Any specialists come up with any further improvements?
  12. Thanks for the reply - yes I found the ips very good to use on the road, particularly in sport mode with the lovey rev matching, and found it very quickly became intuitive to use. I have not tried a 400 yet to compare although it is supposed to be an improved system?
  13. Evening all, New to the forum and am considering getting one of the above as I cannot drive my Elise for long now (or indeed get in it with the roof on!) due to poorly joints but am wondering how it would fair on track? I was impressed with the test drive I had recently and it felt supple on typical British roads and I loved the engine note. Obviously it did not feel as nimble as the Elise but still had that ‘Lotus’ feeling I was hoping for. Question is whether the extra weight is that more noticeable on track?? Also how well does the IPS cope with the extra track demands?? Would it be worth hanging on for a 400 auto (although I prefer the looks of the earlier car)? Thanks for any advice/thoughts. PS Link to my Elise for sale if anyone wants to swap! Hope that is okay - will delete if needed….
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