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  1. This is exactly how I plan to use the car. Good to hear it fits the brief.
  2. 😆A Discovery is literally my other vehicle. 23 mpg.
  3. Well exactly - the car is there to enjoy and I don't think for a second a few extra MPG is of any concern. And definitely not concerned about numbers in the mid 20s. But without having had the luxury of a long drive and with a supercharger right behind me making a lot of noise of the motorway, I did get to wondering if I were looking at a few MPG or a hell of a lot MPG. I'm reassured there is nothing to worry about. Thank you.
  4. Thank you Bibs and KennyN for your thoughts. I feel reassured that I can drive as comes naturally.
  5. After 24 years dreaming, I've finally been able to buy myself my first Lotus, an Exige 350S. Almost immediately after taking possession, we entered a tier 5 lockdown meaning the car is now more or less grounded. But in the 500 miles or so I've managed to get out in it, I've become no stranger to the petrol station forecourt. With ample time on my hands now to plan some mega road trips for the spring, I've been wondered about MPG. More specifically, I'm curious to get opinions on whether there's much of a fuel saving to by made by sitting at 65-70mph (2400-2500 RPM) on the motorway versus getting into the outside lane and going with the flow. The latter would definitely be my preference just to reduce the tedium of the boring parts of the journey. But if it's going to significantly increase fuel consumption, stops and the petrol station and consequential delays to my journey, I see no point. To reassure readers of this post that I have indeed bought the right car and am not better suited to a Prius, I will of course be planning my drives to take in the most enjoyable and scenic roads where possible. On such roads I regard fuel consumption to be of no object. There are, however, always going to be those potentially long stretches on a decent journey for which there is no alternative to a motorway slog. So really this is a question of Smiles Per Gallon - do I (a) sit quietly in the slipstream of a van on the inside lane because of the huge fuel saving I will make or do I (b) get in with the outside lane traffic and have a marginally less frustrating journey in the comfortable knowledge that it's not going to make a massive difference to the number of petrol station stops I have to make? Is there an optimal speed?
  6. Great - thanks for your feedback Bibs! By original, do you mean unmodified?
  7. Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I've wanted an Elise since I was 16 and now at 37 I'm finally in a position to buy one. Didn't take long. Now I just need some advice. In particular, I've heard rumours that there may be slow appreciation on certain models of Lotus Elise. Has anyone found this to be true? And if so, what should I be looking out for? Not expecting miracle returns on investment or anything - would just like to know if good care and low mileage could help me see my way to owning a dream car whilst having something ready to sell on at a good value when I'm ready for a change. Thank you!
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