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  1. Those performance figures are mind bending! I hope they improve the installation of reflectors and fog lights for production though...
  2. You’ll love that car, it’s great!
  3. Personally I wouldn't touch an Elise that's had a chassis repair. Re prices for Club Racers - I've been tracking for a while and bought one in March for £24k at a main dealer. It's 2016 reg and 20k miles. The depreciation curve has been beyond glacial on 1.6's, in fact they've actually gone UP slightly in price compared to a couple of years ago. They're not universally loved either, but I think it's a fantastically pretty car, proper fun on back roads and very cheap to own once bought. I looked at another 1.6 CR, 45k miles and not in perfect condition. Also at a main dealer, it
  4. Not so far! I think it just changes the stability program on the Elise? On the Evora it changed the exhaust and throttle mapping as well.
  5. Glad you’re enjoying the car! When I click your pic i get "You are not authorized to download this file." No matter. The 1.8 has a shaped moulded snorkel on the intake, the 1.6 simply has a piece of plain black tubing. That's what I can see through the mesh on mine. Really enjoyed my 1.6 on the limited drives so far. I'd like to swap the exhaust system and filter as the engine is just a little flat as standard, but I specifically wanted a car I could properly thrash on country roads without losing my licence. I also wanted it to be as cheap to own as possible as an occaisional
  6. How do you like your 1.6? Bought one myself just before lockdown in the UK so I've barely driven it! I can help with (2), although I can't see your pic so I'm making an assumption!. The hose isn't to help engine breathing, it's to reduce intake noise for type approval. It can be removed if you like, no harm will be done. If you fit the TRD air box (like the 1.6 performance pack) there is no way to attach an intake hose anyway. Google "elise snorkel" for the same thing on 1.8 engines.
  7. Now found one, thanks
  8. Hi, I’m looking for a clean well maintained S3 1.6, preferably a CR, as a long-term keeper. Budget is up to low £20’s, mileage must be under 50k and any colour except black, grey or silver. I have the money now so let me know if you’re selling soon! Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words about my Sports Racer. Well, it’s not mine anymore but after meeting Mark I’m very happy it’s gone to a good home
  10. I daily drove mine and I thought even Pilot Supersports were shocking sub 10 degrees and put Conti winters on instead. I imagine Cup2’s will be hairy on the winter commute!
  11. Lovely day in Yorkshire today
  12. I was going to write a really snotty reply saying it bloody well IS pearlescent, but luckily a five minute search for “proof” showed I was wrong and it’s a metallic. What can I say, it looks pearlescent to me!
  13. Hi, the white Sports Racer is mine It certainly isn't sold, although there's been some interest now I've dropped it to what in my eyes is an absolute bargain price. I still expect it to take a while to sell though, it's not really the right time of year for most people. The car has been my daily driver for 18 months and wants for nothing. It's now tucked up safely in the garage as I've just got a more sensible commuting car.
  14. Hi Dave, it's mine I think we've already swapped emails so I'll keep it brief and not spam this thread as a seller! I love it to bits, I was only supposed to keep it a year but that was over 18 months ago. I've used it every day and also been to Le Mans, Scotland, and toured Europe including the Route Napoleon and Swiss Alps as well as briefly touching 147mph on the Autobahn. It's great. It was my only car until just before Christmas but now I've gone back to having a "normal" car and hopefully I'll get an Elise again for weekends in the future. I've dropped the price to one I thin
  15. Not a Lotus, but his experience of using the Mclaren GT for road trip really chimed with my own experience of doing similar in my Evora. Squint a bit (and ignore the fact that our cars don't have 600hp, which you can rarely use anyway) and our experience must be 98% of what you get for £200k, and we get a better brake feel and engine sound to boot!
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