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  1. Interesting comments. I often daydream about getting back in an Evora. I loved my NA SR, don't quite love the 400 look, like the current cars but can't afford them. I'd be interested to hear which gearbox your NA cars had to compare? I imagine there is quite a different feel between the long-ratio early cars (better GT cars) and the close-ratio box like mine had. For me the car felt quick but never eye-widening shove-in-the-back quick like a turbocharged or electric car can be. All the same, over a hard-driven weekend in the Scottish borders there was nothing in it between my car and
  2. This might be old news, but it's the first time I've seen them: Well done Lotus Silverstone! 👍
  3. When I had mine it was my daily and my only car for 18 months/20k miles. Shopping, holidays, commuting, site visits, the lot. Sometimes felt a little self-conscious in it but no regrets at all. It does push the costs up though and you end up doing a lot of cleaning. If I buy another it will be as a pampered 2nd car.
  4. My 1.6 was serviced last week - I asked about the recall and was told it doesn't apply to the 1.6.
  5. In the UK I don’t think you’ll open much of gap between anything with more than say 250bhp. Keeping to under 80ish on country roads and you’ll never gain or lose more than a few metres in my experience. I spent a weekend in the Scottish Borders with my NA Evora and a friend with his M140i and there was never anything in it, even in corners. Visibility and prudence count for more once you’re up at that power and above. That M140i vs my 1.6 Elise is another story!
  6. Glad I saw this, have been waiting for this book to come down to a reasonable price! Will go on the souvenir shelf with the original dealer brochure. Order placed...
  7. It was a "W" reg Millennium edition, standard non-VVC engine. So it had a few extras such as driving lights and OZ wheels, but even so it's a big % more than an MX5 of the time.
  8. My old Elise S1 was over £26k as sold IIRC, that was a ‘99 car.
  9. That's lovely but I can't believe the airbag cover is lifting on it already (and that it's not been fixed under warranty or as part of prep). Lotus have been making these cars for 11 years now without fixing that problem! They'd better do a better job with the Type 131.
  10. Those performance figures are mind bending! I hope they improve the installation of reflectors and fog lights for production though...
  11. You’ll love that car, it’s great!
  12. Personally I wouldn't touch an Elise that's had a chassis repair. Re prices for Club Racers - I've been tracking for a while and bought one in March for £24k at a main dealer. It's 2016 reg and 20k miles. The depreciation curve has been beyond glacial on 1.6's, in fact they've actually gone UP slightly in price compared to a couple of years ago. They're not universally loved either, but I think it's a fantastically pretty car, proper fun on back roads and very cheap to own once bought. I looked at another 1.6 CR, 45k miles and not in perfect condition. Also at a main dealer, it
  13. Not so far! I think it just changes the stability program on the Elise? On the Evora it changed the exhaust and throttle mapping as well.
  14. Glad you’re enjoying the car! When I click your pic i get "You are not authorized to download this file." No matter. The 1.8 has a shaped moulded snorkel on the intake, the 1.6 simply has a piece of plain black tubing. That's what I can see through the mesh on mine. Really enjoyed my 1.6 on the limited drives so far. I'd like to swap the exhaust system and filter as the engine is just a little flat as standard, but I specifically wanted a car I could properly thrash on country roads without losing my licence. I also wanted it to be as cheap to own as possible as an occaisional
  15. How do you like your 1.6? Bought one myself just before lockdown in the UK so I've barely driven it! I can help with (2), although I can't see your pic so I'm making an assumption!. The hose isn't to help engine breathing, it's to reduce intake noise for type approval. It can be removed if you like, no harm will be done. If you fit the TRD air box (like the 1.6 performance pack) there is no way to attach an intake hose anyway. Google "elise snorkel" for the same thing on 1.8 engines.
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