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  1. Just checked out the VMax200 website. Did you really clock 193.43mph?!!? Wowser. Have seen your car before on social media, it’s a fabulous looking thing - you’ve specced it beautifully! It seems mad that you can’t spec the Evora 400 door cards with door bins any more. That and the missing arm rest are a step back from the S1 sadly.
  2. All the black is Phantom Black gloss, most will have PPF on the sills too.
  3. Same here, Powerflex bushes in at the last service after previous ones were annual replacement and yet knocking withing months. Still silent 6k miles later, only noticeable difference in NVH from the stiffer bushes is a tiny bit more vibration through the steering on rough surfaces.
  4. Giveitfish


    Would love to hear more about those 120k miles, I bet there are some stories! Just over 60k on the clock on mine, it’s driven daily, several 1000-mile long weekends done, and it’s off to the Alps next month It’s just such a good all-rounder. I was worried it would stop feeling special but not a bit of it.
  5. Reminds me of Matt Farah’s first Evora 400 drive - same ear-to-ear grin and sheer delight in the act of driving
  6. I (honestly) bought my Evora for its blend of sports car and daily driver, but as a tool for massaging your ego it’s hard to beat. So far this weekend: On Friday getting petrol a very attractive young lass with a nice Mk 1 TT said “I love your car!”. I was a gibbering mess lol. Then last night in town to pick up my wife from the station, suns out and everyone is a bit drunk. Loads of unashamed gawping capped by a couple standing in the road taking a selfie with my car while I was as traffic lights. I’m not the most social of people and sometimes it’s all a bit much!
  7. Mine’s at 55k @ 5yrs old and is thriving on it. First owner apparently did 20k in its first year. These things are proper cars not delicate flowers, it just eats miles.
  8. Weekend in the Dales/Scottish borders has just done something similar to mine!
  9. I'm a lazy Lotus owner so I won't be fitting anything much myself! Not in the engine bay anyway. JCT order parts weekly, but it's not that - they just can't get the stuff. Not all parts I grant you, but there is always something that holds a job up.
  10. Mine is at 53k and due plugs and I asked for belts too - and according to JCT600 they are due. However I'm having to wait a couple of weeks as apparently Lotus cannot supply these parts as they are changing suppliers?!?! These are just Toyota bits... I don't think I've had a single interaction with Lotus parts where they've been available in less than 2 weeks, sometimes takes up to 6. Almost acceptable when its a toy like my Elise was, but for my daily driver its really not acceptable.
  11. Oooh, that looks good! Congrats.
  12. Anyone else been aggressively let out into traffic? I’ve had this 3 times now, never with any of my other cars. What I mean is not the normal being flashed out of a side road in slow traffic or when there is a big gap. No, I mean people actively slamming on and even blocking other cars so I can pull out in front of them! One of the times I sat frozen in horror as a Transit screeched to a halt on a 50mph section of A-road and flashed me out while all I could focus on was the Audi behind him locking up and nearly hitting him!
  13. Thanks. Since writing the post they’ve stayed on! There’s no access without cracking open the light unit AFAIK. Will see how it develops.
  14. The nearside sidelight on my Evora is playing up. I've read the threads about people losing the odd LED, but on mine they all work perfectly when I start the car but by the time I've arrived at my destination 4 of them have gone off. Leave it a while, and hey presto! All working again! Anybody any ideas on this? I'm pretty much resigned to finding a second hand "Lotus" branded unit, I can't even buy a new one to replace it and thats before you consider the cost.
  15. Just a quick thanks to the posters on here from me too - just had the same problem today, and swapping fuse C3 fixed it!
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