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  1. I noticed the Lotus website has been updated to remove Leven. Any news on whether Parks is coming on board?
  2. The fit and finish on my 15 Sport Racer is probably the best I've seen n any car I've owned. The car feels like a tank. Put 15k on the clock this year and still as tight as a drum. I imagine the GT will be even better!
  3. Well today might be the first day of having a 100% sorted car New throttle pedal installed - limp issue gone 👍 New window regulator installed 👍 So far so good. Will monitor over the next few weeks.🤞 I have to say CMC are really excellent - I think 'll be taking my car to Craig from now on!! Very impressed.
  4. lol so true. Lotus shoot themselves in the foot sometimes!!
  5. Craig said the part was around £600. so not cheap and by all accounts a fairly common problem as water inevitably gets in there, and the regulator is not particularly well protected. I suspect the fact it hasn't stopped raining for 12 weeks hasn't helped lol. Apparently it's Lotus part hence the cost. Not sure why Lotus need to design their own window regulator rather than get something from a parts bin?
  6. I think this would be excellent news. Especially as Hamilton is only 15 mins drive from my house! Just need to find a spare £250,000 for my Evija deposit.😏
  7. The window regulator is now in stock so have booked in with Craig on Wednesday. Hopefully will have a 100% problem free Evora in 48 hrs!
  8. Thing is - even if they find a buyer for Leven, having one dealer in the whole country is still piss poor - owners in Inverness and Aberdeen still face a round trip of 5-6 hrs to get to Edinburgh and back. Leeds is 12hrs! Either way it's a day off work. Most owners in the rest of the UK are less than an hour from their local dealer. Outside of the south east of England, Scots have the highest disposable income in the UK you'd think Lotus would want a piece of that market?
  9. Hope everything is OK Stephen & agree it was terrible news for the staff at Leven. Have to say I've been very impressed with the Autotrust warranty. Everything has been covered - parts and labour - so issues at all. Would highly recommend. Bit of an update on my car - CMC has the new throttle pedal (limp mode fix) and is waiting on the window regulator to arrive (driver window doesn't work). I'll then get the car booked in and sorted in a oner. Fingers crossed this is the end of my issues!!
  10. Been really impressed with CMC so far - appreciate it's no good for those with warranty work though Lotus should be shouldering some of the costs here I think. It feels like they are washing their hands of it and basically leaving owners of new cars stranded with a 200-500 mile round trip, through no fault of their own - it's piss poor service IMHO.
  11. I have the same issue. In my case it is a throttle correlation issue. Waiting for a new pedal to arrive and hopefully this will sort it. I clear it by either giving the throttle body connector a wiggle (See link below), or turning he car off, turning the key to second position, pump the throttle pedal, if the traction light comes on repeat, until it clears. You an then start the car and it drives normally. The CEL light will disappear on it's own after a few engine restarts Fingers crossed you get it sorted mate
  12. A little longer journey lol. 🤪 Imagine the commute from Inverness or Aberdeen lol. Whats that- a 500/550 mile round trip? It was bad enough having one dealership in Edinburgh. As an aside - It reminds me of when I lived in Tokyo and my boss asked me to 'head over' to HK to deal with some of the Chinese authorities who were visiting the next day. She thought it was a day trip despite it being over 1700 miles away and I'd be entering a communist country as a foreign national lol. To this day I'm sure she thought Hong Kong was in Japan. 🥴
  13. Thanks mate. Yeah - given they've raided the Toyota parts bin I'm really surprised. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Craig will finally sort out the remaining issues before my warranty runs out in a few weeks. I kind of hate the fact love it so much - dammit. Despite everything I still love my car - and don't regret buying it!
  14. Leven were only a 10 min walk from my work so it wasn't too much hassle , as I could leave it with them and pick it up at home time. In saying that I reckon I must have had at least ten visits to the dealer since I bought it last March sorting out all the gremlins. Under different circumstances would be mightily peeved off. Thankfully Craig Moncrieff is round the corner from where Leven used to be - what a godsend. I honestly think if he wasn't there, I'd have sold the car as the logistics of getting the car to Carlisle and taking time off work for every issue would just not be practical for me - especially as some of the issues (e.g. limp mode) need multiple visits to do proper diagnosis. It's my daily driver so it needs to be reliable. Coule of observations from me Lotus really need to get their act together and expand their dealership network in Scotland. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen should be a priority. If need be - use the Volvo dealerships where it makes sense? Buying and servicing a Lotus becomes a lot more tricky when the closest dealership is hundreds of miles away . Leverage Craig's know how - make him an authorised service centre so Lotus owners in Scotland have some peace of mind re: servicing etc. Massive strides have been made in the quality of Lotus cars since I had my 111S, but basic things like boot lid alignment, checking the radio has been installed properly, the battery has been fully charged on delivery etc etc are so fundamental - it shouldn't be happening. The factory and the dealers still have work to do. The car only had 3.5k on the clock when I got it so is mechanically brand new. There's no way I should have experienced the sort of mechanical issues I've had with the car. I wonder if I've been unlucky or if Lotus cut corners on the quality of parts (starter motors, window regulators etc).
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