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  1. Brilliant! Thanks Tom had no idea you coudl charge the battery via the lighter socket! :)
  2. Mother of God!!!
  3. Hi guys, sorry for the noddy question....I need to put some charge onto my battery - but I'm having issues getting access to the negative pole - as has a plastic housing over it & it's compartment is so tight I cant get in there. Any ideas?? I reckon I must be missing something obvious lol?? cheers Michael
  4. I once took and engine apart and put it back together - however a full car would be a massive undertaking for me to be honest. Wouldn't know where to start! You're shows are absolutely brilliant - I've recommended them to a few mates who will check it out.
  5. Really enjoying SOUP George - brilliant stuff. I know very little about car mechanicals so it's been genuinely educational. Amazing watching you strip down the Esprit bit by bit - not sure how you manage to keep track of everything mate - must be a nightmare lol. The best bit is the stop motion capture - love that - takes me back to Morph!
  6. Wonder how it will handle if it's nearly 2 tonnes!!?? Not very Lotus DNA
  7. Looking at the blurb on various sites it woudln't surprise me if they get somewhere between 1,000 -> 1,500kg as the interior will be kept to a minimum, and has a carbon tub - suspect the weight will be largely down to the batteries and electric motors. With a 1000bhp on tap this would destroy pretty much everything on the market. Can't wait to put down my £500 deposit ;)
  8. Looks like a normal Evora 4xx at the front - roof line and massive rear spoiler makes me think it's just a more powerful Evora rather than a brand new car.
  9. I reckon it will be the much anticipated Lotus 4x4.
  10. I parked up last weekend in Edinburgh next to Castle Terrace. When I got back a couple of tourists were taking pictures of it. One of them said "this is my favourite car" - the only thing I could think of saying in reply was "me too!" It's genuinely amazing how the car gets such positive reactions from everyone. I really don't think you'd get the same reaction in a Porche! After a few weeks of ownership I've concluded the general public think Lotus as an ultra cool brand.
  11. Took the kins into Glasgow last weekend for lunch - lots of pictures at lights, kids pointing, thumbs up and general head turning ...much to the complete embarassment of my teenage daughter lol
  12. I've owned my 15 NA Evora SR for about 4 weeks, after buying it from Leven in Edinburgh. I absolutely love it. What a car!!
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