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  1. An update on my limp mode issue. Leven cleaned the throttle body connector, checked the pins and the wiring and all seemed good - however the car was still going into limp mode randomly. What was making it harder was the lack of error codes. Seemed to be some sort of ghost event. I took it back in last week, and they were able to reproduce the error and now think I need a new throttle body. At £2k a pop I'm glad I've got a 1ytr dealer warranty!! Fingers crossed this will finally sort it. To correct an earlier post- I had a new throttle installed - not a new throttle body - as they thought it was the drive by wire throwing the error.
  2. Lotus + Scottish roads are a match made in heaven! I managed to get the starter motor replaced so all good on that front. Leven gave me the use of one of their courtesy cars for a few days which was great - apart from the fact I got rear ended on the M8! :( Anyway - I still get the CEL/traction control/limp mode issue. I can work around it by wiggling the connector on the throttle body, so I think there is a dodgy connection throwing the error. The car has had a replacement throttle body, and Leven tried straightening out the pins on the connector but it's still happening. Not sure if the wiring has some localised corrosion or if it's just a dodgy connector which needs replacing. Fingers crossed one more visit will sort it and it's a simple fix. Think this must be the 6th time the car has been in for this specific issue. Frustrating.
  3. I assumed they'd sell all of them - most powerful car in the world has a lot of cache if money is no object?
  4. Thanks Alistair - that's exactly what I'm thinking too. I want to have this car for a long time and I hope this will be the last of the issues.
  5. Thanks Clive. Yeah - I wonder if most of the issues I've encountered to date are down to the fact that the car had only done 3k in 3-4 years. I really don't think cars should be parked up for that length of time. I've got a dealership warranty for the first year so hopefully no issues on that front - I spoke to Laura from Leven in Edinburgh and they will try to sort me with a courtesy car in the meantime (which is great) and also see if they can finally sort out the throttle body connection issue which is causing the car to go into limp mode randomly. This has really knocked my confidence in the car. This is supposed to be my daily driver
  6. Oh man. I went to Sainsbury's today and when I got back to the car it refused to start. This is the first time I've ever been let down by a car. Currently getting loaded onto a flatbed truck. Battery levels are fine so suspect it's a failed starter motor Absolutely gutted.
  7. Awesome choice!! brilliant video Charlie - looking forward to following your adventures on youtube!!
  8. Crawl mode is back - dammit. Hoping I don't need to get the wiring harness replaced
  9. It's the little things I've noted since buying the car. The quality of the stitching is incredible - so precise and accurate. To think it's been done by hand! The vanity light in the door which lights up when you open it. When you open the boot lid in the rain and it disperses without flooding the boot The pool of water which gathers in the doors = wet trousers! The fact the indicator stalks seem to be miles away from where you need them (I wonder if this to accommodate IPS?) The Becker points :) The half length sun visors All part of the Lotus experience!!
  10. lol - funnily enough I had my dog and three weans in the car today, on the school drop. Where there's a will there's a way
  11. Well after 7 months in my 2015 NA Evora - I thought I'd write up a short summary of my experiences to date!! Issues OK lets get this out the way first...:) the engine warning light & traction control light kept coming on, forcing the car into crawl mode. Really frustrating. Leven swapped out the throttle body as it looked like the DBW throttle sensor was not communicating correctly. This seemed to make a difference as I went for a few months with no issues until recently, where it came back with a vengeance! After some trial and error I found I could fix the issue by wiggling the connectors on the throttle body so it seems to be related to the wiring. Leven have had it in and done some work - and so far so good!! Hopefully the issue is now resolved. I had one instance of the car reporting no fuel (when I had a full tank) - cleared after a restart. Bizarre. I got a slow puncture and when I was trying to get air back into the tyre the TPMS sheared making the wheel lose all pressure. Leven replaced the TPMS a few weeks later. After having the tyres replaced the other rear tyre seemed to be slowly de-pressurising. Turns out the issue was related to the valve needing to be tightened. It's now sorted. The boot lid was sticky and needed to be realigned. Dealership experience Leven Lotus have been absolutely brilliant throughout. I've received really good customer care - the car came with a 1 yr dealership warranty and fixing any of the above has not cost me a penny - nor has there been any squabbling. it makes such a difference having a good dealer and good after-sales. The car has always been returned to me valeted which is a nice touch. Gives me peace of mind when I make my next purchase... Leven have a breakfast club and organise regular track days for their customers - this is ace. I need to get my arse into gear and get along to these! The sales and servicing staff care about the brand and are passionate about Lotus. Impressions of the car I bought the car as a daily driver - it only had 3.5k when I bought it so was basically new despite the fact it was a 15 plate. It's such a comfortable drive. I've now done over 7000 miles in it and it has been brilliant - you could cross continents in this car easily. It might only be the NA variant but I'm still the weakest link in the chain Being honest - the car is so much better than me - I'm only really just starting to explore it's boundaries. It's a hoot!!! The handling of the car is absolutely sublime - it's really hard to get it out of shape. Feels so planted. The looks you get from everyone is genuinely amazing - so many thumbs up, and smiles. It's such a pleasure and privilege to own such an amazing vehicle. Despite the niggles the car build quality has been really brilliant. No rattles, no squeaks - everything feels really tightly screwed together. Solid. There is a surprising amount of room in the back - my 9 year old gets in no problem The boot is surprisingly large too - so far haven't really needed more space Inside, the ergonomics are terrible lol - none of the controls are visible but I don't care - it looks awesome!! I prefer it to the more recent Evora interiors which look a bit ..meh in comparison? The driving position is brilliant but could do with sitting an inch or two lower? Gear change is positive, and quick - notch free thankfully. Sounds great when pushing on Thank God for reversing cameras! No cupholders <joke> Summary I absolutely adore the car!! Can't fault the dealership - great sales and after sales team if I lived a long way away from a dealership it would have been a bit of a PITA as I've had to take in in several times to sort out the niggles When can I drive it next....
  12. On my Evora NA - now the tyres have scrubbed in I've tried various combinations. So far I have them at 2.2 at the front and 2.4 at the back - seems to be pretty well balanced. Higher pressures than this seemed to result it a more unpredictable loss of grip at the rear, sort of grabby behaviour which was a bit disconcerting! I'll see how I get on with the current set up for a few weeks and then drop down to 2 at the front and 2.2 at the rear.
  13. I hate the new logo - looks like a wean has drawn it.
  14. As low as that - my rears are 20 and fronts are 19inch? I'm currently running fronts 2.4 and rears 2.6 as an experiment - hopefully if we can manage a dry day soon I'll have a chance to play around with different combos
  15. Fitted PS4 to both rear - still have the PZ on the front for now. My car feels totally different - feels like I've got less grip, but the weather has been dire for the past few days and I'm still experimenting with tyre pressures. Will report back in a while once I have run them in a bit more.
  16. I got a puncture yesterday driving to work (dammit) so I've ordered a pair of rear Michelin PS4s (as I literally couldn't find a straight replacement anywhere for the P-Zeros). Hopefully they will be fitted on Saturday morning. I normally run around 2.2B at the front and 2.4B at the back - I assumed the PS4s would run at the same pressure but I've seen some chat about running lower than this? Any views?
  17. Kinda hoping someone from GFOS might video the T130 light show!!?
  18. Lotus Evija anyone?
  19. Massive return to form for me! I think they might have actually found a winning formula!!
  20. I'm really excited by this. The silhouette looks amazing - the air is actually passing through the car (wheel arches etc) so I suspect the aero will be mental. Loving the teasers so far. Interesting to see no round lights at the back - first time in about 20 years!? So good to see Lotus getting back on it's feet and getting the investment it needs.
  21. That looks the bomb!!!
  22. Thanks Mark. I have to say - red wasn't my first choice. I'm a starlight black man myself
  23. Brilliant! Thanks Tom had no idea you coudl charge the battery via the lighter socket! :)
  24. Mother of God!!!
  25. Hi guys, sorry for the noddy question....I need to put some charge onto my battery - but I'm having issues getting access to the negative pole - as has a plastic housing over it & it's compartment is so tight I cant get in there. Any ideas?? I reckon I must be missing something obvious lol?? cheers Michael
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