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  1. so we did 210km this weekend and got 21.6 mpg/ 9.2 kpl. this was alll sorts of mixed driving and tuning. the workshop manual states it will get about 29mpg but that was on a perfect conditions ofcourse.
  2. So just wanted to conclude and with the gauge divided in 8 equal parts. 11 gal / 41.65L would put the gauge at a hair under the 3/8ths mark 17 gal / 64L would put the gauge at a hair under the 6/8ths mark 18.3 gal / 69.3 L would put the gauge at 7/8ths mark ( the highest my needle has ever gone) after letting the fuel settle for 2 days I got 9 ohms from the sender at the 7/8ths mark which I will assume is completely full as the float was Still moving as the last of the fuel went in. Maybe I can get the last 3L in very slowly but if I go too far it will spill into th
  3. I took the time and pumped out the fuel on a level surface without tilting the car so it seems there was still 1gal/3.78L left between the cross-over pipe and where the pump screen could not pickup. I poured it back in gradually and made a chart for me to reference and calculate ACtual gas mileage. This should be useful to others who would like to gauge their driving habits. This as you can see is a big deal to me. lol Measured between pins 26 & 29, where 29 is supposed to be attatched to grounded at splice A but i have no wire attatched and could not find it anywhere. S
  4. Homework for this weekend was figuring out the Fuel sender. Almost have completed a chart outlining fuel amount in 1/2 gal increments in relation to resistance. SO far I will say the fuel gauge is Way off target. I need to buy another 9 gal to keep filling her up and get a full sweep of the float.
  5. Actually. Ever since my oem ECU, whose sole purpose was to pulse the feed the speedometer stopped working. My speedo now runs off the speed sensor directly. Because of this I need to build a VR to Hall effect circuit that MS can interpret. In the meantime I am used “MFactory gear ratio calculator” with tire size, gear ratios and rpm to figure out my exact speed. May speedo is reading around 5mph higher because I’m too lazy to recalibrate it. Turned up the boost to 10 psi but lowered my timing advance from 18-16* what's crazy is that at this l
  6. I like this topic. I also don’t seem to get a full fill up. The needle has never seen the F mark. It moves around a lot while driving. But I did calculate 22mpg hwy with some spirited pulls. I have been been wanting to measure the resistance of the fuel level sender in my garage and attempt to keep adding. Also could remove the fuel pump and add till it’s absolutely full then measure the resistance. Pump out 1 gal at a time and remeasure the resistance then mark the gauge somehow.
  7. i love seeing a Running Esprit, haha. that thing doenst appear to have boost leaks !!
  8. love the videos, keep them coming. Can i question why the boost drops during the pull? Is that normal for the factory ECU ? Also just want to point out that you really like to REv up the 918, lolol that video is unreal, prolly only 1 like it.
  9. i did read somewhere on this forum that our pumps do need to hold some kind of pressure. I made some videos a year ago when i was dealing with this.
  10. The .75 bar regulated pressure won’t really work as most of the air built up will escape past any open valves. So you have to just keep going until either your boost gauge reads or you hear something. I like the idea of the bike tube, it’s strong enough!
  11. well I have since moved the striker back forward where it was and maybe some more, Seems I simply moved it the opposite way. So far to 130mph no issues.
  12. and are you sure you want to leave those old hoses in the tank? They are kinda known for deteriorating due to the fact that these cars sit around a lot. This is what I ordered but i've yet to install it, I actually used a temporary hose for the time being and soon after found this part number online. Gates hose
  13. Here you go -4an. you dont need to buy from them, find the -4an adapter to whatever your guage has anywhere on the internet.
  14. suspecting a ruptured fuel line in the tank after both the pumps merge. I ordered a replacement piece of in-tank fuel line from gates, it's a specific part number and you get like 12" of line. I can dig up the info.
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