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  1. in an effort to momentarily change the topic here , i'm reading this ---->thread
  2. COme on Fellas! Lets have some positive forward thinking, somebody has to try some out of the box thinking. I'm gonna push for the project to take shape unless someone can present me with a mid-engine trans that has the starter in the "right" place. Not Audi/Vw, Not Porsche, Not Mendeola $$$, and for god Sakes not this ---->Acura Lotus 8" bell to Axle centerline SUbby 6.5" bell to Axle center line. Add 1 5/8 adapter and....... I smashed something in a FWD myself, might have been my fault aswell but since the semi truck ate the car whole, I never found out what caused the near death experience, I just know what it sounded like and how fast the car could come to a stop from 80mph.
  3. any1 ever personally seen what failed liner sealant looks like?
  4. Clarkson warned about meeting my Hero's. The first time I drove an Esprit ~8 months ago I already began to recall his words and fear started to set in but my Lady kept me motivated as she also loves it. I love to tinker so I will innevitable convert to Megasquirt and COP. It's just too damn hot out here in the Wild West. I'm taking bits and pieces of advice from every expert be it this forum, JAE, PBC, and listening to actualy owner stories, then you have me wrenching for 20 years with my own ideas. Truth be told, they are sometimes conflicting advice!!
  5. If your talking about the CWP That one is a good example of locking up in a intersection. I shopped a lot of Esprit's before owning one and heard a lot of different stories. Like the guy selling random parts on Craigs, he used to have a v8 but blew up 500 miles after rebuild and gave up. I have to hear this as i'm about to embark the same journey?
  6. actually I cant update the here some more Subby 5spd trans with FWD block off plate = 26" + the linkages that hang out back = 2.75"" Un1 trans end ->end 27.5" amount of dead space behind Un1 trans before the body is 3.5" Un1 is 1 1/4" shorter and with 3.5" of dead space leaves 2 1/4" of room for Plate which I calculated at 1 5/8 already.
  7. Really just want to try a conversion for the first time. I can always upgrade to the 6spd if need more power. Needs to have the starter mounted on the trans and not on the engine side as the turbos wouldnt allow it. Keeping the Lotus starter is not what I want. Matter a fact I dont want anything but the Knock sensor sitting in the valley. . Too much heat in Arizona. Updated my first post and will continue to do so as I retake some measurements.
  8. I actually dont want to increase the power levels (I say that now). I just want a reliable stock power Esprit without worrying the ring and pinion shatter and lock up on me in a intersection or in front of a semi truck. I really dislike the Roll pins for the axles.
  9. Not any more, i've asked GTO about it. I would consider a different trans option but that leaves me with needing a custom flywheel/ring gear and still utilizing the Lotus starter. If someone can point out another affordable option that has a trans mounted starter????
  10. checking clearences on oil pump might just keep with stock pistons, this stuff really breaks down the carbon cylinder head oil galleys flushed out piston coolers Block Main oil galley block and head OIl Galleys use the same Core plugs , supplied by JAE for just a couple bucks ea.
  11. I had started playing with the idea months back and although it has taken a back seat due to funds for the 1.64" /41.7mm plate needed. I wanted to populate all my measurements here rather then keep them all jotted down on several pieces of paper. So here it is... - a mid-engine capable 5 speed - Trans mounted starter (Yes!) - 8 bolt flywheel evenly spaced -similar length as UN1 shifter linkages on rear aswell (hoping to use Lotus cables) -------------------- EJ255 FW bolt holes - .4115" Lotus FW bolt hole - .485" FW edge to edge/ bolt ->pilot .4695" FW edge to edge/ bolt -> bolt .585" pilot bearing hole - 1.256" Lotus spigot bearing hole - 1.771" FW bolts M10 x 1.25 Lotus bolts M12 x 1.25 8 bolt PCD - 2.6064" (66.2mm) Lotus PCD - 2.757" ( 70 mm) input shaft diam .470" Lotus input .688" B/H bolt holes - .421" dowels OD .393 (10mm) dowels OD - .597" B/H holes .443-.445 (11mm) dowel holes ID .465" .
  12. damn I feel for you Mighty, I am not in as bad a situation as it was still running prior to removal but I am doing a full rebuild on my own. Once the engine was on a stand, I found all my answers. Up until then I was clueless what might have been causing the sudden temp spikes, milky oil and metal contamination. I evaluated the cost of all parts I needed and contacted everyone that I needed to. Spoke to Lotus gurus and got very Mixed opinions on what to do and not to do. It's up to me now to make the right choices on this 918 rebuild. I'm a little afraid of the investment but it's the only way to keep the Esprit pure. If I was in your shoes, I would pull it out myself and tear it down (what harm could it do now). It's gonna take some motivation and to have more then one plan of action going into it. If it's not salvagable then can you afford a replacmenent, if that's not worth then is it worth selling a shell? I left myself open to more options then that but I dont want to be shamed from here with crazy talk, I'm still trying to keep it original.
  13. How about just shimming the cylinder liners with .003" steel shim to bring them back up to the deck? .003" steel sheet << click. I dont know if this is a secret or not but last I spoke with PBC, he went on and on about their rebuild process and one thing that stood out was their custom made cylinder liners being .003" taller. I'm getting my heads resurfaced atm and I asked for as close to a glass finish as possible and they showed me a sample head, Very happy with that.
  14. Absolutely no warping!!!! .0015" or .008mm CYlinder liners where they should be .003" nasty coolant and oil crusty stuff E Breaking down the loctite Jeez!! This is interesting, looks like the T.stat gasket!!!!! This pisses me off, no reason for it broken bolts for the oil pickup The oil pickup was loose and hitting the counterweights
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