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  1. Wow I never knew that tool kit existed Awesome price live and learn
  2. So a good drill bit and patience using this custom drilling jig. Either cobalt or molybdenum drill bit in the same size as your pin or whatever it is called your area.
  3. I bought a 3/16” pin from a hardware store. I believe it was a bit long and he had to cut to correct length. You can use whatever size you feel is not too thick.
  4. This new topic puzzles me as well. I had a machine shop install my pin. Never even a thought that I could do it myself. If you look at my pic, please ignore the small bearing and bushing next to it. Like Mike said, I locked the pulleys with the teeth at equal positions just out of preference and so my machinest wouldn’t have to ask me later. Now onto to this topic I have to wonder if there is too much sealant inside the shaft that is keeping the bolt from reaching its desired depth? Because you do need a specific sealant for that bolt thats mentioned in the manual which I am not next to currently. I torqued to 75 ft Lb and I didn’t used the special tools. Sorry but my methods go back some years. Just jammed up 2 pistons without the cams in place, it’s done and done.
  5. Yet another idling video with updates, No driving yet unfortunately waiting on WIFI adapter to start tuning. Running much smoother now, last video was on 6 cylinders again. just some incorrect soldering inside my computer.
  6. It's great to see a Lotus being rebuilt in it's place of birth. Seems to be a lot more confidence in DIY with these cars over in the UK while the rest of us rely on what we read on the net . Love your motivation and the fact you are doing this in a tight space sais a lot.And you are right, we always find the space to finish what we invision.
  7. Some and most gauges already come with 1/4” adapter strait to the head.
  8. look at this port on the head. It’s is 1/4-18 if you can order a fitting to reduce to 1/8” npt. You can hook up a mechanical gauge and monitor true oil pressure on first start.
  9. Interesting BOVs looks like there was room to attach to the hoses.
  10. Ha you see that. I was looking for an upgrade on the subby powered factory Five 818. But Speaking of the Lotus and megasquirt If only I had one extra output to control the boost solenoid. Not such a bad thing that I’ve run out ?
  11. For Makis, this is what we talked about.
  12. Too many gauges but great piece of mind And originality was long gone.
  13. I got some updates ..... Now I have a place to put stickers!
  14. That’s scary. How did you know the injector was wide open ? ms3 has a diagnostic for this?
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