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  1. That explains what’s happening there. Does it add up rhatvthe poay is only on that cylinder? good job on the pulley, learned something new.
  2. Haha it’s funny you ask because I want to do the exact same thing although you posted here 2 years ago May factory ecu might be dead in some form I don’t know till I spend some time on it. I purchased a JimStim from diyautotune in order to simulate many different combinations of ckp and cam signals. It’s a 4 spike VR sensor on the crank & a single Hall effect pulse from the Cam all I can tell you is that it has a 27 degree trigger angle as measured by my tuning software but idk if that’s btdc,atdc
  3. To anyone still looking for answers, in cases like this when you are dealing with a component borrowed from an American GM product. You need to google like I did, any early 90s Pontiac and I found specific info here Its 2.2 ohms on the airbag which you should NOT be checking with a ohmmeter!!!! If you already did and survived that, then great. Well now you know why the repair manual posted by mike has you checking for voltage instead. Thats why there is a dummy load tester tool, it’s a know
  4. After thinking about this and it makes me really want to buy a borescope to stick down my bores and see how my Self-tuning has made my cylinders looks. Too much fueling from my initial startup tune together with an accidental water syphoning from water/meth tank in the very beginning has had me wonder. Then theres the fact I dont use the Knock sensor or the factory "rough road" sensor mounted on chassis to eliminate possible detonation, I rely simply on taking baby steps in the tuning. Question, are you using knock sensor on your tuning computer?
  5. you guys from England have the most interesting stories of where you source your parts😆 It's becoming a dream of mine to go and visit some of you😂 so the Shop found no out of round of the cylinders and so far the pistons have not been pulled out. It will interesting to see what the cylinder liners look like on the outside as well as the pistons and rings. So you will have them re-balance with new rings and verify the piston wrist pin holes have no abnormal wear, meaning the pistons where not slapping around?
  6. whats the story on your engine? Was it burning oil? How many miles on it and has it ever been disassembled ?
  7. learning something new! Do you also grease them up upon install?
  8. The bearings are a generic size and there are plenty of options out there to choose. single and double row, not to mention where they are made and When they were made. Truth be told, I didnt take that into account as I picked up exact model bearings as the factory from a person on ebay and they were OLD packaging. Next time around I will get some super nice double row bearings. It's said you have to replace all the pulleys on every timing belt job, so for the smaller idler pulleys i didnt see a need for alternatives, just rebuilt them with exact quality bearing which I picked up from a F
  9. New datalog, I gained exactly 2 psi of boost without changing anything to the tune. that 2 psi got me into overboost protection and had a little misfire😆
  10. The tips came from somebody in the UK. Love the new look. The race cars are what most people already have and the honeycomb is about 50% more flow from a VisiCalc standpoint. I will do a new video and datalog boost without changing anything on my tune and see how much more boost I get.
  11. I only tried to order the top ring from Total Seal but the sales person was unmotivating when I mentioned Lotus. I kept all the same rings and never removed them. If you engine technically still runs and idles normal then A simple compression check should put you at ease.
  12. new rod and mains Yes from Jaeparts, idk where you are located but these guys are in California. Pistons did not have any damage and the rings looked good up close visually I guess you have to look at them up really close and look for pitting. I did do all the work myself and purchased this exact ball flex hone. I tried to buy rings for the top but they had to be custom made. Just re-used them with 42k miles on them. BUt keep in mind when doing all that work, you have to press out the cylinder liners and reseal them. I ordered the tool from a UK Lotus vendor, then I ordered
  13. here you go, Yes this was after the Pick up tube broke. Your numbers will be at a different scale due to elevation differences where we live, but you get the idea. 5 Revolutions for each to measure the actual balance between cylinders and then full compression from each. DO this on a fully charged battery with all the plugs out and Main fuel pump relay out and WOT. and here is a poor picture of the repaired tube, mounted to a 1/8" alloy plate during the repair. There was mulitiple repairs made, maybe you can see the weld line on the near the 2 bolt flange, that is an added 2" secti
  14. I do have them. But on a short vacation currently. I did a mild blueprint of the engine writing down as much as I could measure. I’ll get back to you end of the week.
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