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  1. You need to go lower on spring pressure LoL. 918 is rated at 11 when all is running good. I’m still tuck at 4.7ish
  2. Boy you britanians don’t have it easy with towing Speaking of Long reach engine hoist, I know all about that need. Modified my existing hoist with extension tubing and wheels so I could install the engine first.
  3. He never responded to me. Thru YouTube channel when I needed a rebuild. Or email I got from JAE when I was looking for a spare key. Good to see he is still active. I used the Gates Carbon drive app
  4. I like boost Vs gear. Although being that the speedo is a universal VDO gauge, it can be calibrated directly to the VSS or I can order a VDO GPS module. Atm I will leave as is but I do need to ad a relay to turn compressor on and off. I have a output ready for turning off the AC when programmed to.
  5. I have something to add and would love everyones thoughts. Due to my recent Megasquirt ventures, I have realized that doing full sequential on the standard v8 equipment was not going to be possible. Reason being the crank pulley only has 4 vanes passing the sensor on a full revolution. The cam sensor is there to identify CYL #1. But I strongly believe you need 8 vanes on the crank for all cylinders to fire individually. The way it currently runs from the factory is only firing 4 times, 2 cylinders at a time completing the combustion. Thoughts?
  6. It's been running for a few weeks on Full Sequential MS3x and I couldnt be happier to drive her in this awsome weather. It is on 4.5psi wastegate pressure with no Duty going to the boost solenoid. 23 degrees of timing at those boost levels but i have no idea what it should be. The factory ECU is currently only doing the job of working the SPeedo gauge which reads 5 MPH High. Currently the AC needs to be re-wired due to the oem ecu not getting a CAM signal thus no longer getting RPM readings. Oh and at 4.5psi the 252cc Mustang injectors have allready Max'd out the higher you go into the REVs. I have the secondaries and the 2nd F/P hooked up for staged injection but needs more seat time with the laptop to tune it's progressive nature, it gets really rich!
  7. Yes Aeromotive is the one who makes an adjustable FPR for the Chevy fuel system we use. Bigger injectors then I already invested in is another thought. Bigger single fuel pump as well and Leave the secondary in place if the 1st leaves me stranded. Im thinking the reason for the complexity was to have smoother control of smaller injectors rather then larger when at low duty cycle (idle) which in return nets better mpg. And perhaps the entire system is capable of 500hp as we all know the 918 can produce any day of the week and twice only Sunday..... At this point without continued investment into experimentation, I will most likely mimic the oem setup and run it all progressively.
  8. You know couple years back I was able to get the Bosch 88 pin connector from diyautotune. Not anymore on their site. But it what I do k ow is that there a bunch of junkyard ecu using the same connector. BMW and Hyundai just to name a few. That’s how I would do it , cannibalize a junked ecu.
  9. Oh and I recieved this in the mail yesterday. THis will be so much fun. Full sequential on everything, idle control and boost along with water injection. i'll be able to optionally run the secondary pump and injectors progressively.
  10. guess what, I made this new video and if you notice i'm reving a little higher then my last vid. I'm now going lean instead of rich at the higher end. Problem was the factory ECU was turning on the 2nd fuel pump mid way thru the REV range, upping the pressure so high it pegged my AFR to the rich side all the sudden. And the Lotus manual states the secondary fuel pump and injectors are for high speed only 130+ mph my arse.
  11. Very interesting stuff I wonder how you program their ecu? So in the UK do you all have The air pump for the cats and Evap components?
  12. Hmm interesting thread. I wonder which company in Germany repaired my v8 ECU almost 2 yrs ago. Took them 8 mo and the day after the previous owner installed it, I bought the car and drove it home with a flame coming out my tailpipe from a misfiring cylinders on the left bank. Coilpack and igniter shot I never knew what the initial repair was for but I do see some repair work to the board and it has been chipped. I hate chips lol Although I would not be buying into this, I would love to brainstorm. All v8 megasquirt for me running and tuning. It’s all relative to this thread though. This guy.....
  13. Here’s an explanation. That system is using Dumb coil Without ignitors. The CDI box has the ignitors instead. The AEM system has another small module with the brains taking the crank and cam signals and with your programmed settings will run engine. More the AEM brain is taking the existing firing signals intended for the factory coilpacks and re-directing them to the CDI box to fire 8 coils instead but still are fired in wasted spark Not sequential.
  14. I always like a good discussion so I’ll reiterate what I’ve been trying to state The factory computer does indeed have the built-in igniter’s posted it in my picture in the link I posted above you can see them all lined up but as I mentioned only 4 are being used for the factory coil packs which are dumb coils without built-in igniters Without built-in igniters they require 12 V pulsed signals from the computer instead Of 5v. Signals on the Toyota coil’s you mentioned The factory computer has been built with eight igniters for a reason unknown so my question is what vehicle did they take this computer from or was the original plan to run 8 individual Dumb coils until they cheaped out at the factory and re-wrote the code to only trigger 4 of the igniters in wasted spark But of course there’s always a possibility that all eight igniters are being triggered and only 4 are used which are the correct 4 in this firing order. Thats why why I mentioned LEDs as a test. Its a project I don’t expect anyone will tackle but I sure can since my factory ecu is still running but None if the original ignitors are connected to anything so consequently I have 8 CEL codes for each lol 8 LEDs to the 12v pulsed leg of each of the 8 ignitors run the engine at the lowest rpm and record them flashing with camera in slomotion to capture their firing order. Then you know which is for what cylinder and have an attack plan. Is any of this clear enough to understand? Or do I need to tackle this job and post a vid ?
  15. You could look look into this as well. I almost did but I’d have to call AEM to better understand the install.
  16. I posted some pics of the ecu internals. All someone needs to do is hook up some LEDs to each of the 8 ignitors transistors to see if they are all actually being triggered. Then to make it more complicated you would have to organize them in the firing order and watch the LEds in slow motion to verify. Haha sounds fun?
  17. This remains to be answered
  18. Never responded here I have a copy of the manual with the yellow Esprit on the cover But I still had to back trace every wire due to Lotus not clearly specify the colors of each wire By the way sharing the sensors for the crank in the Cam was an issue and anything above idle That’s why all my initial videos were just idling that’s why all my initial videos were just idling Something to do with bias resistors in both ECUs conflicting with each other. But if someone still wanted to use them easily enough just remove the factor ECU from the equation and I already posted the trigger settings for the factory sensors
  19. i checked everything. In the end it was the Divereter valve, even though I could hear the plunger actuating with vacuum, it wasnt flowing hot water to the water valve. When i pulled the hose off to bypass it, rusty water came out, been trapped there for a while. Know I learned heat is only for the feet and defrost.
  20. HVAC PINOUT TEST: 9 = 11v at 1, 8v at 2, 5v at 3 , 0v at 4 11 = pos 2 Mode switch 12 = pos 3 Mode switch 4 = pos 4 Mode Defrost 14 + 15 = heater flap position motor actuation 6 = full v at hottest position and goes down with coldest position 3 = batt volts 7 + 8 = water valve 7 = 12v to cold, pin 8 = 12v to hot 5 = position of water valve 0-10v 0v = cold 10v = hot
  21. diverter valve works diverter solenoid works vacuum supply present found the HVAC module Poking wires trying to understand where the failure is.........more then likely at the toughest spot, the water valve? to be continued...........
  22. Anyone with knowledge of how this all works? I dont have heat just in time for winter, want to take the car out to very cold climate for new years. Where exactly is the water valve located? Is it actually just sitting above pedals? I think I found the diverter valve on top of the front lower subframe (easy to get to) I believe grommets #14 or directly behind the pedals and leading thru the body to the diverter valve that above the steering rack (hard to get to) Mode Actuator controls the door for the heater matrix?
  23. i just did this repair, $20 amazon for the gear and the 3 little rollers made of plastic.
  24. Strait out of the manual: The ECM uses an inlet manifold pressure signal to help interpret engine operating conditions and fuel requirements. The MAP sensdr is mounted directly onto the top rear of the intake plenum. ‘Absolute’ pressure is measured reletive to a complete vacuum, and is independent of atmospheric pressure. Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor Page 5 Note that manifold absolute pressure is the OPPOSITE of manifold vacuum. For example, a closed throttle on engine overrun would produce a low manifold absolute pressure (high vacuum) signal. The ECM sends a 5 volt reference signal to the MAP sensor, and by measuring the sensor output voltage is able to calculate manifold pressure. High manifold pressure produces a high sensor resistance for a higher fuel requirement. If the MAP sensor should fail, the ECM will substitute a default value and use the throttle position sensor and other sensors to control fuel delivery and provide a ‘limp home’ mode.
  25. Seasons greetings from beautiful Arizona
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