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  1. here you go, Yes this was after the Pick up tube broke. Your numbers will be at a different scale due to elevation differences where we live, but you get the idea. 5 Revolutions for each to measure the actual balance between cylinders and then full compression from each. DO this on a fully charged battery with all the plugs out and Main fuel pump relay out and WOT. and here is a poor picture of the repaired tube, mounted to a 1/8" alloy plate during the repair. There was mulitiple repairs made, maybe you can see the weld line on the near the 2 bolt flange, that is an added 2" section of pipe, I also bought 2 new tube stands with new bolts From here Steel tubes Truth be told, In order for me to repair this mangled mess, after mounting the new tubes and new section of pipe was acquired, I had to mount it all while on the engine stand, add layers of cardboard,cloth,plastic bags to keep debree from entering the block, and tack weld it all in place. THen have it finish welded with a TIG.
  2. I do have them. But on a short vacation currently. I did a mild blueprint of the engine writing down as much as I could measure. I’ll get back to you end of the week.
  3. The above kit with the Lotus that got away I remember watching this listing back in 2016 thinking to myself, "I wish I knew how to tune a Lotus" 😒 Built motor,INtercooler setup, AEM piggy back, low miles and a 2002 !!! What a bummer.
  4. I opted for the stock re-assembly of my 918 when I rebuilt it. re-used the pistions and liners, even reused the piston rings along with oil pump. Only replaced main/rod bearings, I honed the cylinders with a 280grit ball hone and they came out beautifully. My compression numbers where erratic before the rebuild but after the rebuild, on a cold UN-started engine I was already back to normal balanced compression numbers. withing 5psi of each other. I was ultimately more concerned with oil pressures, oil clearances, clean oil passages throughout the entire engine, every oil galley was uncovered and flushed out. Ran new oil cooler lines and oil cooler, twin oil filters and uncovered the baffles on the valve covers to clean out the crud that you cannot see. I somehow ended up with higher then normal oil pressure with a VDO mechanical oil pressure gauge. But I also hand polished my camshaft journals .
  5. i'm sure that Motec has no trouble tuning everything and anything, maybe even does it's only auto tuning/learning on it's on while you drive. On MS you have to have the laptop running for autotune to do it's thing. Did you manage to fit an aftermarket FPR ? Snowrx, I think the original EFI Tech company who provided the ECU found it easier to tune with smaller injectors and higher PW for a stable idle rather then the other way around. I know that is a known fact.
  6. cammmy, If you look closely where the FPR is on the 918, i'm sorta convinced there is actually No option. THis style Aeromotive is for the GM LT-1 COrvette/Camaro. THe other 2 I have seen are way bulkier. THis style Aeromotive is for the GM LT-1 COrvette/CamaroSo I have to design my own adapter and relocate the FPR 😬 snowrx, I dont know if my generic FPR is 1:1 but it's a oem replacment for a '02 Corvette/Camaro. It looks identical to the original so it might be the same exact part. Remember the V8 guys have dual fuel pumps and maybe that was to make up for something? Alanlambert, the direct drop in replacments I purchased are stock flowing and for someone like you wanting to reach higher HP without the secondaries then I would prolly use one the many online calculators, but maybe more then one and find a consistent answer to what size injector to use. 58psi base pressure is pretty high !
  7. YOu brought back physics into my world & maybe thats why my F.P. datalogs are so erratic. I have been so tied up with the electronic circuits that I forgot those fundamentals. So being reminded about that I have to make changes again. I would prefer a new FPR over new injectors & Aeromotive to my knowledge is the only company making a rising rate adjustable FPR. I simply dislike having only 1 option and it's my driving force into diy approach. I still have my stock FPR just looked to be a little leaky which is why I replaced it, So now i'm gonna put it back on and verify that my pressures changes and is more steady then I will most likely CAD design a rail adapter O-ring to -an and run any adjustable FPR that's rising rate.
  8. i have seen this car on the internet long ago. Now I get to see the details. 😁 I have to ask, how do you like the Emerald, does it have everything you could ever want? Enough outputs for what you need?
  9. Very valid points. I wonder if the MS people you talked to are the same ones i'm thinking of. And yes I would also get bigger primary injectors next time around. currently I have 24lb and I dont have a rising rate FPR anymore. I bought a replacement off ebay and didnt know the OEM fpr was rising rate till just recently when someone here mentioned it. Probably why my fuel pressures are different then the rest.
  10. if you look closer at the pic, the pipe broken off the screen, the bolts snapped off and the screen with the mounting tubes was just flopping around.
  11. I forgot I had these designed and made up. Run any same size bearing you desire. [img]ht [img][/img]
  12. yeah but the loose parts make contact with spinning couterweights, my crank still has the shaving marks.
  14. If I was to do it again which I will, while the engine is out I would do all the wiring going everywhere it needs to go like gauges, fuel pump relay. My current state is a wiring nightmare to most but oh boy does she run great! 155mph so far. Remember to shop for replacement primary injectors, mine are from a 2000 Mustang Cobra. with MS3x you can run all 10 injectors no problem with the secondaries being LOW impedance. But I have to say that I did go away from the OEM ckp sensor and mounted a 36-1 wheel on the harmonic balancer, fabricated a bracket to hold a VR crank sensor and I am still using the CAM sensor for full sequential but thats only because I also got rid of the OEM coilpacks. here is my initial success story and btw, if I cant help from overseas, there are 10x better MS gurus in different parts of UK that can be of service.
  15. absolutely guys, it's a dream of mine to have others venture away from the stock ECU CHip upgrade limitations. glad that Cammy chimed in, I think it was CAmmy that kept pushing me to go MS3x full sequential. BUt i did successfully run MS2 semi-sequential with all the stock sensors and coils BUT the oem ecu didnt want to share ckp/cam sensors so I was getting RPM spike issues. Although I dont know where you could ever find a broken ECU to permanently borrow the male side of the connector in order to make a PNP build. Other options are to open the stock ecu and re-route the necessary terminals out thru a grommet and into a megasquirt, this option looks clean when you want to let the Lotus ECU work the speedo & AC. But MS can do all that except the speedo. I found a solution for it though. I am more then happy to post my MS tunes here for you guys with screen shots of the important bits.
  16. Great news. Btw did you ever get a fuel pressure reading? i have a digital read out on mine and the system does hold pressure after the priming with just key on
  17. so we did 210km this weekend and got 21.6 mpg/ 9.2 kpl. this was alll sorts of mixed driving and tuning. the workshop manual states it will get about 29mpg but that was on a perfect conditions ofcourse.
  18. So just wanted to conclude and with the gauge divided in 8 equal parts. 11 gal / 41.65L would put the gauge at a hair under the 3/8ths mark 17 gal / 64L would put the gauge at a hair under the 6/8ths mark 18.3 gal / 69.3 L would put the gauge at 7/8ths mark ( the highest my needle has ever gone) after letting the fuel settle for 2 days I got 9 ohms from the sender at the 7/8ths mark which I will assume is completely full as the float was Still moving as the last of the fuel went in. Maybe I can get the last 3L in very slowly but if I go too far it will spill into the evap i think. Well, I guess that's another method for measuring fuel!! Empty it and record your trip!!😄
  19. I took the time and pumped out the fuel on a level surface without tilting the car so it seems there was still 1gal/3.78L left between the cross-over pipe and where the pump screen could not pickup. I poured it back in gradually and made a chart for me to reference and calculate ACtual gas mileage. This should be useful to others who would like to gauge their driving habits. This as you can see is a big deal to me. lol Measured between pins 26 & 29, where 29 is supposed to be attatched to grounded at splice A but i have no wire attatched and could not find it anywhere. So the float/sender still gets it's ground from the body itself and then the fuel tank is grounded somewhere which adds 3 ohms to batt Neg. If any1 gets this far then please chime in and let us know if you have a Black wire attatched to terminal 29. There are 3 spade terminals on top of the sender unit and the 2 that are next to each other are 26/29 while 27 is further spaced out and is what turns on the light.
  20. Homework for this weekend was figuring out the Fuel sender. Almost have completed a chart outlining fuel amount in 1/2 gal increments in relation to resistance. SO far I will say the fuel gauge is Way off target. I need to buy another 9 gal to keep filling her up and get a full sweep of the float.
  21. Actually. Ever since my oem ECU, whose sole purpose was to pulse the feed the speedometer stopped working. My speedo now runs off the speed sensor directly. Because of this I need to build a VR to Hall effect circuit that MS can interpret. In the meantime I am used “MFactory gear ratio calculator” with tire size, gear ratios and rpm to figure out my exact speed. May speedo is reading around 5mph higher because I’m too lazy to recalibrate it. Turned up the boost to 10 psi but lowered my timing advance from 18-16* what's crazy is that at this level I am only using the Primary pump and running good DUty Cycle on the injectors.
  22. I like this topic. I also don’t seem to get a full fill up. The needle has never seen the F mark. It moves around a lot while driving. But I did calculate 22mpg hwy with some spirited pulls. I have been been wanting to measure the resistance of the fuel level sender in my garage and attempt to keep adding. Also could remove the fuel pump and add till it’s absolutely full then measure the resistance. Pump out 1 gal at a time and remeasure the resistance then mark the gauge somehow.
  23. i love seeing a Running Esprit, haha. that thing doenst appear to have boost leaks !!
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