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  1. love the videos, keep them coming. Can i question why the boost drops during the pull? Is that normal for the factory ECU ? Also just want to point out that you really like to REv up the 918, lolol that video is unreal, prolly only 1 like it.
  2. i did read somewhere on this forum that our pumps do need to hold some kind of pressure. I made some videos a year ago when i was dealing with this.
  3. The .75 bar regulated pressure won’t really work as most of the air built up will escape past any open valves. So you have to just keep going until either your boost gauge reads or you hear something. I like the idea of the bike tube, it’s strong enough!
  4. well I have since moved the striker back forward where it was and maybe some more, Seems I simply moved it the opposite way. So far to 130mph no issues.
  5. and are you sure you want to leave those old hoses in the tank? They are kinda known for deteriorating due to the fact that these cars sit around a lot. This is what I ordered but i've yet to install it, I actually used a temporary hose for the time being and soon after found this part number online. Gates hose
  6. Here you go -4an. you dont need to buy from them, find the -4an adapter to whatever your guage has anywhere on the internet.
  7. suspecting a ruptured fuel line in the tank after both the pumps merge. I ordered a replacement piece of in-tank fuel line from gates, it's a specific part number and you get like 12" of line. I can dig up the info.
  8. need to look into that. yeah I need to spend more time adjusting, maybe place camera under hood and see how it looks when latched. No none of that but I am missing spare tire and my headlights were uP. to be honest, I adjusted the right latch in a fast food parking. Didnt put much thought into it 😆
  9. Having fun lately? I have. Don’t think I can make it to 170+ but 140 so far!
  10. last night we organized a cruise with some random cars, made some cool videos, I kept retuning the car after every race getting faster and thus pushing the car to higher speeds but then this front bonnet decides to ruin the fun, even have videos of it all. I adjusted one corner of the striker on the hood pushing it further back but then got worse, both latches gave and hood was fully unlatched. Is this still an adjustment issue or a latch problem, what does the community think?
  11. i hate reading these storied but i guess it's time to drop the oil and see what you get?
  12. I will take you up on that offer! which software do I need ?
  13. Yeah don’t do what I did 😁 but if you have the intake plenum off blow some air into it and check the valve stem for leak
  14. Someone say Gran Turismo !!
  15. Appreciate the thought. There is one big road block though, my harness is all cut away from the stock computer. Every necessary component has been soldered directly to MS harness. Damn good idea though! all I would need is some form of data log from somebody on the forum with ignition timing from cold start to warm idle and then Cruising and WOT. The rest of the sensor readings won’t be transferable data but doesn’t hurt to take a peak. And i I know you really want to know if the stock ecu is actually running sequential behind the scenes.
  16. Well I feel better now as I thought I gave up to quick in my search.
  17. Nono it re-routes exhaust gases at higher engine loads back into the intake to burn again. you are referring to the air injection pump hiding inside the left trunk space. it has the hose coming from the left side and to that valve on the left head. In your case that pump serves no purpose other then to keep the CEL from coming on.
  18. I had to pull the plenum off again to replace idle valve accomplished with just raising the hatch onto factory strut locks and without removing the rear deck. But I couldn’t find the tightening sequence for the plenum. Anyways I put it all back together and tightened it down in my own sequence until they all felt snug.
  19. My car up until recently was running 295/35r18 Toyo Proxes in the rear.
  20. thank you thank you thank you. I have been waiting for someone to post info like this. I have NO reference to tune my v8. I never had a good running stock ECU. I have no idea how much timing the engine wants at WOT. Atleast now I know 9 degrees at idle on a cold morning.
  21. these topics are always interesting. 😋
  22. I have been on 4.5psi of boost for 1 year now. the time came to find out why I was unsuccessful at getting any more. used a leak down tester on 1 turbo + BLocked off the other turbo ended up being the EGR valve, when the boost built up, it pushed open the valve and it made a "Door opening" sound then it all leaked out the sides. My fix was a block off plate siliconed shut on both ends. Now after 1 tuning session I got it safely up to 7.5psi and here we go!
  23. i can see the videos are all there, but either way i solved the problem with the test on video 2. this is how I hooked it up, went for a calibration drive of 1 mile, the speedo CAL went from 6170 pulses to 36,310 using the sign wave. After the 1st try I was within 1 mph and i'm good with that. I tapped into the wires at the ABS unit, after that I have no ABS trouble lights coming on!
  24. I like so many others suffered from this on 2 previous drives then on the last drive it seems no more speedo at all. This thread will be all about my path to fix it and it may or may not help others. My Esprit is heavily modded in the electronics aspect so my solutions are unusual. I swapped the 2 rear VSS sensors they both work no flashing ABS bulb Here is some preliminary vids of my testing.
  25. So which cats are you running? i have 2 sets and don’t know which is factory.
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