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  1. You got 34mph out of your v8 esprit?????  I have managed to get 20mpg averaging 80 mph. Yikes, 

    Anyways I like what you are doing with the 918 into the Excel And i'm curious what method you used to make the adapter plate?

    1. dave excell

      dave excell


      I measures the Toyota W58 bell housing and it was longer than the V8 bell housing by 26mm. So I am using the V8 housing with a 26mm alloy spacer. I aligned the Toyota geabox input shaft with the hole on the V8 bellhousing using a shaft that fitted V8 on one end and Toyota at the other. The  alloy plate was counterbored with the holes to fit the toyota box so they were slightly below the surface. This then left the plate clear to drill through holes to bolt the V8 housing on. There was a clash of one bolt on the V8 bell housing , so another was redrilled off set enough to miss. You would need a lathe to make the shaft up or a friendly machine shop owner. The spigot bearing in the V8 crank is swapped for the Excel one (same outer diameter but bigger inner) The two slide togrther perfectly. next job is to make the clutch friction plates with toyota splines instead of the AP clutch Reault splines. Apologies if this is not clear I am not very good at describing things. The geabox needs to be perfectly in line with the crank to avoid any reliability problems.

      The tip I got about the V8 economy was from Phil at South West Lotus. He said keep the speed under 100mph and boost low and 30 mpg is acheivable. I normally get about 24 mpg from the Esprit using it locally. My Excel 2.2 does about the same with those dellorto carbs. Anns M100 does about 35 mpg on a run. All 3 cars have done the Monaco, Italy run and the Excel is the most uneconomical of all.

  2. Hi Nich, Now that i know who i'm talking to, I can say you have done what I only dreamed of. FUnny how you did what I had in plan around the same time frame. If I had seen your thread I would have probably gotten more done. 

    Is there any way we can chat in the future more directly like thru a phone app? YOu have seriously brought some light to my Subaru tranny dream. 

    1. nicholden


      Hey Michael, sure thing. Are you on WhatsApp or anything?  


    2. v8GTmac1


      I’m on whatsup. 623 680 4620 

      havent been on this forum much. Haven’t driven the Lotus. Is that it’s hot out. 

      But I do have a few questions. 

  3. I recall you mentioning somewhere you have or planning to get a sequential 6 speed that bolted up to the un1 bellhousing?


    1. mike_sekinger


      Indeed.  That is still the route, but it will take a while.   My engine will not be built before mid- to late next year.

  4. hey Mike, v8 Camshaft question. I'm reassembling the engine and after a year I may have mixed up the Left side cams. 

    Mine dont have color markings white,blue,tan,green.   They are stamped B,A,C,D   

    I want to say that I mixed up B & A and should be A,B,C,D from Left exhaust to right Exhaust?

    1. mike_sekinger



      Easy one:

      A - LH IN

      B- LH EX

      C- RH IN

      D- RH EX

      Good luck with the rebuild and ask if you have any other questions.


      Mike S

    2. v8GTmac1


      this is a big help. I spent all last night searching google for pics of camshaft locking pins installed onto cams without valve covers to see where the cam lobes are supposed to be pointed 😁 could not find a pic of the left side head anywhere 🙄.   Thank you. 

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