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  1. Yeah that's the one. The theme song was that house of the king song too, great stuff
  2. That's a shame - I liked it. Always been a big Alan Partridge fan ever since "Knowing me Knowing you with Alan Partridge". This new series sort of goes back to that format but in a more modern way of course. Has anyone seen the other series Coogan did called Saxondale?
  3. Not the best example to be setting 😳 At least he wasn't speeding about in a Lotus!
  4. That feeling you get when you leave the gym feeling absolutely drained and exhausted is probably the thing that made me happiest today
  5. How is everyone on this fine Friday? The sun is shining and the Lotus is shining even brighter. I haven't been as active on this forum as I would have like to have been recently due to work and the son etc but I've once again got that glistening Friday feeling! Only issue is that it's starting to get rather cold round these ends...... "Winter is coming" as a certain television character would say Will definitely be getting something like this for the son: How is everyone elses Friday morning?? Any meet-ups planned for the weekend/anytime soon? I'd be more than interested! Cheers lads.
  6. 😍 beautiful. Can never go wrong with an Esprit. Never.
  7. Crikey, if I lived there at that time I would've probably avoided driving anywhere for a few days til people got used to it! Really interesting stuff though and I'll have to read up more on it. Was there any particular reason they changed the side of the road they drive on back then?
  8. That's really quite interesting actually! I'd never really thought about where it would've come from
  9. Has anyone who's driven abroad ever come across any strange driving laws? I was reading this little article earlier: ...and some of these laws seem extra strange. It's interesting to see how other countries police their roads.
  10. I'll surely have to get the mega drive down from the attic now and try to find a copy on eBay! The little one is going to be a Lotus fanatic whether he knows it yet or not haha
  11. Wow !! I think anyone would be punching above their weight with that beauty!
  12. Had a little Bond marathon over the weekend with the son and when watching 'The Spy Who Loved Me', it made me remember exactly when and why I first ever fell in love with Lotus and specifically the Esprit. I can still remember the first time watching that film, ahhh the nostalgia! The car will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. Just a shame mine can't turn into a submarine! How and when did you, reader, fall in love with Lotus?
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