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  1. I'll have to grab paperwork next time i'm over, just assumed they would have online prices in this day and age
  2. Any ideas where I might get a link to new car prices and option costs since I can't find them on, maybe I'm just missing the link?
  3. Good points. I'll lower my expectations re trade in price for the ease and hassle free approach. Would have stayed with current car as it's fab but like the cosy feel of 3 year warranty.
  4. Does anyone know if the dealers give good values when part exchanging an Evora against another newer Evora, or is it just best to sell yourselves?
  5. Completely agree with original statement, I use mine about 3 days every week and my wife dog and I often use the Evora for small uk driving breaks luggage and walking gear easily fits and the car is easily the most comfortable for touring trips (we have new disco and 2 minis too). It's also reliable when driven frequently. This side of a Mclaren not sure what to buy next, probably part Ex a 430 next when prices get to 85k ish.
  6. Noticed most the dealer new stock GT cars are suddenly being discounted, I wonder if Lotus are getting ready to launch a new version soon.
  7. Hanger 111 emailed me yesterday to say they may be doing the 430 kit again from mid March.
  8. Damn, I was just waiting for mine to go out of warranty, next month, to book into Hanger 111 to get this done too. Has anyone found a reasonably priced alternative yet?
  9. Just a note, I have an Evora 400 and as long as I take the drivers out the bag first, you can fit one golf bag in the boot which is far wider than it looks and another behind the seats so you can take your playing partner with you.
  10. Cheers for comments, tested in rain over weekend and no problems re peeling etc.
  11. Ok, here's my Halfords £3.50 attempt, time will tell if it can stand the weather.
  12. Thanks for idea, will go look tomorrow, if any good I'll post picture.
  13. Thanks for idea, will go look tomorrow, if any good I'll post picture.
  14. Any one know where I may get these done, as seen on a B&C sales car
  15. Just been on the official Lotus Cars web site and they quote this for the 410 Sport "Evora Sport 410 is powered by supercharged, 3.5-litre 6-cylinder engine, producing 400 hp at 7000 rpm and 301 lbft (410 Nm) of torque at 3500 rpm" the 410 refers to the Nm of torque it seems Actual link for anyone interested
  16. I was told by the Lotus dealer that they were basically the same bhp but the 410 was lighter with better tyres, I tested both and preferred the all roundness of the 400.
  17. Thanks for welcome, been lurking on here for many years below the radar, but found all the information to be very helpful, thanks
  18. Just to add my positive comments I'm on my second Evora an early 400 following a late Sport Racer S and I'm completely loving it, tested a 410 before I purchased and loved that too but preferred the more comfortable interior and thought the performance was pretty much the same. I have had very little go wrong with either car and the factory or dealers always sorted all things out for me even going the extra mile and driving to me, in Wiltshire from the factory, when I had strange noise coming from the wheels (dirt in the brake dust covers). I have had many top sports cars over the years and whilst on my 3rd 911 test drove the Evora and couldn't believe how much more exciting it was, buying a new one the following week. I don't know where to go after this car, short of a Mclaren, as I've driven most of the fun choices but not one drives, sounds or delivers the sense of occasion that these cars do. My wife dog and I can have also done many driving holidays in her and found that the Evora can be a great GT car too, 3 of us plus all this luggage! .
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