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  1. Why don't you just test-drive the other models and see what you think? No down-side that I can think of.
  2. Up-slope or orographic stratus.
  3. It does work. In fact you can get tyres with this stuff already in them now:
  4. Fair play on the soft-tops.
  5. Why not just drive it? That's the best way to see out the Winter months!
  6. Looks lot like the retail-quality one I bought, so that's a good sign! As you say, only the exterior needs lacquering.
  7. Think that was proven by MythBusters to be - shall we say - excessively cautious. Also noticed that a lot of petrol stations no longer have signs saying that phones should not be used.
  8. Hinge protector on; it wasn't too bad, although it would have been better to do it before final alignment...... Put a towel over the engine bay when you do this, as there are some shims that fall out and you might just drop a bolt as well. Having said that, you don't need/want the shims once you fit the protector. I used a screwdriver down through the sail-panel grille to align the hole of the heat-pipe support tab when refitting.
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