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  1. Looking for some lightweight wheels for my GT 410. Lighter the better, so must be forged and even 18/19" considered. Preferably silver in colour. Russ, 07482 735176.
  2. Actually yes you are correct. Sorry for the misinformation; it's been a few years. I had the Radium.
  3. To add to Bendonian, my S1 had a Lotus Sports Exhaust, 2Bular bypass pipe and the BOE CAI and it was bonkers loud; almost painful. That's why I sold it (to Bibs); the combination was way too loud. Couldn't feel any difference in performance with it removed, but at least my ears no longer bled on WOT.
  4. EGTE


    They also do very good pre-purchase inspections for a reasonable price and have various videos with JayEmm about buying.
  5. I ran Exe-TCs on a 996 a few years back and they clonked A LOT. THey're labeled as "Competition Suspension" so I think they just have very little of the rubber/plastic internals that road-car suspension does. They were amazingly good things, but not at all quiet (noticeable at slows speeds only really). Maybe the same for the Nitrons?
  6. No, it's because I can feel the extra weight (heavier steering and slightly worse ride) of the 19s on the front compared to the forged 18s on my NA and was thinking of going with the lighter wheels again.
  7. Thanks for that, will definitely make sure speedo is good, but was most worried about calliper clearance.
  8. As per title really, can you go as small as 18/19 on a GT410, or does it not work (caliper clearance too tight at the front)? Would all Evora OEM wheels fit?
  9. There is of course also the GT 410 (non-sport), which has softer suspension and more sound deadening (foam) than any previous Evora (bar the NA's suspension) I believe. Outstanding road-car.
  10. GREAT video here from some of the best guys in the business:
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