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  1. The service schedules are obviously not designed with lockdowns in mind; they are in anticipation of continuous use. There's no harm whatsoever in delaying servicing an engine that's not being used (ie no cold starts, where most damage is done) by say 6 months.
  2. They say these plugs are good for any model, which is great news.
  3. £3K is nothing for a top-end suspension set-up. Exe-TC stuff is at least £8K for their 3-ways. Having run a (second-hand!!) set of their dampers, I personally thought they were definitely worth it - total voodoo going on down there - but the standard Evora (NA) set-up is really bloody good for road use.
  4. These look a sensible price:
  5. Same as Cdm2018, for me.
  6. Here's famous Scotty Kilmer raving about the Evora. That's going to bring a hell of a lot more awareness of the brand to the USA.
  7. The Michelin PS4S in 255/35/19 look ever so slightly stretched, too. Nothing major, but occasionally noticeable. Not going to mess with the Lotus set-up, if I can help it, except to say the Michelins are much, much better than the Pirellis ever were.
  8. Some good points here. There's another Hoovie video where "the Wizard" puts transmission fluid in the wrong hole of an AMG SLS, so he clearly isn't always right, to say the least!
  9. Just thought you fellow car-nuts should watch this: Favourite reviewer with one of my favourite cars.
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