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  1. Why don't you just test-drive the other models and see what you think? No down-side that I can think of.
  2. Up-slope or orographic stratus.
  3. It does work. In fact you can get tyres with this stuff already in them now:
  4. Fair play on the soft-tops.
  5. Why not just drive it? That's the best way to see out the Winter months!
  6. Looks lot like the retail-quality one I bought, so that's a good sign! As you say, only the exterior needs lacquering.
  7. Think that was proven by MythBusters to be - shall we say - excessively cautious. Also noticed that a lot of petrol stations no longer have signs saying that phones should not be used.
  8. Hinge protector on; it wasn't too bad, although it would have been better to do it before final alignment...... Put a towel over the engine bay when you do this, as there are some shims that fall out and you might just drop a bolt as well. Having said that, you don't need/want the shims once you fit the protector. I used a screwdriver down through the sail-panel grille to align the hole of the heat-pipe support tab when refitting.
  9. Thanks for that - will try to do the same and take a better picture if I can. Yes I saw a similar picture of the stay and that meant taking out and drilling 2 carpet studs (one was a pop-rivet, the other a stud like on jeans), but it's only GRP there anyway. Into one hole I put the grommit and the other is the clip. Not terribly difficult, but a little unnerving initially.
  10. This is really useful info:
  11. Well I got mine on yesterday and it's not an easy job, that's for sure. Glad I had a friendly (proper) mechanic with me! There are no instructions or diagrams on where to put things, e.g. a second earth, which appears to have no obvious function but we eventually googled that it goes behind the brake light. Took a while and a little drilling (eek!) to work out how the stay works/where it should go. The electrical connector for the brake light was wrong, so we robbed the one off the original tailgate. The alignment was quite tricky and definitely a two- or three-man job. But it does look fantastic and is much, much lighter as well. Still working out how the hinge protector should be fitted; any help appreciated!
  12. Having had an NA and now Phil's-spec (400), I agree. However I have got totally used to the 400-spec suspension and it would be interesting to see how an NA feels now.
  13. Just ordered one of these - very excited! Any tips on fitting, or indeed removing the old (heavy) tailgate safely?
  14. I loved my NA. Missed it for ages even when I bought my GT410. The ride, braking and nimbleness were magical and the performance - as Jep says - just about perfect for road use. But let's not forget they did have a LOT of niggly (and some significant) quality-control issues, which put a lot of people off. EVO themselves used to always point out the gulf between the interiors of Porsches versus Evoras and sadly quality plus interiors matter a lot to most buyers and this is why it didn't sell, I think. The later cars have a much better interior (even if it's just perception) and the ride on the 400/GT 410 is still spot-on, plus the performance is a huge step up. I love my GT410, but if I could "only" have an NA, I'd still be a very happy guy.
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