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  1. Yes the facebook group are quite active.
  2. Congratulations, Mark! I hope you enjoy her as much as I did; she's a cracker that's been well-loved by many of us on these forums (i.e. enthusiasts). Hope to see you at some of the SW Lotus meets some time soon.
  3. EGTE

    Wanted - Evora S

    Or just get an NA; nothing wrong with them at all!
  4. More next week then, hopefully.
  5. I also got some expensive quotes, all involving huge amounts of man-hours to get the front clam off and on again. It was a little village garage in Devon that did this eventually and it was not difficult to do. They did a full flush and replaced condenser-drier at the same time and the system's been perfect ever since (about 3 years). Good luck.
  6. Plus it will be half the price of the 911 Turbo......
  7. They've just stepped out of a Huracan Evo and they love the steering, handling and pace........says a lot!
  8. You can get to it from underneath the front undertray.
  9. Message sent! Congrats!
  10. You "run around" in a crap-box like a Puke. You drive an Evora.
  11. Would loved to have kept both, but very happy with the GT. Hope the new owner enjoys the NA as much as I did.
  12. Bad luck Kimbers, must be terribly difficult. Hope it all works out for you.
  13. Thanks for that guys, particularly Scotty; my biggest fear is regretting selling the NA, so it's good to hear you never regretted selling yours. Will report back in a few weeks once the 410 is run in.
  14. I liked the "Phil's spec" Evora so much, I've just bought one. Wanted something as soft as the NA but with the performance/interior of the S2s and the GT410 delivers that in spades. Seems much quieter (NVH-wise) too. Will be picking up on Monday (currently being prepped /PPF-ed at Topaz Detailing).
  15. Facing the end of Evora production, I've decided that whilst the Emira will be lovely, the interior electronics is absolutely not my thing. So I've "invested" in trading in my Aquamarine (will miss that colour, not going to lie) NA for one of the last brand-new GT410s. Currently being prepped, PPF-ed and ceramic-coated by Topaz Detailing, will pick up Monday. I love the easier access and the softer suspension, which is really not far off the NAs other-worldly ride. I always thought they'd have to bury me in the blue Evora, but it will be a green one instead! Definitely not the end of the Evora for me.
  16. You can change the condenser without taking off the front clam.
  17. No, sorry. Although I could gut the 3rd cat on my sports exhaust and try that, now you mention it.
  18. Weird they never sold the GT in the UK. I would definitely have bought one.
  19. Okay I wasn't clear about my reasoning. I have an Evora, so I know the Emira will be great to drive, even if it is based on an Evora. However I already have a great-driving Evora, so buying an Emira would cost me about £45-50,000 to get a nicer interior (although the Evora's is just fine to me) and more electronics (not a good thing, especially parking-brake). Both look fine to me (not actually blown away by Emira tbh), so no improvement there either. Not criticising the Emira; it just doesn't stack up for me as an Evora owner already. I hope Lotus sell boat-loads of Emiras and become as successful as Porsche. In fact more successful than Porsche.
  20. Well I was initially all over the Emira, but after JayEmm's video pointing out that the Emira is basically a heavily-reworked Evora anyway, I'm not interested any more. Never was interested in the 4-pot since there is no manual option. So this Evora owner definitely won't be trading his car in for an Emira.
  21. DeRoure is not too good for this. Service Notes not much better: Evora_2009_english/003.htm Basically tighten as many as you can get to.
  22. Fair point, but I think their reviews are extremely good generally.
  23. This is one of the best reviewers on Youtube in my opinion (his LFA review/tribute was something else) Check out his thoughts on the Evora GT (and how Porsches compare at 14:28). You'll be glad to hear they align with your thoughts, Andrew. For sheer entertainment this one is superb as well:
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