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  1. This one fits great; the flaps tuck into the doors and covers everything well:
  2. I gave up on this idea when I discovered that the weights of almost all the different wheel options (bar Stefan's, which are a bit too much for me to justify personally) are pretty much the same.
  3. He found the Sport setting "confusing", in that it no longer felt Lotus-like. That's hardly a ringing endorsement of a Lotus.
  4. Watching Harry Metcalfe's review of the Emira, the spring rates on the Sport are only 5% stiffer than the Touring. However the damper settings are quite different and make a HUGE difference (he didn't like the Sport at all, but loved the Touring). So spring rates alone don't tell the whole story.
  5. Nope, I'm not sold on the Emira looks at all and the interior has too many screens and electric motors for me.
  6. I think I've found a solution! Pictures 6 and 7 and the text around it look like the same problem and this guy found a fix; will try it out.
  7. My thoughts on the "track car" comment as well. Yes it does go away if I touch the brakes, so I believe he is correct. I may well try the pads/shims and the mechanic at the dealer is in the process of contacting AP racing as well. Thanks for reply. Correct, Keith; it's not a track car. Very kind offer to compare your car's effects with mine; do please PM me and I'll take you up on that!
  8. Does anyone else suffer a nasty, metallic rattle through the steering/suspension when driving over poor/coarse tarmac? My GT410 does and it got so annoying that I took it to my nearest dealer. I could feel the rattle through the steering wheel, so I was concerned something serious was wrong. It has done this from day one. The dealer has tried really hard, to be fair, including removing re-packing the dashboard and they have spent many hours tearing the car down to no avail. Finally some trouble-shooter guy from Lotus came down and pin-pointed it as being a "feature" of the large AP-racing brake callipers! These have only one sliding pin for the pads and the pads can vibrate slightly over such road surfaces, producing a nasty, metallic sound/force through the suspension and steering. Lotus guy said it should be expected from "what is basically a track car" and that nothing could be done about it. I'm really pissed off, to be honest. I bought the GT410 hoping for something softer than the hard-core Evoras and more like the NA in terms of road manners (NA had 2-pin callipers and was better in braking in every way), not something you grit your teeth with on much of my local tarmac. Anyone else have/had this issue? If so, does anyone know of a cure? It is f. annoying and in danger or ruining the car for me totally, so any advice appreciated. It would be handy to know just how common - or not - this is.
  9. Having gone from an NA to a GT410, the suspension feels pretty firm on the new car, comparatively. Definitely miss the softness of the NA.
  10. Looking for some lightweight wheels for my GT 410. Lighter the better, so must be forged and even 18/19" considered. Preferably silver in colour. Russ, 07482 735176.
  11. Actually yes you are correct. Sorry for the misinformation; it's been a few years. I had the Radium.
  12. To add to Bendonian, my S1 had a Lotus Sports Exhaust, 2Bular bypass pipe and the BOE CAI and it was bonkers loud; almost painful. That's why I sold it (to Bibs); the combination was way too loud. Couldn't feel any difference in performance with it removed, but at least my ears no longer bled on WOT.
  13. EGTE


    They also do very good pre-purchase inspections for a reasonable price and have various videos with JayEmm about buying.
  14. I ran Exe-TCs on a 996 a few years back and they clonked A LOT. THey're labeled as "Competition Suspension" so I think they just have very little of the rubber/plastic internals that road-car suspension does. They were amazingly good things, but not at all quiet (noticeable at slows speeds only really). Maybe the same for the Nitrons?
  15. No, it's because I can feel the extra weight (heavier steering and slightly worse ride) of the 19s on the front compared to the forged 18s on my NA and was thinking of going with the lighter wheels again.
  16. Thanks for that, will definitely make sure speedo is good, but was most worried about calliper clearance.
  17. As per title really, can you go as small as 18/19 on a GT410, or does it not work (caliper clearance too tight at the front)? Would all Evora OEM wheels fit?
  18. There is of course also the GT 410 (non-sport), which has softer suspension and more sound deadening (foam) than any previous Evora (bar the NA's suspension) I believe. Outstanding road-car.
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