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  1. A lot of Hethels seem to be autos, too.
  2. It is strange, yes. Unfortunately you might be leading the way on something new we all need to keep an eye on.
  3. Another thought for the OP: have you actually tried an NA? They are not exactly slow and they do feel lighter and nimbler. I tried both and preferred the NA. Honestly think it would be a wiser choice.
  4. I wouldn't touch a flooded car at all, personally.
  5. That's the second rotted sump we've seen recently, isn't it?
  6. It has for me, although I haven't had the tyres on long enough to test them in deep Winter. Couldn't get those Pirellis off fast enough, to be honest; they still had plenty of tread, but weren't great in the wet/cold/reversing.
  7. I won't touch main dealers of any type, sorry. It's where they make all their profits and they're just minimum-cost, minimum-care, maximum-profit machines.
  8. EGTE

    Formula One

    That F1 car sounds like a little radio-controlled car 😬
  9. Have just ordered and put Duralac on mine, thanks for the tip, Bibs.
  10. Octane magazine described the Evora's steering as "possibly the finest power-assisted steering rack of any car ever." and it's part of why we love the car. The anti-ackerman steering effects disappear if you use Michelin tyres (PS4/4S).
  11. Added paragraphs on metal oil lines, condenser/compressor damage due to gravel impacts, skipping tyres while steering and steering-wheel click (all of which I have had, along with clutch- and brake-pedal sensor faults, plus an ECU that went mental 🙂 ).
  12. Tell B&C that the forum collective demanded more info on the old part. 😉
  13. Amazed EVO keeps going, honestly. It's utter crap now.
  14. Very odd. Was it kept near the sea or something?
  15. Regards the head unit, your best bet is to get advice from a car hi-fi place; they'll know the best options.
  16. I bought something called "5X NISSAN PRIMERA Tyre Pressure Monitor System 65657-KD Schrader" on eBay for £12; these fixed a couple of TPMS stem seals nicely.
  17. If you've ever watched the excellent YouTube channel "539 Restorations" series on restoring an ex-Dubai 750i ( then I would be a little concerned that maybe some of the servicing of the car has been a little......non-standard? I would certainly try a gearbox-oil change, cannot hurt.
  18. I got some from an excellent company called Masterflex )in Oldham). It's been fantastic stuff and came in a funky orange colour (you could paint it, but I like it). You need 2" ducting in 24" length of a product called SIL-1 (see sheet attached). They actually gave it to me for free as a sample length! Master-SIL 1.pdf
  19. 2 weeks in the UK 🙂
  20. Are you in the UK? I would expect a starter motor to last 6 years at least.
  21. Just like a MacLaren F1 is "just a BMW"? What a moron.
  22. I'd be going back to that dealer. 18 months is unacceptable quality (i.e. unfit for sale).
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