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  1. Been thinking about blacking up my Lotus and Evora scripts, too. What did you use to do that? Plasti-dip doesn't work too well on chrome/aluminium, unfortunately.
  2. Thanks. Every day's a school-day!
  3. No there's more to it than that; they are just so damned nice to drive. I tried an Evora of out curiosity and it blew me away.
  4. Thanks, @agentdr8. The trickiest bit for me is finding a dealer who is not useless....
  5. How do you then program the key? I don't have the PIN code anywhere in my documents and Poole Lotus were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard when I asked about it.
  6. Apparently the percentage of people who test-drive the Evora and then go on to buy one is huge; like unheard-of huge. The hardest part is getting people to test-drive them, of course......
  7. I do 12000 miles per year in mine (2010 NA) and it laps it up. I greatly enjoy it, too.
  8. Yes, a nice piece all round at last. What's the story of John Miles?
  9. I must be lucky with my 2010 (upgraded gear cables); the manual gearchange is great.
  10. Thanks, guys. Thinking of re-painting mine and anthracite looks nice.
  11. The other one to watch is the brake-pedal sensor. Had both go so far, but not much else (well, apart from ECU).
  12. There was one in Scotland for £78K recently, but yes this seems to be where they're at. Not that I'm keeping my eye on them or anything 😏
  13. Absolutely and perfectly natural. But the narrative was completely at odds with the conclusion and the Evora was just dismissed, despite being "a great sports car"! Given EVO purports (and used to be) about "The thrill of driving", it shows how blinded by (mainly German) tech and plushness they have become.
  14. A good article I thought. We can bemoan the fact that most people prefer mainstream cars, but this article does at least explain why a few of us still love the Evora.
  15. Yes, utter drivel as usual. The 992 is "aloof", "a Panamera Coupe" (I thought exactly this at the launch; hate it), "feels like a solid slab of a car with overly heavy steering " yet still wins? The Evora "...has the polish of the Porsche but with an abundance of character and a deep sense of connection. In many ways it shames the others," and ".. its grip, damping, braking and agility unfailingly highlighted how simplicity and low mass are at the heart of a great sports car." but comes last? Those guys have been schmoozed by the mainstream brands and gone old and soft and love comfort, tech and huge numbers too much. I used to love EVO in the Harry Metcalf days, but unsubscribed from their BS years ago.
  16. That wrench means something amiss, but not major, I think. Sometimes can just mean it needs a service. I'd be tempted to disconnect battery for a while, earth both leads separately, to reset ECU (make sure you know your radio code) and see how you get on. Or get an OBD reader and see what codes it's throwing up.
  17. Thanks for this, may well do it at next service.
  18. EGTE

    Electric Evora

    ...for which you can apparently charge £2m 🙂
  19. Yikes. That's a lot of tax!
  20. I keep going through this conundrum and honestly the NA is all one really needs. But I will keep lusting for the more-powerful models (esp. GT430) 🙂
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