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  1. Just be warned that they are f. loud!
  2. ยฃ400. Yes, really. Plus the map data is only actually only updated every 5 years.
  3. That Dick Lovett car has been for sale for many months. Strange that it's not so popular, as its design was based on a poll, but even though I toy with moving to a -400, I've never been that interested in it (mainly due to auto, perhaps).
  4. Sat Nav can easily be changed to something much better (Apple CarPlay/Android)
  5. Many thanks, guys. Sadly no PIN in the manual (although there will be in future!). I'll try RMS and the dealer who last serviced the car. Cheers.
  6. Well done, Jaws. We know you actually aimed at that pothole, knowing they would be amazed ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜†.
  7. Had a bit of a close call with my key-fob packing up (suddenly!) while doing a shopping run for my father yesterday. Managed to resuscitate enough juice in the battery using his oven and get home, but looking at the emergency measures for key-fob failure, it talks about key PINs. I'm about the 5th owner of this car and sadly the PIN sheet(s) have clearly been lost somewhere along the way. Can a dealer get this information for me, or do I have to go to Lotus HQ or something? Anyone know the procedure please?
  8. The British Army researched using lights as camouflage. It could pretty much make AFVs disappear at a distance when they were sky-lined.
  9. Buy secondhand with a nationwide warranty and you need not bother/be bothered by Lotus dealers ever again; they're not complex cars, so most good garages can fix them. Also lower depreciation. That's how I do it and I think it would work for the OP. As jep says, get a 400 that you've had a REALLY good look over/inspected and you'll likely be one happy camper.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted before, but some guys will enjoy it ....and the car!
  11. "...but you can opt for a 6-speed manual if you want to lose the plot entirely" Could take no more after that crap!
  12. Mine's a 2010 and I've had it 2 years, so needless to say I hadn't read that! Good info, though.
  13. I do wonder if the variable valve-timing won't struggle with such a thicker spec.
  14. Wouldn't have happened on a Porsche.....oh wait!
  15. One minor correction: Octane magazine actually stated that the Evora was the best hydraulically-assisted steering of any car, ever!
  16. Did some research: The big causes of spun bearings are: Bad tune causing detonation which hammers the bearings flat and screws up the clearances (more often than not a bad tune will crack a piston ringland before it will cause you to spin a bearing) Low oil pressure - this can be caused by low oil, a cracked oil pickup tube, or too much high lateral G driving pushing the oil to one side of the pan and starving the pickup tube Using oil that is too thin to protect the motor adequately
  17. Yes indeed, but it makes sense to stick to the "design language" of the Evija. There will be a queue for "OO7" 0 number plates, I bet!
  18. This is an artist's impression of the new Esprit:โ€˜espritโ€™-lead-lotus-expansion-plan
  19. At that price, I'd definitely want a 12-month warranty. Or you haggle it down on price and buy your own, if it's been for sale a while. It's not massively over-priced, didn't mean to imply that.
  20. Seems over-priced to me.
  21. I find my 2bular a little TOO loud, to be honest. Thinking of going back to standard (Sports exhaust) Must be getting old ๐Ÿ™‚
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