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  1. Never known a warranty to cover wear and tear. Would still much, much prefer a manual, too.
  2. Obviously get the alignment checked if the car pulls hard left or right, too.
  3. I love my PS4 rears (quieter, slightly softer, no problems in the wet) and they seem to be lasting longer.
  4. Sounds like throttle sensor is on the way out, maybe.
  5. V12 Vantage interior would do fine (except for the naff "power, beauty, soul" bit). Also 997-era 911 would be perfectly acceptable, although I'm only saying that to wind up C8RKH ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Don't get me wrong; I really like the interior of my NA and later models such as 410 and 430 are way better still. However, the head-unit is quite poor, the airbags bulge out of the fascia and there are some very basic bits down near the floor. It doesn't put me off (at all!), but the press often mention the exposed screws and little things like that, which mass-produced cars just don't have. Then they recommend a Porsche, of course....... I hope Geely bring the investment that allows Lotus interiors to get to the standard whereby non Lotus-enthusiastic drivers will consider them more mainstream, which would then bring more buyers and allow economies of scale to begin to play on the build-costs, too (good point on that, Jonny).
  7. What the Evora needs most is a better interior. If it had even the same quality cabin as a 3-series BMW (not even a new one; maybe E90-era) Lotus would sell so many more, I reckon.
  8. Good comparison video of Michelin Cup, PS4 and PS4S here:
  9. Interesting article here. Anyone looked at Hankooks for the Evora?
  10. Very nice. Do you intend to bring her along to any Lotus meets in the SW?
  11. Have you ever worked with Exe-TC?
  12. Get it done before the warranty runs out, mate.
  13. I never said that any of that, Julian. Read again and you'll see it was a comment about R&Ts, not TTX36s, plus a comment about general tastes in the USA, not you specifically.
  14. No it isn't a generic statement; it's the expert opinion of "Center Gravity" in the UK; an extremely well-regarded company known for its expertise in car suspension set-up. Nor did I say the TTX36 would be terrible for the street. You're in the USA and tastes over there tend to favour much-higher spring-rates than in the UK. I'm trying to give some balance to your comments. I have first-hand experience of other high-quality makes and think that Ohlins-worship can be rather over-done and ignores other options.
  15. Great write-up and I agree that the NA is a fantastic car and all you need. Not that I don't also "need" at GT430, of course ๐Ÿ™‚
  16. Ohlins Road & Tracks certainly tend to have way too-stiff springs (for UK roads, at least), from reviews I have read.
  17. Was exactly the same reason why I moved from a 996 to my Evora. Bore-score and crankshaft bearing wear almost inevitable on the 3.6 M96. That, plus rust issues taking hold quite firmly, too. More modern 911s also absolutely enormous now; more GT than sports car.
  18. The gear cables can be changed on LEs to 2012+ specification; improves the gearchange a lot. I love my 2010 NA (with above cables) and it don't forget it beat the 997.1 GT3, Noble M600 and Gallardo Balboni in EVO COTY!
  19. Excellent stuff. I had something similar installed in my S1 Evora and the guys were very impressed at the sound, too.
  20. Hi Bruss, It's not desperately serious; just the bolts stretching or working ever-so-slightly loose. I had a similar clicking noise (which I thought was steering-related) on my NA and this has fixed the problem. It can come back even so, which is when new bolts are needed.
  21. I think you might need to drop the front undertray and tighten up the front subframe bolts.
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