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  1. SJS had a few sets of these lying around, last time I went.
  2. You might want to look at the state of your condenser. If that's been smashed up by road debris that could have sent metal particles into the compressor, killing it. Even if not, the compressor could have done the same to the system, so a flush through is highly advisable.
  3. My pick would be the Sagaris. Most resolved TVR ever, I believe.
  4. Don't forget that tyres can be very low on grip for the first 100 miles or so.
  5. EGTE


    As someone wrote once: "Not driving your car is like not sleeping with your girlfriend, so that the next guy gets to enjoy her more." Utter madness.
  6. I too use PS4 (not 4S) and they are wearing far, far better than the P-Zeros. Typically excellent Michelin product.
  7. EGTE


    I'm currently doing about 10,000 miles per year in mine, loving every one. Way behind this though (48K); excellent work!
  8. Too true, Barry. Occasionally (like after Harry's review of the 410, or following some tourist in a Rover 75 when the straights are just too short) I think I need a supercharged new model in my life, but just a few seconds In my 2010 NA reminds that (while the 400s, 410s, 430s are undoubtedly wonderful things), I really don't.
  9. Ken, that is a stunning-looking (and no-doubt driving) car. Glad your faith in us mad Brits was finally well rewarded. 🍻
  10. Welcome to the extremely-happy-drivers club!
  11. Thanks for the links, but I don't see any rear dampers for my NA 😞 They come up regularly, do they?
  12. I cannot find any rear dampers on that sight, Dave. Could you provide a link, if possible, please? Thanks.
  13. I had 3-way Exe-TC dampers on my previous 911; truly top-end, hand-built, bespoke stuff from the people who used to make Sebastian Loeb's suspension! They were second-hand, but rebuilt as-new and utterly amazing in their blend of comfort and control. The stock Evora is better, honestly. It still amazes me every time I drive it how good the ride/handling balance is. I wouldn't change a thing, other than perhaps get a rebuild by Bilstein and refresh everything (mounts, bushes, etc) if I felt the need.
  14. Had the same issue and got really nice-quality replacements for £30 from Give them a call.
  15. I'd be amazed if anyone could tell the difference, honestly. Go for it.
  16. Lean running is not good for the engine (valves burn out, pistons knock, etc.). How far is it to the dealer?
  17. They are pretty special things (no, not the X3).
  18. You must fill up your local A&E with all the strained neck muscles from people double-taking, when you drive this past. 👍
  19. Ah okay. If it happens to me I would ring around after googling. Coullstar will remember the B5 RS4 dashes used to go out a lot and there was a great guy who fixed them (improved them, even) for way less than Audi would have charged.
  20. Hi Bruss, Sorry not a specific-to-Lotus, no. Guys have used them on Porsche forums very effectively and cheaply, though.
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