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  1. There are a lot of dash repair companies in the UK, if things get much worse.
  2. That looks bloody lovely. Would go for it in a heartbeat if I didn't have one already! GLWS!
  3. EGTE


    That's a great way of putting it, Dave. Commiserations on losing a friend, Mike and Mel. But time will heal and you will remember the good times. I'm sure Georgie had a great life.
  4. Well access to the rollers is a complete pig, so possibly 4 hours to get at them, 30 minutes to replace them, 4 hours to put stuff back?
  5. Just changed mine for a shorter one while the AC compressor is rebuilt and the mechanic thought it looked like new (9 years old)! Very unlucky in your case.
  6. Vibration is probably balancing only.
  7. I found PS4s in the right size for 18/19s.
  8. Umm he was blocking the whole road for miles and miles and miles, begin extremely belligerent; it wasn't just a blast-past job. Sadly no camera in the car and unwilling to use mobile, so I'm screwed.
  9. Thanks for your sympathy. I drive a Lotus.
  10. Some dickhead in a Skoda, who blocks you and then sits in the outside lane (of 2) and then films you with his phone (in his left hand) when you finally can stand his blocking no longer and when you zip past, sends the film into the police! What a total vulva. He breaks tons of rules, but I'm the one being fined - how is that right?
  11. I just go a whole new set of nuts, with 1 locker per wheel plus new bolts, for £30 from here:
  12. Car looks fantastic and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.
  13. 996,993,964,930 all will costs a bomb to run/maintain/fix now.
  14. Just for info: if you need to remove the AC compressor from an NA Evora, you need a 7PK-1988 (mm length) serpentine belt. Just removed mine for a rebuild/replacement and had a few hours trialling various lengths until finding this one fits perfectly now. Posting here to save trouble in future for others.
  15. I've just gone from PZeros to PS4s (not PS4S) on the rear. Great video on PS4 vs PS4S here:
  16. I think it might be the barge-boards; everything else is fine. Going to put some rubber seal against them and see if that helps.
  17. Thanks, guys. I will get the tyres looked at. Cheers.
  18. Hi guys, During a brisk drive yesterday, it became apparent that at rather high speeds the car starts to generate a loud, low rumbling noise from somewhere indiscernible. There was a very slight vibration, too. This really only happened above a certain (unprintable) speed. Car has been aligned a few months ago and tyre balance all good. Anyone got any ideas what this might be?
  19. Yikes, looks like "lubricate handbrake cables" needs to be added to service list!
  20. Use mine as much as I can, mainly for my 350-mile round-trip commute to work (2 or 3 times per month) or 40-mile trips to family/volunteer work. Currently on 45,000 and very merrily adding 10-12,000 miles per year. Run on Millers Nanotech CFS+ oil (like queen-bee nectar; was the stuff to use on the time-bomb that is a 996 Porsche) and feels fantastic every time. If it means it's only worth £2K-£3K less when I sell it, I don't care; the enjoyment is well worth it. Also, absolutely no plans to sell it!
  21. Your tyres will wear out more quickly now,. though. Definitely get it checked out; could just be some drop-links or bushes, as others have said.
  22. I'm in the it-looks-too-good-to-change camp. Prepared to swap with my bright-blue NA if it bugs you too much, though 😉
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