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  1. I'm in the it-looks-too-good-to-change camp. Prepared to swap with my bright-blue NA if it bugs you too much, though 😉
  2. Top Gear's Isle-of-Man test of this car (against the M6 and Porsche 997) nailed it for me.
  3. If you really want to sort out your suspension, try Center Gravity near Birmingham; they are the gurus. I use my NA for long journeys mainly and it is extremely good at that; very comfortable. It is slightly more jiggly at low speeds, but never ever crashy, which would imply problems. Firm-but-well-damped, I'd say.
  4. Let's face it, all Evoras are great, not just the 400. Phil, whereabouts are you in Exeter? We should meet up sometime, or do you go to any of the SW Lotus meets?
  5. Agree with Bravo. Do it! 😁
  6. I used to think like that, but black wheels have grown on me, on some cars.
  7. Well done. They do wear out; my fronts are just starting to fail at the seam at the top.
  8. It's definitely a breather. Mine was blocked somehow and it stopped re-filling the bottle completely.
  9. Disregard, this compressor does NOT fit......maybe Ill be lucky at the 3rd attempt.
  10. Great post, Justin. My Evora (non-S) is my first Lotus, after many "greats" that never quite hit the spot (or lasted long). I use it every day I can and really cannot even contemplate selling it.
  11. Very interesting write-up. I actually prefer my previous Porsches' brake weights - much easier to heel-and-toe - but the Lotus ones feel far better otherwise, as does just about everything else about the car, so I'm not surprised you prefer your 410 to even the mighty GT4. I was lucky enough to source some (second-hand, but entirely rebuilt) Exe-TC dampers on my previous 911 . They are other-worldly in terms of compliance and control compared to OEM Porsche. You know what? The boggo Evora damping is even better than that.....
  12. Thanks, Pat. I'll be doing my car this month (finally), too!
  13. I have found a UK supplier of the correct compressor! Great supplier, too.
  14. Will be interesting to compare, yes.
  15. Oh look, Porsche do paint blemishes, too!
  16. Which compressor did you buy, out of interest?
  17. I got one of these: Masterflex motorsport hose Looks great and copes really well. They will do shorter lengths than listed.
  18. Aquaplaning speed is proportional to the square root of tyre pressure. Once you hit that speed, the tyre lifts off the road and you have almost zero grip until you get back below that speed ( through air resistance, mainly). Even if the cruise control was working (I doubt it), it would just cause the car to hit the rev limiter (but with almost no effect on the car's motion).
  19. Out of interest, which of these fits the Evora?
  20. I find H&T extremely difficult, if not "on it", because the brake pedal is so light.
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