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  1. Thanks for that, will definitely make sure speedo is good, but was most worried about calliper clearance.
  2. As per title really, can you go as small as 18/19 on a GT410, or does it not work (caliper clearance too tight at the front)? Would all Evora OEM wheels fit?
  3. There is of course also the GT 410 (non-sport), which has softer suspension and more sound deadening (foam) than any previous Evora (bar the NA's suspension) I believe. Outstanding road-car.
  4. GREAT video here from some of the best guys in the business:
  5. I wouldn't use a kit that only covered half the front.
  6. Hmm I would put the gearchange on my GT410 in a different universe to the NAs, honestly. The NA was light and a touch loose (LR box, 2012 cables), the GT410's heavy but extremely precise. NA's suspension was still a little softer than the GT410's, even though it's the softest of the 4XX line I believe. They're all bloody good, let's face it.
  7. Still about 2 years' worth even at the new production rate, apparently.
  8. Worked for Mercedes on their W124s as well 🙂
  9. So glad that they put the same on the GT 410.
  10. My experience of Porsches is almost exavtly the same as Jerybondov's above and those before him. The only issues I've had with the Evora have been pretty minor (although parts availability has been a problem for some, not me though), which are more common but smaller and cheaper than the rarer but very-expensive issues I had with Porsches. But overall the Evora feels so engaging, so special - and the community so friendly - that I will never, ever go back to Porsche.
  11. Extremely happy, yes 🙂 This article confirms my choice: buy the last of one of the best driver's cars ever (and be buried in it).
  13. Yes the facebook group are quite active.
  14. Congratulations, Mark! I hope you enjoy her as much as I did; she's a cracker that's been well-loved by many of us on these forums (i.e. enthusiasts). Hope to see you at some of the SW Lotus meets some time soon.
  15. EGTE

    Wanted - Evora S

    Or just get an NA; nothing wrong with them at all!
  16. I also got some expensive quotes, all involving huge amounts of man-hours to get the front clam off and on again. It was a little village garage in Devon that did this eventually and it was not difficult to do. They did a full flush and replaced condenser-drier at the same time and the system's been perfect ever since (about 3 years). Good luck.
  17. Plus it will be half the price of the 911 Turbo......
  18. They've just stepped out of a Huracan Evo and they love the steering, handling and pace........says a lot!
  19. You can get to it from underneath the front undertray.
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