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  1. More like 10 minutes of cursing and grunting (fiddly bar steward of a job!), but certainly a simple fix. Just done mine and it works great. 😎
  2. Targa would definitely have been great. However, if you look on the page ""Evora Significant Structural Components" (p.12), the torsional stiffness would have gone from 26KN/mm to 14 KN/ maybe not such a bad decision?
  3. That is seriously light. The S1's Recaros are about 15Kgs each......
  4. I'm going to do the lot: compressor and condenser and wire-mesh the front grille. That condenser had taken quite a few hits and - given the above recommendation - I'm looking forward to a much-better air-con experience!
  5. Brilliant thread this. My compressor has just failed and I note that RockAuto say: "Doing the Job Right Takes More Than Just Replacing the Compressor In order to ensure extended compressor life and protect against premature failure, it is imperative that you replace all the necessary components of the A/C system. Four Seasons A/C Component Kits allow you to order all these components at once so you don't have to spend time searching them out individually. All parts can ship in the same box, and will come from the same brand so you know they are compatible with each other! Should I also replace my condenser? It is recommended that the condenser be replaced whenever the compressor is replaced. While older Tube & Fin style condensers can technically be flushed, metal shards from a failed compressor can get lodged in the cylindrical tubes and restrict refrigerant flow, diminishing the heat transfer capabilities of the condenser and A/C system. Newer style, mini-tube condensers cannot be flushed and should always be replaced along with the compressor. " My condenser is looking a bit shabby, so I think I will get the complete kit, plus the condenser. Anyone have any price ideas for condensers? I can see one for £230 on eBay UK.
  6. Andy's nailed it, really. I have standard/long gearbox on my NA and you do have to give it a mighty shove below 2500rpm to do an awful lot. However, it is incredibly economical and still tractable. Sport mode transforms the performance. Peak torque is at 4600 rpm, so that's where you really want to be, if you want a good push in the back. Sounds good there, too!
  7. Yes, that was a fine book. Salute to Geoffrey.
  8. LED headlights are not constantly on; they cycle on/off at a very high rate (this is why you see the stroboscope on videos, sometimes). Perhaps this means there is not enough constant light to activate the photochromic layer?
  9. I don't know JCT, but my car was serviced there by the previous owner and I was impressed by their service videos (formed part of my PPI). They are a main agent, so the warranty should be good (and usable elsewhere in the country). Think that all 3 Evoras look good, but the JCT one would be my choice. All 3 packs and upgraded head-unit are all good choices.
  10. You'll lose at least £10K on the MX-5. You won't lose anything on the Evora. Evora (NA) is a huge fun car and you'll love how it's received on the road.
  11. Sandy, You should leave your car hooked up to something like this, if you leave it for more than a week: Smart charger The code is probably an error from removing the battery. To clear it, you need something like this: Fault code reader Or any garage could do this.
  12. Not normal, no. Must be a snapped bracket in there, or something.
  13. Good luck! Probably nothing major, but as Bruss says, far better to check. Plenty of "Italian tune-ups" when you get it back, though. 👍😎
  14. My wife has had 4 MX-5s and 2 of them had to be sold, due to mechanical issues (one was only 18 months old and kept cutting out on us for some unfathomable reason!) The Evora has Toyota engine and gearbox, so it's extremely unlikely to let you down at the roadside. You may have small niggles, but that "L.O.T.U.S" thing is well out-of-date. In fact, I sold a 911 to get an Evora, on account of the 911's unreliability! However, you're a long time dead and - as much as I do like the MX-5 (we've had NB and 3 NCs) - the Evora feels (and makes you feel) waaaaaaaay more special. I used to think the MX-5 was like a little flea, but the Lotus makes it feel quite saggy now, honestly. Everyone likes an MX-5, but everyone loves the Evora! To look for: Good service schedule, all 3 packs (Premium, Sport and Tech) if possible, updates done to earlier cars (e.g. improved gear cables, sports exhaust, etc) and that's about it. Enthusiast owner is better, obviously, but - unlike Porsches - there don't seem to be some real money-pits waiting out there.
  15. Short, cold runs are not good for any engine. I'd get it looked at (especially if it's under warranty).
  16. EGTE


    That's the easy way to be refuelled. Brits (and US Marines) like to make things much more challenging , particularly on the KC-135 Does this look easy?
  17. Too rich is far better than too lean, that's for sure. How's it running?
  18. They clearly haven't fixed it, so they should either continue to work on the car until it is fixed, or refund your £800 for failing to fix the problem.
  19. Really interesting pictures, Stubox 👍
  20. I have been extremely happy with Aquamarine. Like most, I would never have considered it, but in the flesh it looks fantastic (especially in the sun) and seems to suit the cheery nature of the car. Lots of positive comments from total strangers!
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