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    Uses a lot of alpha all the time, doesn't it?
  2. EGTE


    Ah the famous "Kenny" Everett! That is seriously low. There were Falklands videos that were even more impressive/scary.......
  3. It doesn't release them from having to fix it, it just pays the bills of doing so instead of them.
  4. Dealers are of course bound by EU (and UK) consumer-rights laws, which basically state that - unless the dealer can prove otherwise - all faults within the first 6 months are automatically considered to have been present at the time of sale (and they are therefore liable to fix it for free, or refund). They is not requirement to provide any warranty at all, but the warranty releases them from the costs of repairs. So in fact any warranty is for the benefit of the dealer. Yes you could argue that a 30-day warranty (or even no warranty) is a sign of confidence in the product.....but we know that the motor trade rarely works that way, certainly not in most of England (or Wales, as far as I have found). If it's common in Scotland, then it's less of a big deal. But I would still walk away from that car (and dealer) myself.
  5. 1-month warranty is a joke. They're legally liable for at least 6 months an without a warranty I bet they'll take a really long time to fix anything (i.e. never....) Walk away. Is it against forum rules to post an identifier of the car, in order to want others?
  6. This was posted somewhere else, wasn't it? Either way, no this is NOT normal at all. On mine you can hear the steering pump whirrs a touch more, that's all.
  7. Perhaps the dealer could do the MC and clutch at full price?
  8. Surely a small, nimble, enjoyable EV would be the long-term way forward.
  9. Great explanation. Are the Lotus ones much more expensive, does anyone know? I've heard variable reports about Powerflex bushings, but I suspect a lot of that is down to poor fitting/lubrication, to be honest.
  10. Very pretty! Don't rush into blacking it up just yet; I was going to do mine, but my (aquamarine) blue has really grown on me, so I've decided to keep it as-is (for now, obvs!).
  11. If rear seats are cloth, you definitely don't have Premium Pack, but as you say, you can add arm-rest later. Oyster is a nice colour for interior. Very low mileage, what a waste. Sounds nice though, around £30K-32K max would be my estimate.
  12. That is a very nice interior, but as Bravo says, it's a LOT more than a 2009-2011 model NA.......
  13. Yes, very sorry, there is! I had a Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB fitted. Sorry about that.
  14. Hi Chris, No, they just fitted the head-unit. I think the speakers might have been done on my car already, as the InCarTec guys said they were "pretty good"! Cheers, Russ
  15. iOS 12 is due next month, I think. Yes it's an Apple thing, not Pioneer; Waze and GMaps work great through Android Auto.
  16. I regularly do 320 miles to work and back in my standard-ratio NA. Usually have about 60 miles left on the range. Progress is "brisk", but 5th and particularly 6th are astonishingly economical on the motorway.
  17. Recent run (for a review) on Salisbury Plain: Another from same shoot. A/C failed halfway through (it was only 26 ℃ and sunny as hell..!) thanks to a stone through condenser, I think.
  18. Hi Chris, I use the phone's USB connector and Android Auto auto-starts, giving me perfect access to Google Maps and Waze. It tries to make me use AppRadio, but I refuse (it's crapola). Not actually tried playing music from the phone, to be honest, because the DAB works great on the unit itself. It was fitted (and recommended by) InCarTec of Exeter. Maybe give them (Lee) a call? 01392 829435
  19. More like 10 minutes of cursing and grunting (fiddly bar steward of a job!), but certainly a simple fix. Just done mine and it works great. 😎
  20. Targa would definitely have been great. However, if you look on the page ""Evora Significant Structural Components" (p.12), the torsional stiffness would have gone from 26KN/mm to 14 KN/ maybe not such a bad decision?
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